8 Lovely Tips and Keys on Finding Soulmate for Yourself

Great tips on finding your soulmate who understands you

By Evelyn
8 Lovely Tips and Keys on Finding Soulmate for Yourself

How to find a soulmate

Have you asked yourself repeatedly, when will I meet my soulmate? Or, How will I find him? We're sure you're not alone on your quest, there are a lot of people out there looking and trying to find out how to meet the person that's going to connect with them on a soul level.

Some say the reason we don't find him is that we don't prepare ourselves to receive him in our lives. The first thing you need to do is have clearness, do you know what a soulmate is? The movies and fairytales have somehow given us the wrong idea when it comes to soulmates. A soulmate is someone who will connect with you on all levels (mentally, spiritually, and of course, physically). If you focus on the word, it becomes clearer. A soulmate is a person that's going to be the mate of your soul.

Your soulmate is someones who's going to change your life, he's going to awaken you to a new reality, the reality of who you really are and that's going to be life-changing. Does that sound like something you can get on board with? Then you need to focus all your energy on your quest; your thoughts, your emotions, your inner power, your desire should all be directed toward findin him.

Also, you can follow these next tips that will clear your path and will let you know when your soulmate is right in front of you.

1. Believe your soulmate exists

It may seem kind of obvious but it's the first step into finding him. You have to have faith that your soulmate exists. Faith is a powerful thing, it can create our reality: if you believe with all your heart and soul that something will happen, it will.

It's not like a magic trick, though, you don't just say the magic words and your soulmate will appear. You'll have to practice patience but never stop believing. It may take a while, nevertheless, if you persevere in your quest, your soulmate will find you too. Don't settle for anything less, you deserve to find the mate to your soul.

2. Trust your intuition

She knows! You may need a little bit of practice trusting your intuition but eventually, you're going to have to follow your gut when it's telling you to do something or go somewhere or talk to someone. Psychologists and relationship experts will tell you that soulmates communicate energetically, so if your intuition is telling you to talk to that person that has just entered the room, do it! We know, it can be scary but you need to remind yourself of your quest and of the end result.

Also, trust your intuition when it's telling you not to pursue that person. If you feel that something's not right, then it isn't, don't second guess yourself and walk away.

3. Follow your own path

It's tempting to follow what everyone else is doing to find their soulmate, but resist! You don't need to do what your neighbor or your BBF is doing, be authentic, follow your own path, be you! There's nothing better, embrace all your the good things you have and accept your flaws and weaknesses because when you find your soulmate, that's what's going to attract him to you.

Authenticity is key in finding and attracting your soulmate, there's nothing more attractive than self-confidence. If you're always doubting yourself, your soulmate is going to pass through. Also, remember that what you give off is what you're going to get; so be kind and caring and genuine.

Finding a soulmate at the wrong time

What a conundrum you have! You have met your soulmate at totally the wrong time! It really sucks, right? You know in your gut that he's what you're looking for, but the timing is terrible (at least for you). You're just getting out of a very bad break-up or you're about to move overseas or you're emotionally unavailable... What can you do?

Actually, there's no right way to handle this situation. You need to ponder your situation and despite what your emotions and feeling might be telling you, keep these tips in mind. You have options.

4. Befriend him

This is one of your best options. It may be really difficult at the beginning especially if you have let your imagination loose and have pictured you two together having a blissful life. Becoming friends with him at this moment at least lets you keep the communication channels open and lets you two get better acquainted so that maybe, in the future, you could revisit the topic and judge with more accuracy if your timings have aligned and now you can be together.

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5. Do nothing

What?!! Yes, this is also an option and probably right now, that best tip to follow. The impulse to do something or act is overwhelming that the idea of doing nothing to fix the situation is so frustrating, but if you've racked your brain and your heart and come up empty then don't do anything. Let time work in your favor, things can change if you let them happen naturally.

Finding a soulmate after married

This is a huge dilemma, you are married, you love your husband and your family, you live a happy life... when suddenly you come across this other person that by all accounts seems to be your soulmate. There's heightened energy connection between you two. What can you do? There's no simple or right answer, you have a lot of thinking to do because if you pursue this connection, you'll hurt the people you love.

Here's a suggestion of what you can do.

6. Turn your attention inward

You need to go inside you, consider what you're truly feeling. Look within the relationship with your husband, maybe there are issues there that are unsolved. Something's not right or not entirely right and you feel that the relationship is not meeting your needs or wants.

Before you step toward that person that appears to be your soulmate, take time to consider your situation, don't act rashly, there's a lot of emotions ruling you right now, but you should try to heal what's not right inside you and inside your marriage before acting on them. Otherwise, you'll just carry those issues with you if you decide to start something with your newfound soulmate.

Talk to your husband, be honest about what's happening and maybe you'll find your answer there.

Finding a soulmate after divorce

How to find your soulmate after a divorce? Is it possible? Wasn't your ex suppose to be "the one", your only soulmate? The short answer is no, there's an idealistic notion that there's only one soulmate for each of us, and that's not true. You can find a soulmate after a divorce, you might think it impossible or at least very difficult but it's not. It will depend on your attitude toward finding him and how you see yourself in this new phase of your life.

How do you find him? 

7. Don't dwell on the past and set your intentions

Separating yourself from the past is easier said than done, but to move forward you need to let go of your past. If you can't do it by yourself, ask for help. You definitely need some support to resolve what's keeping you from moving on. You can get that support within your loved ones or you can seek help from a professional. You'll need to talk so you'll need someone who'll really listen without any judgment or any attached outcome. Be open to their advice and guidance.

Once you're on your way to letting go of your past, you need to set your intentions. You want to find a soulmate, then focus all your energy on that, on attracting a soulmate that's going to value, appreciate and love you. 

Finding a soulmate while married

A soulmate, that person who speaks to your soul, it's what most people want to find, but what if you've already met him (yes, he's right in front of you and sleeps beside you every night) and you've failed to recognize him? You have found and fallen in love with your soulmate but you didn't know it so you have been taking him for granted. 

Take a good look at him, he's someone who you are excited to be with (even after some years of marriage), someone who's there for you always, someone who gets you, someone who's willing to work to maintain the flame and the marriage going. He's your soulmate! Do you want to be totally sure? Here's a key.

8. He brings out the best of you always

No matter what he always knows how to bring the best of you, He inspires you and he motivates you to always be the best version of yourself, sometimes he doesn't even have to tell you're great, he just looks at you and you know. He always manages to bring a smile to your face, even when things get tough. 

You're a lucky lady, you've already found your soulmate so don't take him for granted.


Do you have a better idea on how to go about finding yourself a soulmate? Just remember that attitude is everything. If you're set on finding him then set all your being on your quest, be open to the possibilities and the experience. Good luck!

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