Big Breast, Big Butt, Sexy Legs Or A Pretty Face?

If these are the ONLY choices, which is most important to a man?

By Sylvia Epie
Big Breast, Big Butt, Sexy Legs Or A Pretty Face?

The Allure of These Physical Appearances of A Woman

A woman’s allure has always been somewhat of a mystery, that magic about her that men just can’t seem to resist. It could be her bright aura, the sway of her hips, how she flips her hair, the swing in her stride, her gentle laughter, warm smile, the glare in her eyes, etc. According to men, the list could go on for days, and the answer sometimes differs from one man to the other. However, there are certain attributes that will grab every man’s attention no matter what. These attributes are universal and all men approve, Yep! We all know what they: are big breasts, a big butt, sexy legs, and a pretty face. Very few ladies are blessed with them all, like the Jessica Albas or the Scarlett Johanson' of this world. The rest of us make do with one or two of such attributes. For those who lack all the above... Well! the struggle is gonna be hard!

There’s no arguing that men are a visual bunch, even science has proven it again and again, that’s why no matter how hard they try to resist they’ll always be attracted by a woman who is ‘’packed’’. The image of the woman with an hourglass figure will always be a male ideal, wonder why when you’re walking down the street with Bae whom you know loves you but he still stares at other women? Well, one thing’s for sure he’s not staring at her eyes.

Research has shown that a woman’s voluptuousness is a testament of how fertile she is, and over the course of evolution, men have maintained their instinctive attraction to the most physically generous bunch of the fairer sex. Like bees to honey or ants to sugar, a woman with big tits, and a big butt will always attract a horde of men.
Let’s take a look at how these larger body parts add to a woman’s allure and mess with a guy's brain.

1. Big Breasts

Everyone knows that one girl with huge tits who flaunts it at every given opportunity, leaving all the guys drooling in her wake. (Sorry! If you don’t know her, then it’s probably you). Have you ever wondered why guys love tits so much? Well, today is your lucky day, let’s break it down to you. Men love boobs not just because they’re soft, great to look at, and nice to touch but also because they represent fertility. Yep! The male obsession with boobs is rooted in biology, no wonder revealing cleavage is all it takes for most men to give a woman their full attention. Lucky those who are gifted on top!

2. Big Butt

A big round butt never goes unnoticed, Vince a publisher from New York puts it this way ‘’ A nice butt is the first thing a man notices in a woman’’. When it comes to the bottom, men will appreciate a ‘’thick’’ spine every day of the week. Every man will be happy with something extra to lay their hands on. The current Kardashian trend of big booties isn’t helping this obsession at all. More and more women are even opting for artificial booties ( butt implants), and with celebrities like J.lo, Beyonce, Kim K, and Nikki Minaj,  who flaunt their gifts all over social media this trend is showing no sign of slowing down. Anyway, men aren't complaining.

3. Sexy Legs

Long sexy legs have attracted men since the beginning of time, heck! Eve probably had long sexy legs too, lucky Adam! Men say there’s just something about a woman’s never-ending legs that is sexy, especially when she wears heels or pays special attention to her feet and toenails. Legs may not be a deal-breaker for most men ( unless you’re one of those foot fetish weirdos) but it ranks way up on the list of things men find alluring and irresistible in women.

4. A Pretty Face

Apart from tits and boobs, the other attribute in women than men appreciate the most is a pretty face. For those who are not gifted upstairs and are not packed at the spine, all hope is not lost. Your pretty face will compensate for the goodies you lack. The general assumption is that the kind of woman men love is the one who is gifted below the neck and much less above. That said, men confess that since it’s not possible to ‘’ design’’ the woman you end up with a pretty face has its benefits when you can’t have it all. After all who wouldn’t want to come home every day to a pretty face?

5. Eyes, Lips, and Smile

Though these parts may not top the chart like boobs and a big butt, they play a huge role in a woman’s allure and how she’s perceived by the opposite sex. Eyes, they say are the windows of the soul. Lots of men say a woman with a sexy and piercing glance disarms them straight away despite their preference for other body parts. The lips especially when they are fuller and plumper are very appealing to most men. No surprise that Angelina Jolie was voted sexiest woman alive a few years ago, I guess the men were the ones doing the voting. 
A genuine and charming smile also works magic with the opposite sex, men say they love to see a smile on a woman’s face. It melts their hearts and pushes them to get to know her better and try to keep her happy. 

The Battle of Physical Appearance To Man: Which Is The Most Important?

A recent study reveals that men take only about a millisecond to decide if they want to sleep with a woman. Pfff! Like we need a study to tell us what we already know! This just goes to prove that no matter how smart, deep, nice and cool you are, the thing that grabs a man's attention first is simply physical. Your intelligence, character, and personality may keep him longer but a girl! he came for the goodies. Turns out all men need to make up their mind about you is tied to your appearance. The dilemma now is to know which of the two aspects of your appearance -  a stacked body or a pretty face is most important. 

Typically, guys say ‘’  A hot body with an okay face is “more points” than a nice face with an okay body’’. But why?

Research from the University of Texas, reveals that the thing that attracts a man to a woman depends on what the man's intentions are. Meaning that when a man is looking for a woman to hook up with, kill time, Netflix and chill, he’s not interested in what you have above the neck. All he sees are your boobs, butt, and legs, your ‘’fertility pointers’’. He’d prefer Victoria's Secret model or the likes of Beyonce with a curvy hourglass figure. 

On the other hand, when it comes to choosing a long term partner, like for marriage, men tend to prefer a pretty face to a hot body. The researchers discovered that this behavior in men shows that when it comes to long term relationships, men judge women through their facial traits rather than bodily traits.  there’s hope for those of us who are not voluptuous. So, in theory, it all comes down to baby-making, men instinctively go for curves because that’s how the body hints a woman's fertility, though when it comes to "reproductive value," facial attractiveness is more important. 

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As much as some men may seem appalled by the mere suggestion that they judge a woman by what she has  below the chin to the detriment of all things above, even science has proven that men, when it comes down to it breast size, chest size, waist size, hip size, and a pretty face, are what really matters to most men. With the scale of importance depending on what the guy is looking for at that moment. When next you hear a guy arguing for a pretty’s e a sign he's in the market for a wife.

And depending on what you as a woman are looking for, you can control the way you look by working out and building a body that will increase your allure. Or opt for other unnatural methods of enhancement. No one has to feel left out, there's always something working for you, it's all matter of perspective.