10 Creative Anniversary Gifts To Surprise Your Love With

Take their breath away with these 10 creative anniversary gifts.

By Adina Mazilu
10 Creative Anniversary Gifts To Surprise Your Love With

Whether it’s the anniversary of your marriage or your relationship, this is truly a special event that’s worth celebrating in the best and most memorable way possible. And offering a gift to your beloved is definitely the nicest and most popular way to do so. However, we can all probably agree that those old-fashioned gifts that everyone knows about and expects are rather boring, especially nowadays when people and their mentality has changed a lot. Therefore, don’t you want to truly impress your half by coming up with some creative anniversary gift ideas that will both pleasantly surprise them and be memorable? We have just what you need. Just keep reading today’s article and you might just get inspired.

Why You Should Celebrate All Your Milestones With Your Loved Ones

As for the reason why you should definitely celebrate all of your relationship milestones with your loved ones is because these are the moments that matter. At the end of the day, when the years will pass and you will become old, you will certainly remember these moments that you enjoyed together and the gifts that you received with their occasion. It’s not about bragging when you buy your lover an expensive gift or about showing the world how much you love each other, even if some people may also do this. It’s more about really caring about what the other wants and thanking them for staying by your side for all these years.

Offering a nice anniversary gift to your beloved should not be something impossible, and you don’t actually need a big budget to do so. This is the reason why we have decided to offer you some creative anniversary gift ideas in this article, in the hope that more and more people will begin celebrating these milestones more frequently. Time doesn’t wait for anybody, remember that!

Best Personalized And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Anniversary

1. A journal full of memories

It doesn’t have to be a fancy-looking journal or a very expensive one because its interior is what matters for this occasion. Go and buy some kind of nice notebook, not too heavy but not too thin, and start writing about some of the best moments that you two spent together in your relationship. Write things from your point of view and explain what you felt in those moments. Mark every important milestone and finish it off with your hopes for the future, even a marriage proposal if you are not yet married. Your partner will certainly be over the moon after being given such a creative an unexpected gift.

2. A love board game

Relationship board games that are especially-designer for couples are definitely some of the most creative and unexpected anniversary gifts that you can give to your beloved. One of them is Game of Love, a bedroom board game that can be customized and it’s printed on a sheet that you put on the bed. You can fill in every blank space with activities, challenges, prizes, and in the end, the big winner takes it all, whatever you want that to be! You can surprise your partner by completing the entire game with what you want to do, laying the sheet onto the bed and waiting for them to discover the surprise.

3. A tasty treat: strawberries in chocolate

Yes, we know, the classic sweets or chocolate boxes might be old by now, but this is exactly the reason why we are suggesting something else: strawberries in chocolate. Look for some of the best ones in your town and create a nice package. Be careful to not offer them melted, however! The combo of juicy strawberries and the sweetness of the chocolate and the nuts on top it’s mouthwatering and definitely special. You can add this gift to another one and have it be the sweet side of the present.

4. A love wall sign

It may not seem like much, but who receives a wall sign expressing their partner’s love for their anniversary? If it’s also handmade, it’s even better and more special. So, if you love pottery, you can make one yourself and hang it on a wall where your beloved can clearly see it, after writing a special phrase for both of you on it. It should express how much you love and respect them and make them feel special after all these years. Definitely a creative anniversary gift!

5. A personalized key chain

Again, this is a rather simple anniversary gift but a very creative one that can be personalized with whatever you feel speaks for your relationship. For example, you can buy a simple aluminum one and have it personalized with the date when you met/married and how many years have you been together. You can also write a special quote on it that means a lot for both of you or any other thing that will remind your lover about how much you love them. Small but special, without a doubt.

Best Unique Yet Cheap Gift Ideas For Your Anniversary

6. Silk lingerie

A classic gift that doesn’t cost a lot and can also be personalized according to your wishes. Buy something nice for your beloved in the color they love and have it imprinted with a love quote, a special date for the two of you, a kinky promise or anything else you feel they might love. Then, when the time comes, make them wear it in bed and have some fun for your anniversary!

7. Matching wine glasses

This is definitely something that they will never see coming for your anniversary. Buy a pair of wine glasses with writing on them like “His” and “Hers” or something even more personal if you like that kind of thing. Get them out during your romantic anniversary dinner and enjoy some wine together.

8. Personalized wine box

And talking about wine, such an anniversary present is right for both a man and a woman and can be also used and enjoyed together. For example, you can buy a wine box with two or three drawers for the wine bottles and have each of them represent a special occasion for you. You can write the date you met on the first one and something like “Infinity” on the second one. The possibilities are endless, it depends on what you do with them.

9. Gemstones

Gemstones are not that expensive and can bear a special significance for your beloved. As previously mentioned, you can find out what their zodiac sign gemstone is and take it from there. Buy some pieces of jewelry or even bare gemstones that they can use however they want. The gesture matters here and if they like these things, they will adore your anniversary gift.

10. Personalized pillow covers

Yes, we know, it’s a classic move but one that they will certainly love and which will never go out of style. You don’t have to buy the basic “Mr.” and “Ms.” ones and be more creative instead. Write their favorite lyrics on them, two important dates, a love declaration or anything else you know they might like. Unveil them right as you’re going to bed and they will certainly appreciate it.

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With those being said, it’s clear as day that coming up with interesting and creative anniversary gift ideas is something that your partner will appreciate a lot. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on those items but spend less with good purpose instead. After all this time, you should know what they do and don’t like and act accordingly. Small gestures of love and meaningful messages will do the trick and your beloved will definitely never forget this anniversary. We promise!