The Meaning Of One Sided Love And How To Work On It

Are you in a one-sided love relationship with someone you fancy?

By Hana O.
The Meaning Of One Sided Love And How To Work On It

There is nothing worse than not having your feelings reciprocated. Well, maybe being cheated on, but let's not head that direction. You did not click this article to feel even worse about yourself than you already do.

The Meaning Of One-Sided Love

We have all experienced a one-sided love, or commonly called unrequited love, at one point in our lives.  It is not a pleasant place to find yourself in, and many try their best to get themselves out of it as fast as they can. Unrequited love is when your feelings for that special someone is not reciprocated.

You can already be in a relationship with them, that's an even harder position to be in, or it can be someone you like that does not like you back. In either case, it's you doing all the work. For now, you may have overflowing energy to fight for your cause; however, as time passes, one-sided love takes a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

It takes two to tango, and a one-sided love fails miserably at that.

How To Make A One-Sided Love Successful

Making a one-sided love successful is tough work, but if you chose to give it one more try, then read on.

1. Know your worth

Being overly possessive and obsessed with the person who is on the receiving end is never a good sign. Remember that it is only you who are experiencing this whirlwind of emotions. It is only you who wants to see this person grow, and it is only you who wants to be with this person. Ouch.


Before you go packing your bags, take a step back, and evaluate yourself. You are great, and you are fantastic. Your world does not revolve around that person. With this mindset, then go and talk to your partner about the situation. Tell him or her how you feel like the relationship is one-sided. If it's a crush, then go out and meet new people and expand your options.

2. Respect your partner/crush

It is essential to respect your partner or that person you like. No matter what you feel, no matter how frustrated you get that they don't want you back, never go lash out based on these emotions. For a romantic relationship to work, one does not force emotions or expectations on the other. It is based on respect and mutual understanding. Look at your relationship in this mindset.

3. Be honest

Maybe the reason why your one-sided relationship is not working is that you have not been entirely honest with your partner. Perhaps the reason you feel the way you do is because your partner has no idea how much you are hurting.


If you are already in a serious relationship and feel this way, be honest with yourself and open up to your partner. Many of us do not want to talk about things like this, but you should. Honesty is crucial in any healthy and stable relationship. Tell your partner that you feel like you are always the one saying "I love you" first, initiating everything, or you still feel like you are the one doing all the work to keep the relationship alive.


You are helping yourself by being honest.

4. Coping with depression due to one-sided love

First and foremost, know that you are worth it. The situation you have found yourself in is not your fault, nor is it theirs. It is not their fault that they don't feel the same way about you. If the shoe doesn't fit, it just doesn't.


It just is, and you have to accept it slowly. It hurts, and your self-worth flies out the window. When you find yourself in this bottomless pit of feeling like no one will love you for who you are, stop yourself right there and tell yourself that someone who failed to see you for you does not make you unlovable.


Take this time to open yourself to other options. If you are already in a relationship with them, it's time to have "the talk," and if it's a crush, well, it's time to move on. Hurting yourself more and hoping for things to change might not be healthy. Your happiness is more important.

Quotes on one-sided love

"I don't really know why I'm still hoping."

Unrequited love has its way of giving you false hope. One day you feel like "Oh my God, I might just have a chance," and other days it's "Seriously, why haven't I just given up?"


People who have found themselves in this trap have asked this question hundreds of times. It's more than just giving up. You get addicted to the thought that it could work out. Save yourself all the trouble and get yourself out of the trap while you still have the chance to.

"I'm not sure what scares me more, that you will never start loving me, or that I will never stop loving you."

Think back to that time when you felt this way. It's scary, isn't it? Both are just equally terrifying as both are just equally heart-breaking. When you find yourself in unrequited love, you feel like you will never be able to find someone who will care for you. It feels as if you are the unluckiest man/woman in the world. You are not by the way.

"I tried to hate you, but the only thing I hated is how much I loved you."

Just reading this sentence feels like a kick to the gut. We've all done it. Some succeeded in this battle while many failed. Sometimes people are just not meant to be with you.

"Why do I feel so far away from you even though you are sitting right next to me?"

Ouch? Ouch. Unrequited love is a horrible place to find yourself in. You'll literally feel like you are talking to a brick wall. You are hitting them with your arrows of affection while their shield is up — not the right call.

"When you care for someone more than they deserve, you get hurt more than you deserve."

It's hard not to go all out when you care for someone so much. However, it's harder to go all out for someone who doesn't feel the same way towards you. Their reactions will end up hurting you. No one deserves that.

"One of the worst things in the world is when someone makes you feel that there's a chance when in fact there is none..."

It is futile. It is time to move on. When you feel this way, you only get more frustrated each passing day. You get frustrated with yourself for not giving up even when you are already fully aware of the consequences that will come.

3 quizzes To Check If You're In A One-Sided Love

Quiz 1: Is it time to stop one-sided love?

Is it time to stop one-sided love?

This quiz is simple and straight to the point. It will ask how long you've liked that person, among other subtle actions they have shown or avoided. There are instances when we need to see things as black and white, with the data findings laid out before our eyes, before we are pushed to decide on certain things.

Quiz 2: Is it unrequited love? Does he really love you or not?

Is it unrequited love?

This quiz helps in stopping a tragedy before it happens. It indicates whether you are in a one-sided love or not. Hopefully, the results and advice give you the strength to make the necessary adjustments.

Quiz 3: Are you the lover or the loved?

Test: Are you the lover or the loved?

The question is simple - Are you the giver or the receiver of love. This question must be asked because if you belong in only one side, that isn't a healthy relationship. A fully functional relationship is a healthy balance of giving and taking.

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One-sided love is never an easy situation to be in. It messes up your daily life. You end up overthinking, doubting and stressing. On the bright side, one-sided love is never permanent. The non-reciprocator could change, or you could get fed up and walk away.


A one-sided love teaches us many things, such as knowing our self-worth, making a decision, and standing on it and seeing things for what they truly are.


What's important is to realize the facts and characteristics of this type of relationship, whether you are in one or not, and make the necessary changes.


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