How To Tease A Guy And Make Him Interested Over Text

12 witty ways on how girls can flirt and tease to guys over text

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How To Tease A Guy And Make Him Interested Over Text

Wit: The Secret to flirting

Wit is the charm that everyone likes, not a smart-ass, not a stupid dumb, just a little bit of witty fun and smart from the heart. You may think you have the wit, but not really. Mastering it is something a lot of us strive for our whole lives.

A witty charisma not only captures your heart but your soul too. Want to be one of them? You can just follow our tips below and you will make your guy woo over you day and night!

12 Witty Ways On Flirting And Teasing Over Text

To your crush

1. Make a silly nickname for him

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“Did you seriously drip milk on your thigh over lunch today? Haha, I’m gonna call you Milky.”

A silly, sweet, yet personal nickname gets your crush hot, and it works every time. It builds up a sense that you two are close and know each other well. You don’t just nickname random friends, it’s got to be someone you know well enough. This nickname will be for you and him only, and the nickname will make you giggle every time you think about it.

2. Let him invite you out and play a bit of hard to get

Plant the idea in his head, say there’s a cool concert going on next month and let the idea of you two going to the concert together sink in his head. Don’t invite him. Let him invite you. When he suggests you two can go together, play a bit of hard to get, but not too much since you want to go with him at the end of the day.

Tell him, yeh you would love to go but have to see, depending on how things go. It will get his hopes up about going out with you and push him to try harder because he knows you aren’t easy to get. Don’t push the boundary though. Remember, you are not really trying to push him away. So don’t use definite words. Always leave room for different possibilities.

3. Tease him about his silly acts

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Boys will always be boys. Tease him when he does something silly or goofy, like when he tried to rollerskates down the stairs and broke his legs, or when he tried to stand on the guy with 2 other guys and broke the swing. There’s really no point in yelling at him like his mum, as much as it makes you upset and worried that he is that stupid.

On the other hand, now it’s the time to be the cool girl, something that doesn’t lecture him about his stupidity. Tease him about falling down and makes little jokes about that. “Jame Bond in training”, “you’re getting old”. Little tease like that will make you guys closer and won’t hurt his feelings or self-esteem about being lectured. Casually slip in your concern at the end and tell him next time you will have to be there to see his silly acts!

4. “What’s your dream type?”

How is this the best way to flirt over text, you ask? You have to not be shy to pull this one-off. Ask him what’s his dream type and he will naturally describe features similar to yours if he is into you. That’s when you can say, “Hey, that sounds awfully lots like me! Haha, you must really like me a lot then!” It teases him and will probably make him blush.

Describing his dream type push forward the idea that you’re the one even more. He desires you and wants to have you. He will probably ask you about your dream type as well. That’s when you describe some of his features, yet tell him some features that he doesn’t have to tease him!

To your boyfriend

5. Snap him a pic of you on the sofa with Netflix

Tell him how much you wish the Netflix and chill with him now with a winky emoji or the sneak smiley emoji. It’ll surely make him want to fly over instantly. Then, tell him off by saying your parents are at home so it’s not exactly the best time with a sad face. Teasing him like that will make him want you lots more and make him hot.

Having a boyfriend doesn’t equate to giving him everything. You still have to tease him and play hard to get from time to time, gently, of course, don’t overdo it. The fun about a relationship is to make the other person want you. Create your own opportunities to tease your boyfriend and let him know he still has to work to get this gorgeous body. Don’t slack just because now he can officially say you’re his!

6. Snap him dirty pics of your cleavage and bikini area but nothing more

It’s late at night, both of you have work tomorrow. You’re lying in bed trying to talk about something more interesting than what you did today. Snap him a pic of your cleavage, let him know you’re sleeping naked tonight. Snap him another pic of your bikini area when he asks for more. Ask him back for his pictures. Now, whatever he sends you, you don’t send him more. Leave room for imagination, don’t show everything.

Fliting is exciting because you can’t see the ending. You don’t know how this will end. You want to flirt and tease him a bit without showing all your cards, full hands. Give him the taste of sweetness and ask him to text you tomorrow again if he wants to see more. Putting him off and leaving him with some baits will get him hooked.

7. Tell him how much you’ve missed his handsome face

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His handsome face just makes you drool at night. He has the cutest smile that lights up the whole world. Boost his self-esteem and let him feel good about himself. Tell him you have to see that cute face soon. He should compliment you as well and tell you all your best features.

Your eyes just speak as much emotion as the moon. Your lips are so sexy that I feel like I’m on fire thinking about them. These are all great things to flirt with and mega boost the other person’s self-esteem.

8. Send him a love song

Send him a love song that best describes your relationship together, maybe about how you met or how you fell in love with each other. It’s sweet and thoughtful and shows how much you want him. A very cute way to flirt with your boyfriend. Or better yet, you can make a mixtape and put in your favorite songs! When he listens to the mixtape is like you’re there with him.

To your husband

9. Make him a dirty deal

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The dynamics change when you go from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. You have to be more creative, or more wife-like when coming up with new ways to flirt with your man. Cut him a deal, text him that if he would do the grocery shopping and make you a nice meal tonight, you will get the massage oil and make him the best massage he will ever have.

You have to lever with your man. If he wants this curvy body, he has got to work for it.

10. Send him pictures from your new lingerie collection

You went shopping at the mall today, time to show off your new collection to your hubby. Send him pics from your purchase today and tell him you might be cooking in those tonight. He should probably head home fast if he wants to join that fancy cooking lesson.

Flirting and teasing as a married couple can be just that simple. Nothing fancy or extravagant, the simple joy in life.

11. Text him while in bed with him

“Hey, hottie, whatcha reading? Looking extra sexy today. (Winky winky face)”

Send him a text when he is literally next to you. Get him interested in having a conversation with you. Tease him about things he did and giggle. Texting him when he is next to you sparks off an interesting flame. You’re trying to play hard to get but he knows he can get you. Playing a game you know you will win is kind of fun.

12. Write him a love letter about all the things you “hate” about him

“I hate that you always give me your jacket in winter and your hands would freeze.” “ I hate that you spoil me so much by always letting me win an argument.”

All the things you “hate” about your husband, Nah, not really. More like things that make him the perfect guy. The witty way to start this love letter is to actually write about things you hate about him, things you actually want him to change. Then gradually move on to things that you absolutely love about him, just coat it as things you hate as well. He will start reading the letter thinking this is an intervention and that you really want something to change. By the time he finishes the letter, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you because it’s just so touching and sweet.

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Have you mastered the best ways to tease and flirt with your guy yet? It’s okay. No one is a pro to start with, we all need practise. Pick one from the above and start trying it with your man today and get him hot for you!


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