10 Signs That Will Show When You Have a Crush on Someone!

Learning How Do Others Tell if You Have a Crush on Them

By Fred S.
10 Signs That Will Show When You Have a Crush on Someone!

Harboring feelings of unprecedented affection for someone, whether it is for the first time or one of the many instances, has to be the most exhilarating emotion in the world. But, what use is all the dopamine produced by your poor brain if you are unable to express yourself?  

Some actions, such as your cheeks turning ruddier than normal and your lips being lifted up into a smirk are totally involuntary! At the same time, there are a couple of things that need your conscious control and patience to help you get closer to the one whose pictures you have in the most protected folder of your phone’s gallery.  

What to Do if You Have a Crush on Someone

1. Be honest with yourself

The first and foremost step in liking someone is to face your emotions for them and do away with the façade. For your special someone to actually get into you, you need to start with admitting to yourself that what you feel is totally genuine and nothing to be ashamed of.  

2. Stop hiding

For most people, confessing their feelings for someone is the hardest part and it gets more complicated by the constant running away through the hallways and cafeterias to escape their captivating eyes. Instead, try means of bumping into them to increase your number of chances of a flirty encounter.  

3. Keep it real

It is easier to act cooler than you actually are or to show interest in something that actually acts as a lullaby for you just to please your heartthrob. Not being your true self and acting blatantly fake is a recipe for disaster. Calm your nerves and maintain your cool.   

4. Don’t turn into a creep

Congratulations! You talk to your crush and they are now showing an acceptable level of interest in you, but this is not an invite for you to blow up their inbox throughout the day and to sabotage their personal space for the sake of your gratification. Respect their privacy and maintain boundaries. 

5. Don't get overexcited!

The biggest mistake when engaging with your crush would be to blur the lines between courtesy and love. A car ride home isn’t a telltale sign of budding love; don’t exaggerate your place in their lives before they actually put it in words. This might make them cut you off forever.  

How to Deal with Having a Crush on Someone You Can't Have

1. Realize that there is nothing wrong with you

If someone you like doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, understand that it doesn’t make you undesirable, it simply means that you invested your energies in someone who had a set of expectations that are different from yours, or they simply might not be in a state to pursue something romantic for the time being. 

2. Don’t turn them into a villain of your story

If it has been made clear that you don’t have a chance with someone you had a liking for, there is no need to interrogate them harshly for the pursuit of your closure or to put them in a situation that can jeopardize your relationship with them. Stay on good-terms.  

3. End the obsession

If you have been lurking on their social media accounts or keeping tabs on them, it would be in the best of your interest to give it up, because that'll only add to your grieve. Accept that you don’t have power over what choices someone else makes for their life and cut the noose.  

4. Avoid confrontation

Realize that there is no one to blame. Especially if your interest is seeing someone else, it is best to prevent any unhappy occurrence by giving yourself some space that doesn’t involve their presence. If you are emotionally volatile in the beginning, do yourself a favor and steer clear of them whenever you can.  

5. Indulge in your hobbies and social life

It might be hard in the beginning, but it gets easier with time. All you need is a distraction. Read all those books that have been piling up, compose a new song, bake yourself a chocolaty delight and hang out with friends who make you feel like you matter to them.  

Facts about Having a Crush on Someone

It doesn’t take a lifetime for your heart to decide what it likes. Scientists say that a crush can develop in as little as 4 seconds!  

Fancying someone is natural and something that is not under our control every time. Science has time and again proven that feeling inclined towards someone is very peaceful to our central nervous system, thanks to all the happy hormones that are released in our body every time we exchange a glance with them.  

It isn’t all in how someone looks. Someone’s laughter, voice, taste in music and even cologne are enough to grasp attention! 

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10 Signs that Show if You Have a Crush on Someone

1. They take away all your attention

Are you in class taking notes and a few seconds later you find yourself staring at this perfect face without you even knowing? Welcome to Crushville! There could be a lot of things happening around you, but as soon as you come face to face with your secret darling, everything else is plain noise and all the colors around you start to blur except theirs.  

2. Your dreams are cheesy

You have stopped combating large dragons and have started to find yourself in a blissful Disney-like garden with the most perfect turf. Amidst the chatter of the talking birds, you find yourself with your crush, exchanging the most flirtatious of glances and with your hand slyly approaching theirs midway the conversation. This is what dreams are made up of when you fancy someone. 

3. You suddenly become the "Social Media FBI"

Having a crush calls for unmatched online stealth mode that allows you to dig out their social media accounts, giving you a seamless access to all the major events of their lives together with a free insight as to which parent they resemble more. What better way to like someone more by learning about their favorite bands and interests? This information can be useful later on. 

4. There is no one like them

Do you find yourself thinking about how no one looks or plays the guitar better than them? We got you! If the mere presence of them in the coffee shop makes even the exquisite wall art look like something very ordinary, you should be absolutely certain of the fact that you have a solid crush on them and that there is no turning back.  

5. Your friends have heard way too much

Source: https://www.sheknows.com

Your best pals probably have had enough of you talking about that one person you have a fondness for, while you dismiss it with more talk about how flawless your crush is. A drastic change in your interests to have something in common with someone you like might be a bit too much to digest for people who have known you for a long time.  

6. Butterflies

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As soon as you see them or accidentally bump into them, you have a very strong, pleasing rush of butterflies in your tummy. This is your body’s natural reaction to being close to someone you are particularly fond of. Once the feeling is gone, you find yourself wishing for it to happen again, forcing you to create more of the eliciting conditions.  

7. You are subconsciously thinking about them

It has been a long day; with a huge pile of dishes waiting for your attention and there is just a lot more to do before you can finally get some rest. You are donning your washing gloves, humming a melody, when you suddenly find yourself thinking about your crush without a stimulus and it makes you beam. 

8. Love songs are your new jam

Your playlist has undergone major changes. You would be amazed at your inclination towards cheesy songs about love, the same ones that made no sense to you just a few months ago. You would be surprised at the increasing number of romantic tracks you seem to enjoy even during the busiest of the traffic jams because the thought of your crush just makes you feel good.  

9. You like to be in their spotlight

Unexpectedly, you are now indulging in things that you would not have done had it not been for your crush. You make your presence be acknowledged, by speaking louder, doing things that attract their attention or by endorsing things that your crush has interests in. If your heartthrob loves baseball, you would be searching every shop for a shirt of their favorite club. This is normal!  

10. Envy everyone they are close to

If you aren’t in their close circle, it is highly likely you desperately wish you were and are jealous of all the people your crush is profoundly associated with. Things can get nastier when you see someone approaching them romantically or someone being overtly passionate with them. This again is nothing unusual; just don’t let it turn you into a hateful person.  


Having a crush is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a normal part of thriving in the society and who knows, your crush might end up being the love of your life?! 

No matter what the circumstance, it is important to restrain yourself from doing something that might hurt you or them in the process. In the end, it is our expectations from someone that hurt us rather than the person we pin them on. Don’t obsess too much and don’t seclude yourself completely, maintain perfectly balanced terms with someone you like and wait for the right time to divulge your feelings for them. Good luck!  

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