9 Sexy Birthday Gifts For Your Husband To Spice Up His Bday

Naughty gifts that will benefit both of you in an alluring way

By Sophia R
9 Sexy Birthday Gifts For Your Husband To Spice Up His Bday

Lack of time, stress and, above all, monotony may be causing your sexual encounters to be increasingly scarce. Especially in stable and lasting relationships, the shadow of the routine can arise at any time and in these cases, you have to take action. Keeping sexual desire alive is essential for the couple to function. What better way to do so than to spice up one of the best holidays for your men? Yes, I am talking about his birthday! Any gift that includes a bit of imagination, romanticism, fun and "sex appeal" will spark passion again. I mean, I don't think he would like a watch or some clothes more than this. 

Do not hesitate and forget absurd prejudices on what birthday gifts should be like. Try some of the gifts and surprise plans that we propose and you will see the results. You will literally see the results if you know what I mean!

1. Sex toys

Sex toys for men are more common than you think. And although perhaps the variety is a little smaller than those for women, toys for men are specially designed and made to meet the highest standards of quality, enjoyment, and pleasure. Either to share as a couple or to experiment on your own, with these toys you can experience a whole new dimension of your sexuality. What a better way to spice up things on his birthday than trying some sex toys? The best ones for us are these from Amazon, so go and check them out right now:

Penis ring vibrator

IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

Prostrate massager

SVAKOM Julie Anal Plug Prostate Massager

2. Porn

Every man LOVES porn. What better way to make him happy on his birthday than by giving him some good quality porn so he doesn’t have to go to Pornhub or any other annoying porn website?

X Confessions Vol. 11

Xconfessions Vol 11

XConfessions Vol. 11, a pack with six stories, has been one of the favorites of all my porn lovers out there. The ideas for making these scripts come, as in all previous volumes, from sexual fantasies of anonymous people, who share them on Erika's website, Xconfessions.com. Some of the stories of this new installment include a lesbian relationship in a Berlin club, another whose protagonist is the Japanese technique of Shibari, or a romantic novel that comes true. Fantasizing will be fun and easy with this amazing pack!

Blue Artichoke Films Gift Set

Blue Artichoke Films Gift Set

The Blue Artichoke Films production company, created by the American porn director Jennifer Lyon Bell, boasts "making erotic films for people who like movies." This gift set which is perfect for his birthday consists of three films, all of them awarded. Silver Shoes, the first one, focuses on the erotism of what we wear; In Matinée, a couple in love look recover their own sex life every night and Skin. Like. Sun, the last one, narrates the sexual adventures of a man and a woman in his house in Brussels. You couldn’t really ask for more!

3. Art

Alhambra- Lascaux

If your husband is one of the art lover types, get him some erotic art and amp up his collection. I mean, I am sure he doesn’t need any other sunset or portrait!

Obsessionart.com is an online art gallery focused on eroticism, where you can buy paintings, photographs, prints, lithographs and series of works by artists from around the world. The web is very well designed and organizes its products according to the most varied categories: gender orientation, fetishes (heels, ties, tights), styles (realism, abstract, pin-ups, gothic, vintage) or fantasies, among many other sections. So if one is clear about their preferences, deciding will not take much time. Get him something that matches his preferences and stimulates his fantasies!

4. Books

If your man is an intellectual reader, some sexy books are an amazing option to spice up his birthday. Here are the best ones that we are obsessed with and that your husband will surely love:

History Of Sexuality 1 by Michel Foucalt

The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1

History of Sexuality 1: An Introduction, our first pic, seeks to clarify what were the historical relations between power and discourse that forged the model of sexuality that still prevails and affects us. It raises many million-dollar questions such as, for example, why does the state act as administrator of the bodies ? or why there are still so many rules, norms, and discourses about sex?

The Explorer's Guide to Planet Orgasm: for every body by Annie Sprinkle

The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm: for everybody, by Annie Sprinkle is another great option. As its title suggests, it presents a fascinating treatise on a climax, its variants and how to reach it.

The Explorer's Guide to Planet Orgasm

5. Board games

A quiet afternoon can bring unexpected endings if you surprise your partner with a nice board game that is not suitable for children. I am sure has been a long time since anyone gave him something like that or even the first time. "Monogamy", " Sex Stack" or "Relationality" are games that have little to do with others like Monopoly. You will literally change his perspective about board games forever, they won’t be as boring and innocent anymore. You will surely laugh your asses off and other things may happen too if you know what I mean!


Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Sex Stack

Sex Stack: Toys & Games


TaliCor Relationality

6. Erotic evening

An environment that awakens all the senses is undoubtedly a good start for an unforgettable evening. You can give him something that is always appetizing as a romantic dinner in an original restaurant (it can be very fun to try an erotic restaurant) or prepares an aphrodisiac menu at home.

In addition, sooner or later, you can enjoy a very special spa bath. Make your surprise by acquiring a set of special submersible lights for the bathtub, in which you will also add some foam or essential oil with your favorite aroma. Our favorite one is the Rose Essential Oil from Young Living. With a little relaxing music and candles, the bathroom will be an unforgettable experience.

Rose Essential Oil

7. Sexy lingerie

Men's Edible Underwear

Lingerie is another infallible gift when it comes to surprising your partner. He will surely love to see you especially sexy with a bodice, an insinuating thong or a pair of garter stockings ... but what he is less likely to expect is that it is he who has to wear some slippery sweats or some male edible underwear. He will defiantly not hesitate to put them on for you. New experiences are always welcome when it comes to the bedroom. These ones here are our favorites, so don’t you dare not to try them out:

8. A night in a fancy hotel

Hotel sex is always better. As married life probably makes it really hard for you to go on vacation or go to any hotel whatsoever, what better way to clear your busy minds than with a night in a fancy hotel? You can ask for champagne and strawberries and the night is yours! Enjoy the comfort of that amazing place!

9. Please his fantasies

He has always tried to tuck you into trying some BDSM, role-playing, or any other fantasy of his, but you have never gone for it. It is now the perfect time to surprise and please him by finally agreeing to do whatever he fantasizes with to you. I mean, everyone has a fantasy or fetish they want to try even if it is once. Just let him now that you are down for anything on his special birthday night!

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Birthdays don’t have to just be a boring dinner and cake anymore! Who says you can’t give your man presents other than a watch or a shirt? I am sure that he will like any of the past sexy gifts more than anything else you can give him. After all, you would also prefer some sexy experience than a pair of heels, am I wrong? We wish you try any of these gifts on his next birthday and see your relationship grow thanks to it! The passion will surely be rekindled, which is something that must be done in marriage regularly. Take advantage of it and don't forget to have fun!


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