Sex Taboo Fantasy Vs What You Truly Desire In Sex

Difference between taboo fantasy and desire in reality

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Sex Taboo Fantasy Vs What You Truly Desire In Sex

What is a taboo fantasy?

A taboo fantasy, much like any other imagination or fabrication is a complex interplay of our mind. We read stuff online and see various scenes played out on TV or in movies and start making an imaginative world around it. A taboo fantasy is simply something that is considered to be scandalous or taboo in society… The fantasy of it simply means that the thought turns you on but it’s not acceptable as per the society norms. Using taboo fantasies to ignite a sexual spark in a dry spell of a relationship is very common among long-term couples. Having taboo sexual fantasies is a part of almost all of us and they are harmless because all you’re really doing is imagining a scenario that gets you hot and bothered to go by your business!

Examples of taboo fantasy

1. Sex in public

The idea of having sex in public can feel raunchy and out of the way for most of us. We might not even appreciate PDA (Public Display of Affection) but the idea of getting it on in front of a random group of strangers is just too kinky to let go! Whether you’re in bed or just alone by yourself you can imagine being at a public place and get the thrill out of it. You can imagine being in a conveyance like a bus or plane or maybe just some public library or park. The fact of the matter remains that these are mere fantasies and almost 90% of the people that indulge in them will never proceed to actually be intimate in public. The idea of sex in public is so hot because you pass those places every day… and the idea of associating them with sex with your partner will have you anticipating the night that follows. The sexual build up through-out the day will definitely be worth it!

2. Hardcore BDSM

Many people enjoy the taboo fantasy of BDSM. Originated with the amalgamation of Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism; BDSM has become a top rated porn and erotica category. The dominance and submissive roles that partners assume during the sexual play gets most of the people crazy. The idea that your partner is man-handling you and choking you can truly get a girl wet and horny but most of them wouldn’t even think about going through with it. It’s all a rough and raw imagination that feels liberating as you think about your partner gagging you or tying you up during intercourse. People love to imagine scenarios where there is some rough penetration going on involving all different types of gadgets and abuse… but people probably just love to imagine. As sex isn’t nearly as rough as depicted in most of this hardcore pornography. Many assume that it is all deep-rooted in our psychology to imagine scenarios in a sexual perspective that will rarely be an occurrence in real life. The release of sexual tension is associated with these hot thoughts and you sort of getting over them once you achieve your orgasm.

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3. Couples Swinging

Swinger clubs aren’t as rare as people might assume but the taboo fantasy far exceeds the reality. Couples love to talk about this particular fantasy with an attractive co-worker and their partner or a couple of mutual friends. To portray someone platonic in a sexual light with your partner can almost be like a kinky and fun sex secret you both have. You can tease your significant other about them through-out the night and maybe even bring them up in bed, while having sex. This can give you a heightened sexual relief and you might consider making it a frequent in your fantasy discussions.

There’s a very rare chance that a couple might actually try swinging as most of them would simply not consider it ethical, moral or even worth it! However, the jealousy factor is important here, as it may add to the overall experience of discussing this taboo fantasy. The real passion and possessiveness that shines through will make you want to just ravage your partner with love and lust combined!

4. Bisexual threesome

Bisexuality is probably one of the top taboo fantasies in today’s world. Even though many people identify themselves as bisexual- the majority of the population just has this reserved as a taboo and kinky sexual fantasy. The fantasy that gets them going and gives them much needed sexual relief.

A bisexual threesome with your partner is the best of both worlds… you get to taste another person as well as another sexual orientation for the day. The fantasy is not everybody’s cup of tea, however, for those who are involved in this fantasy- this is a game-changer! Bisexual threesome has everything hot you’ll need to get the hormones flowing! Some might even just enjoy watching their partner get down and dirty with someone else while they masturbate watching them. These fantasies are mostly just reserved a deep and dark secret interest and never really see the light of day. Many girls talk about watching their man with another girl in bed but would truly murder them if they actually do!

5. Incest

Incest is one of the most controversial and kinky taboos out there. It is frowned upon and is punishable under the law of many countries as it is highly scandalous and malicious. However, the idea is such an erotic one for many amongst us due to the hyper-sexualized relationships especially those of a step-mother or father in the erotica world.

The overly sensitive nature of these relationships adds the right amount of thrill when incorporated in the fantasy. This is what has given rise to the excessive sexualization of the word “daddy” as when used in “sugar daddy” for someone who is older to a girl and may nurture her like a father figure, making all her desires come true while at the same time disciplining her to be a “good girl”. People have all sorts of kinky fetishes and fantasies surrounding different relationships such as mother-son, father-daughter, and brother-sister. Extended families such as an uncle or aunt may also be a figure of stirring up sexual tension. Needless to say, nobody actually desires this (or shouldn’t desire this) and will never act on such an impulse but the mere dirty and raw nature of the fantasy gets them going. There can be a kinky role-play going on, without the actual will to indulge in anything remotely related to incest.

Difference between taboo fantasy and your desire for sexual pleasure

A taboo fantasy can be anything that races your heart and pumps blood into your genitals, making you hot and bothered to touch yourself or get down and dirty with your partner. Anything that you like to think about, that releases the right hormones in your body and makes you crave physical touch or sexual relief is included in your fantasies. The good thing about fantasies is that they don’t need you to get out of the comfort of your home. They don’t demand actual physical touch or boldness to soothe you. You can just think about something kinky or a taboo that you feel has been a stigma around you for the longest time. By sharing your kinky fantasies with your lover you can also bond with them on a whole new level or simply add the spice up in dry sex life. While your taboo fantasies might be a frequent go-to in your sex life, they don’t have to be acted upon at all.

Your desire for sexual pleasure can be completely different from what you imagine about or like seeing online. You can watch all the rough sex in the world and think about all the rough kinky positions while still wanting plain old missionary every night with your long-term partner! Your desire can be of being treated with love while you enjoy talking about being choked or spanked hard on the ass.

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Fantasies are never exactly coherent with real-life desires and it is important to understand when they are. Be vocal about your real desires and all your kinky ideas of taboo fantasies. Be truthful about your comfort zone and enjoy your sex much more with the occasional discussion of dirty and kinky play. After all, don’t we all think about the sexy taboo stuff once in a while? Share with your lover and have the best sex of your life!


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