Are You Dating a Fuck Boy? 10 Sign And How To Get Rid of Him

How to tell if he is a fuck boy, a player that you should just trash

By Fred S.
Are You Dating a Fuck Boy? 10 Sign And How To Get Rid of Him

Your friends may notice the red flags of a fuckboy and warn you about them, but you choose to reject their allegations saying things like “He’s not like those guys...”. To have a clearer way of recognizing whether you or your friends are right on this one, you’ll have to know the key indicators that point towards someone being a total fuckboy, or in better words, a Casanova. It can be seriously painful to find out the reality of someone you love later on the relationship, so it’s better to clear your doubts before you commit harder. This article explains the typical behavior and thought the process of this sort of guy in detail, and once you reach the end, you’ll know whether your love interest matches this profile. Keep reading!  

10 Signs Your Prince-Charming Is Actually a Fuckboy

1. He Never Lets It Get Too Personal

In a healthy relationship, things would typically start getting a bit personal between two people by their fourth meeting. If you’ve been willing to dig deeper in his life but still it has failed to happen yet, he’s probably keeping it that way intentionally. Casanovas tend to keep things superficial to play safely without any strings attached. If he really wanted this relationship seriously, he’d get more involved in your personal life, asking questions about your life goals, family and close friends.  

2. You Don’t Know Which People Are Important to Him

His efforts of keeping it superficial aren’t just limited to not getting personal with you, he won’t let you get too personal with him either. He won’t introduce you to the most important people in his life. You’ve got no idea if the girl in his latest picture is his sister, a cousin, or just another victim of his alleged fuck-boy intent. If it’s been over 30 days and you still don’t know who his closest friends are, an alarm should go off in your head.  

3. Unusually High Number of Female Friends on Social Media

We’re not saying good guys with pure intentions can’t have female friends on their social media, hear it out. There’s nothing wrong with having some people of the opposite sex added in your friend list, but if the number of girls he ‘follows’ is unusually high then that could be an indicator for a loose character. No guy scrolls through photos of girls/models who they’ve never met without the desire to have something with her. To confirm whether this indicator is a serious one, see if he’s got ‘heart’ emojis being commented on his pics by multiple girls – that should do the trick.  

4. He’s Never the One to Start Plans

Whenever you casually ask him if he’s in for a plan, he’d always be ‘down for it’ but mostly keeps his availability unclear. It’s hard to get a hold of him reliably for a meeting, and every time you’ve been able to do so, it’s been your initiation.  You’re going out of the way to make time for him, but for him, it has to be super convenient – treating you as an on-the-way chore.  

5. You’ve Seen Him Cancel Plans More Than Once

Once plans are agreed on and you’re ready for them, he often cancels them without even a viable excuse or explanation. Sure, emergencies happen, but there’s always a good reason to be communicated in those cases. If he’s been ‘too busy’ for you at the last minute, causing you to reschedule plans repeatedly, the situation points towards a fuckboy. 

6. You Never Feel Like You’re Being Treated as a Priority

A romantic relationship is supposed to be an intensely cohesive bond where the members have each other in at least the top-5 of their priority lists. While you may be adhering to this in terms of your priorities, you may never feel like he’s treating you the same way. He never does things for you that cause him the slightest bit of discomfort, let alone initiating plans to meet you himself. Your texts aren’t being replied to without delays, he fails to be available for you when you need him, and barely calls you (if ever).  

7. Confrontation Triggers an Over-Explanation from His Side

If you ever choose to confront him about his careless behavior with you (examples of which are mentioned above), he’d always come up with the craziest of excuses in remarkably deep details. Any normal mind, even under the influence of blind love, would smell something fishy in these baseless explanations. But that’s not always the approaching expert Casanovas choose to go upon confrontation, they can just make you feel like you’re being too clingy and paranoid, making the whole situation seem less significant than it actually was.  

8. They Can’t Wait to Get Sexual

Sure, if someone loves you, sex would be on their mind too as a normal human being. But it’s a fuckboy’s main purpose to be with you, and they can make it obvious sometimes if you pay close attention. If they show more interest in talking to you in a sexual way, and they ask for nudes a bit more frequently than you’d like, then that’s a pretty clear sign of a fuckboy.  

9. He Doesn’t Follow You on Social Platforms

Fuckboys like to keep their ‘situationships’ hidden because they’re usually dealing with multiple targets at the same time. They wouldn’t like to hear increasing questions about who they’re following and liking pictures of, so it’s best in their interest to just not follow you unless it’s obvious. Moreover, they’re not interested in seeing posts about your life either, that's not what they care about; what they need is all in the bedroom.  

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10. He Never Reaches Out to You First During Daytime

Unless you message or call him first, a fuckboy would typically not contact you in the daytime. If your thought crosses his mind at night only, you can tell the one thing that’s on their mind is sex. He sees you as a hookup buddy and not someone who he wants to share life’s experiences with or have long walks on the beach. Do not be fooled by his whispers and overused compliments, he doesn’t need love, he just needs to ‘make love’.  

How To Get Rid Of A Confirmed Fuckboy For Good

Step 1: Choose to Cut Communication Off with Him for Good Reason

It’s always tempting to keep things going, with a baseless hope that it’ll all get better soon. But that’s just what they're having their lasting impact on you throughout your process! It’s important to realize what’s going on is injurious to your emotional health, and cut off communication from the source of this risk. He’s not showing up when he says he would, there’s no point in giving second chances a hundred times. 

Step 2: Give Zero Fucks about Him

When he finds out you’ve grown out of his fake charm, he’ll try his best to get you back. His texts will become longer, and you might receive them back to back. Getting attention from him with messages like “Where are you?” can cause a tempting urge to reply to him saying things like “What do you care?”, but that’s the opposite of what you should do. Leave him on seen! Give zero fucks, that’s the most satisfying approach.  

Step 3: Vent It Out and Lock It Up

It’ll be hard at times, even though you’re the one who chose to end it with him. It’ll actually be super hard, especially if you had fallen in love with someone who just wanted to hurt you without remorse. But you’ll always have friends and family around you to take care of you and listen to you when you vent. Choose only a select few people who you can trust the most and talk your heart out. Read books, do more of what you love to do, and know that much better people are out there. Lock this fuckboy chapter up and look ahead!  

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A fuckboy isn’t easy to spot. Especially if you’re the one he’s targeting because they’re incredibly smooth with their approach and they’re masters in the ‘art’ of finding, luring and seducing attractive girls into their bed. You may feel like these intentions would be easy to spot because of their actions, but they know how to do it seamlessly. However, with a complete list of surefire signs that point towards the status of a fuckboy, it’s easier to see things from an unbiased perspective and accept the bitter truth. We hope this article helps you identify them when they come across, and guides you on your way to getaway. Good luck!  


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