20 best dares in a truth and dare for all social occasion

Dare someone with the best questions instead or truth questions

By Evelyn
20 best dares in a truth and dare for all social occasion

Dares: The wilder option in a truth and dare questions

Have you been hanging with your friends or at a party and someone said: "Hey! Who wants to play Truth or Dare?" We're sure you know that game but, do you like it? What are you partial to? Truth or Dare? have you play a wild dare? Truth or Dare games have been entertaining people at parties for a very long time now. This game is a hit in most parties, it can keep your guests entertained and engaged for a very long time. 

If you're looking for an evergreen game to play in your next friend gathering, you can't do better than Truth or Dare. It can be played with any age group because it can be adapted to any occasion and group. When was this fun game invented or by whom? There is no exact information regarding that but according to Wikipedia, around 1972 there was a game named "Questions and Commands".

It was a Christmas game where a commander asked questions and bid his subjects to answer those questions. If the subject didn't want to answer the question or his answer wasn't satisfactory to the commander, he (the subject) had to follow a command or had his face dirtied. Sounds about right. smiley

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The concept of the game is pretty simple, from the group of people gather at your party, select one randomly to answer a question or to take a dare. The game starts when you ask Truth or Dare to the person selected. If he or she says Truth, you'll ask a question and the selected one will have to answer that question truthfully (of course). If he or she chooses Dare (the wilder option), he or she will be given a dare to complete The dares could be funny, or embarrassing or clean (if kids are involved) or wild or exciting. It will all depend on the mood of the party and what rules you have set at the beginning of the game.

To have the best of time playing Truth or Dare you should follow these steps.

1. Be sure the friends and family playing are comfortable with the game

Make sure every person playing is on board with the game and what it entails. They should be ready to face and accept any kind of questions (you can't control what kind of question someone else is going to ask). And they should be ready to take the dares. The tolerance for embarrassment should be high among your guests. And also make sure that they don't take any questions or dare personally. Fun should be the priority.

a. Be prepared with a list of questions and dares

To avoid any delays when thinking what questions to ask or dares to give, spend some time making a list of possibles. Ask some group members to do the same. The game will have more flow this way. We'll help you with your list of dares later on, so keep reading.

b. Set some rules

Rules are needed so everyone is clear on what's allowed and what's not. They're also needed in case someone gets "creative" and ask a total offensive question or given a demeaning dare. That could kill the mood of the game really fast. Some examples or general rules of Truth and Dare are:

  • Once you made your choice, you cannot change your decision regarding what you want: Truth or Dare.
  • No matter how embarrassing, you have to play the dare.
  • The level of dares to be given in the game should be established beforehand.
  • There should be a maximum time to complete the dare or truth.

20 best dares you would love to use for all occasions

Dares are the wilder option of a Truth and Dare game. Do you want to be a pro at given dares when you're playing? Being prepared with a list of good dares could be the kicker that sets your party or gathering from being boring or dull to exciting and unexpected.

Coming up with good dares is not easy, we'd like to help you be prepared with a list in case the occasion rise where you'll need to up your game. You can divide them in categories and adapt them depending on the kind of gathering you're playing with and the ages of the participants. We'll give you some some funny dares and some embarrassing ones; we'll even give you some clean ones (for when you're playing with kids). Ready? Here we go. 

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Clean dares for a kid friendly Truth or Dare game

Thinking about organizing a family get-together soon or is your kid's birthday coming and you need ideas for fun games to play? Truth and Dare is the perfect game for either occasion, it's fun and it can keep everyone entertained for a very long time.

Are you having a hard time coming up with dares that are clean, G-rated and kid-friendly? We can help you there, here is a list of dares that'll keep the kids happy and relax.

1. Blindfold your eyes and go fetch something from your room.

2. Using your nose... write a message to your best bud.

3. Do you know the Macarena? Start doing it and silently continue until it is your turn to play again.

4. See that broom over there? Bring it here an start having an engaging conversation with it.

5. For the next hour instead of talking, sing whatever you have to say.

6. Try to juggle these four eggs.

Funny dares to use in all occasions

Want to lighten the mood in the game? There's a way to get a laugh out of everyone playing and that's by giving them some funny dares to do. You can adapt them depending on the crowd. wink

7. Do you know how a cowboy dances? Go outside and dance like one (we'll provide the music)laugh

8. For the next five minutes entertain us with your best comedy act.

9. Put some toothpaste on your eyes brows and sit like that for an hour.

10. See the person next to you? Brush their teeth.

11. Moonwalk across the room.

12. Repeat this for the next 10 minutes: "Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?"

Embarrassing dares to play with your friends

A good game of Truth or Dare wouldn't be the same without some embarrassing dares. Here are some good ones.

13. Open the front door and howl like a wolf for 1 minute.

14. Use your teeth to remove your sock.

15. Go take a walk in the park while picking your nose.

16. Apply your makeup blindfolded, then take a selfie and post it in one of your Social accounts.

17. Take a walk around the block, but instead of walking, skip.

18. Spin around for 1 minute then try to walk in a straight line.

19. Read a paragraph of this book in your most seductive voice.

20. Go outside on the driveway and do the disco without music (or invite some passerby to dance with you).

Best dare online generator

If you're looking for more inspiration to come up with dares and questions to play a fun game of Truth and Dare, you should seek the help of an online dare generator. There are a couple of them available but we recommend you give this one a try.

Truth or Dare Game

Truth or Dare Game

This Truth and Dare generator is a tool that's free and contains hundreds of dares and questions you can use to make the game more fun and exciting. You only have to choose a category and start playing. You can play online but you also have the option of playing offline by downloading the mobile application. The app is also free and it has even more dares and questions. Give both a try and give your Truth and Dare game a boost.


Have you changed your mind about your preference in Truth or Dare? We bet that after reading this list of best dares you'll want to try at least one or two.wink So, what are you waiting? Organize a gathering and have your Truth and Dare game ready to play. Remember the rules and be sure everyone invited is ready to have fun and be embarrassed. blush

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