45 Bucket List Sex Fantasies From Tame To Really Weird

Does your bucket list contain this: Have sex while skydiving!

By Diana Nadim
45 Bucket List Sex Fantasies From Tame To Really Weird

Is there a Bucket List for Sex Fantasies?

Many people have had sexual fantasies that they have never acted upon. Even the most sexually adventurous people have a bucket list, and they can’t possibly have exploited all the sex positions. There are so many sex positions, locations, couplings, and everyone have their kinks and what drives them. A sexual fantasies bucket list is just like any other bucket list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. It makes you think of what you want to experience in and out of the bedroom, and this is also a great way of ensuring that your sex life never gets boring as the fun comes when you start checking off the items on your list.

45 Bucket List of Sex Fantasies To Try Out In This Life

1. Sex in the office. This might sound like a stretch, but there is some thrill of having sex in a place where it is not allowed. Remember all those NSFW warnings? Many people fantasize about throwing things off the table and getting dirty when a partner gives them a surprise visit.


2. Role-playing. Role-playing is excellent as it gives you the chance to have sex with interesting people. It can be anyone from your imagination; maybe today you want a doctor and tomorrow you are looking forward to sex with a stranger you met at the bar, role play is the key to unlocking all these characters.


3. Having sex anywhere but not the bed fantasy. This is great, especially when you have the whole house to yourself. You can have sex on the kitchen table, the bathtub, at the front door, in the backyard, in the pool, in the car and many other locations.


4. Threesomes. Adding another person to your sex can be an exciting experience. All people have had this fantasy at some point in life. It just takes a lot of communication to ensure that whoever you are letting is a good person and sets the boundaries too.


5. Sex in public. This can either be in a public restroom, department storeroom, behind some bushes on a deserted street or even in an empty class. The risk of getting caught is what makes sex more thrilling.

6. Sex when being watched. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea as it takes great courage and confidence to do this. However, if you are one of those people who see sex as an art, then, this is one of the best sex fantasies for you.  


7. Submission. This means that you want your partner to be in control. It means that they can tie you up, spank you, tease you, deny you to orgasm and so on. They can tell you to do or say sexual things, and you are to obey them.


8. Dominatrix. This is a fantasy for those who love being in full control. It is the opposite of submission. You can do whatever you want to your partner without them complaining as long as they consented to it.


9. Masturbation. Watch each other masturbate to completion. You can then give each other oral sex until you are both satisfied.


10. Watch porn together. This will spike up your wants, and you may find some new positions that might interest you, both and you may want to try later.

11. Have sex on a boat. Rent a boat and go into the sea or ocean and have sex in the openness with the blue waters and skies being your only view.


12. Sex toys. Try using some nice sex toys to spice up your sex life. You can even shop for them together at a sex toy shop.


13. Sex in the woods. This is great for the thrill of being in the woods and the mood is also quite exciting and dangerous.


14. Couples massage. You can invite a masseuse to your home for a couple of massages, and as soon as she is almost done, you can let her leave ant take over to massage each other ending with some great massage sex.


15. Have sex while skydiving. This is one of the fantasies that you will never forget when they happen. This is breathtaking!  

16. Phone sex. This can be in the form of sexting, voice call sex, video call sex, and any other kind of getting nasty with your partner via the phone.


17. Bondage. When you decide to go on with bondage, you have to have complete trust with the other person. You have to know that they will take care of you when you are chained or tied up. Once you know that, all will be well and good.


18. Make a sex tape. This is quite dangerous as it may later fall in the wrong hands but if you are sure that it will be safe, and then get your Kama sutra on.


19. Go skinny dipping with your partner. You can go at night when the waters are cool and try keeping each other warm.


20. Foodies. Have sex with food involved. You can lick off ice cream over your partner’s booty or eat off of their body.

Ideas For Guys

21. Have sex in a parking lot with your girlfriend or boyfriend. They can go down on you, and you can go down on them too.


22. Visit a strip club and get a lap dance for the both of you. This will raise your sexual urges and a guarantee to some great sex with your partner.


23. Give your woman multiple orgasms. This will make them long for sex every time you are together.


24. Have your girlfriend devote a day for just pleasing you. You are the one to set the date and the rules with this one.


25. Alternatively, set a day based on entirely pleasing her, run a hot bath for her, erotic massages, oral sex, cook her favorite meal, and watch as the flower blossoms.

Ideas For Girls

26. Bathe together. Draw a warm bath and use those aromatic oils to make the experience even more sensual.


27. Keep the lights on. Make a no sheet and blankets rule and enjoy the view. He definitely will too.


28. Tie him up. Tie your man up to the bed and hive him both blowjobs and handjob.


29. Blindfold sex. Take it out of your comfort zone and experience amazing sex. Without your sight, all your other senses are heightened.


30. Striptease. Wear a nice pair of lingerie, turn on your favorite sexy song, turn down the lights and have your partner sit on the couch or bed and put on a show for him with the moves you have seen in the movies.

Weird Ideas To Include

31. Spend an entire day naked together. It can be a fun way of exploring each other.


32. Sex marathon. Devote an entire day or night to sex. During this time, you just have sex take it to the bed for hours, try new positions, toys lube anything you find interesting. This could get you exhausted, but it could be insanely fun.


33. Icy oral. Put ice in your mouth before giving your partner oral sex; this will bring on both the jitters and the thrills.


34. Tantra. This is a way of using fluffy and luxurious touches to reframe sexuality into something sacred, ecstatic, and some awesome, mind-blowing sex.


35. Sex swing. If you plan to spend the rest of your life with the same person, spice things up and try different positions, this will help to keep the fire burning.


36. Touch each other under the dinner table out at a restaurant. Give each other foot jobs if you can.


37. Be a voyeur and watch as other people are having sex.

38. The G-spot orgasm. It may take quite some time to master, but afterward, this can transform your sex life.


39. Tickle the feet. There is a neural pathway between the sensational receptors and inspire arousal in the genitals.


40. Plan a surprise bedroom picnic.


41. Make penetration forbidden. Light a candle and focus on the foreplay only.

42. Shave each other and then admire and kiss your good work.

43. Lie on a bed of flowers. Crush some flowers and lay them on your bed then make love on top of them. This is both sweet and romantic.


44. More than just French kiss. Use shallow kisses to stimulate his lips with your tongue and teeth; his lips have more nerve endings than his mouth.


45. Pulse your pelvic floor muscles during sex. This muscle teasing can help bring an orgasm for you.

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A sexual bucket list is not only a fun challenge for you, but it is also an amazing way to get ideas on how you can improve on your sex life with your partner.



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