16 Subtly Honest Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

How do you know if your soulmate is thinking about you now?

By Anastasia K
16 Subtly Honest Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Eyes are window to the soul

Figures do not lie, nor do our eyes. As much as we would like to hide how we feel from those, we are not sure about their feelings about us. Our eyes will always betray us in this aspect.

So, how are eyes window to our soul?

1. They look brighter when we feel excited

There is no doubt that when you like a person, you feel excited. The idea of you talking to them or have a chance to sit around them makes you feel happy

You can try and fake it by composing yourself, but your eyes will tell a different story. Your pupils will dilate and make your eyes look a bit watery. As a result, they will look as if they are glowing.

If you meet with a person and notice such in them, then it could be your lucky day.

2. They look dull and small when we are gloomy

When we are grim, the opposite of what happens when we are excited happens. Our pupils become small, and our eyes lack the shine in them.

Therefore, if you meet a person who you fall for and notice that their pupils are small, then luck is not on your side.

The person probably does not feel the same way you feel towards them. At that moment, it is not you are not lucky to find a soul mate. However, you should not lose hope as you will find one another time.

How to know the arrival of your soulmate

Sometimes, we tend to complicate issues when it comes to finding our soulmates. We look for huge signs which only happen in movies and books. 

The truth is, what we seek is usually right under our noses. We only need to look closer. The following signs can help us know if our soulmates have arrived:

3. You feel complete when they are around

There is no horrible feeling than that of dating a person, but still, feel lonely in their company. You start feeling irritated at the thought of meeting them. That feeling will always drive in dodging their company with a lot of excuses.

On the contrary, when you meet your soulmate, you always feel complete around them. It is like a piece of you that has been missing for a long time has been found.

4. You share the same goals

In life, we all have a purpose that we intend to achieve before reaching a certain age. Sometimes, we set high goals for ourselves because we feel confident we can meet them. To some people, we might seem unrealistic.

However, when we meet with our soulmates, all our unrealistic goals start making sense. They completely understand them, support you, and also share the same as you do.

5. You are patient with each other

No matter how bad they hurt you, there is always that soft spot in your heart that allows you to forgive each other. A soulmate will always overlook your mistakes but focus on your strengths.

Since both of you were not brought up by the same parents, your behaviors are different. As soulmates, you tend to tolerate each other's behaviors even when they are annoying.

6. You feel how they feel

When you find your soulmate, you get a strong connection that you start feeling how they feel. When they are sad, you can tell by how your mood suddenly changes.

What happen when you know she / he's your soulmate?

There is a confusion that comes along with the idea of meeting your soulmate. A confusion brought by excitement and disbelief. When you meet with your soulmate, the following can happen:

7. You become happier

There is that good feeling that comes with finding your soulmate. Your life changes drastically, and you get a better view.

Your once sore relationship with friends and relatives changes. You start having a better relationship with them. It is because you have found a new meaning and purpose in your life.

8. You become more productive than before

When this person comes to your life, you want to prove to them that you can. Therefore, you start working harder and smarter than you used to do.

You do not want to create an impression that will make them raise eyebrows about you. It is when you start experiencing positive changes in your financial and social status.

9. You become a better problem solver

Since you want to show your soulmate that you are smart, you become a better problem solver. You start creating solutions for problems you could otherwise not solve before. 

A soulmate helps you to make decisions which you use to think that only a specific group of people could make.

It does not matter how long it takes you to solve the problem. Although taking too long will create doubt, you get it done even if you do not have a clue of how it is done.

10. You feel good about yourself

No matter how terrible you feel about yourself, a soulmate will always change that feeling. It could be because of the assurance they keep giving you.

Since they love you with all your flaws, they keep reminding you that you are perfect. Therefore, you start appreciating and feeling good about yourself.

This time is when you realize that you do not have to wait for other people's compliments. You are great the way you are and do not have to change a thing about yourself.

11. Everything starts making sense

Before you meet your soulmate, everything seems to be going wrong for you. It is not because you are unlucky, but because those people are not for you. 

They would fail to understand that you are not perfect. And that is when they leave, making you feel bitter and disappointed.

Then, your soulmate comes. They make everything seem so perfect that you start understanding why you could not stay with the previous ones.

Signs that your soulmate is thinking about you

Knowing that someone is thinking about you makes you feel important. It makes you happy that someone is thinking about you. You can know if your soulmate is thinking about you with these signs:

12. They keep checking up on you

Whether you are together or far apart, your soulmate never feels tired of checking how you are doing. They want to make sure you are okay and that nothing wrong has happened to you.

They even take the initiative of taking contacts of people you are always around. In case you fail to pick up their calls or return their messages, they reach out to them.

13. They give you frequent surprises

There are a lot of ways to surprise a person. It could be through gifts, vouchers, trips, or by the person.

Your soulmate can choose any of these methods to surprise you. They do not feel tired of surprising you, and they will keep doing it even when you least expect. 

To them, being part of their lives is a big deal which makes each day a party day.

14. Involves you during the decision making

You never feel left out when you are with your soulmate. Each time they want to make a significant decision, they make sure to involve you. 

There is nothing like "my" decision. Instead, it is always about "our" choice. Once you find your soulmate, including you, it is a good sign that you are still on their mind.

15. You think about them

When your soulmate is thinking about you, you also think about them. It is a connection that comes when you relate emotionally. 

At that time, your soulmate is likely to call you and let you know they miss you.

16. You get goosebumps

When your soulmate is thinking about you, your body experiences goosebumps. It is a feeling you cannot get control of and is usually assuring.

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Finding your soulmate is the most satisfying feeling you will ever get. You find someone with whom your joy feels complete. A person whom you can confide your fears in and celebrate your success.

A soulmate makes your life feel complete and find a distinct sense of motivation. When you find your soulmate, make sure you protect your relationship, or else you will lose something precious you can never replace.