12 Sexy Good Morning Texts to Make Him Want You Bad

Start from the morning to get him hot and hungry for you!

By Lisa Lee
12 Sexy Good Morning Texts to Make Him Want You Bad

Why Good Morning Texts Can Be a Great Foreplay Tool

We have always been taught to “start the day right” to make sure our entire day works out for us. We kick off with some personal hygiene, light exercise and a good breakfast. Fortunately, those are not the only appetites we have to fill. A pleasant side effect of a good night’s sleep is waking up with that warm fuzzy feeling of wanting to cuddle with the man beside you.

But then you stop yourself because you know one thing will lead to another and then the next thing you know you are caught up in some morning shenanigans making you inexcusable late that you just might have to call in sick. No, this is not a suggestion to start making up false excuses for ditching work because you had a workout in bed! It’s a call for restraint or, shall we say, delayed gratification.

The arduous day-long wait is the perfect foreplay for your impending couple time later in the day. Start the day hot and end it hotter. A sexy hint over SMS will stoke his far and will guarantee him zooming from work to see you. Like a marketing strategy, let’s break down why hot “Good Morning” texts can be serious hands-free foreplay.


  • Building favourable attitudes in the target market. Of course, we would want our man to be in the right mood in the morning, even if it means he will have to deal with “hard feelings” all day.
  • Increasing awareness – Yes, your partner must know implicitly, without a shadow of a doubt, 100% that you intend to “get it and give it” at the end of the day!
  • Gaining market share – A well-composed racy SMS is like cornering your man with a catchy tagline.  It will play and replay over the course of the day whetting his sexual appetite for you.
  • Closing the deal- A successful lead into what you want to happen, a good sexy message that will make him want to race home is the goal of the entire plan of action.  Whatever impressions or insinuations that you send must be composed with the climax in mind. Get what I mean?

You kickstart his "dirty" mind

Let’s apply the morning maxim of starting the day right one step further by whetting his desire by planting your desired happy ending later in the day with a racy “Good Morning!” text. Manifest in your racy mind what scenes you want to be realized later in the day while sipping your coffee and compose sexy texts that will stir certain feelings in your partner. Let’s begin with some suggestions on what to send him as a good-morning greeting over the text messages.

12 Sexy Good Morning Text with Different Hotness Degree

Flirty Texts to Keep Him in Anticipation

1. “Wishing you a fulfilling day that I can cap with a more fulfilling night” (kiss emoji)

Subtle, discreet and girly. Just make sure he doesn’t take fulfilling to be steak with mashed potatoes and carrots. You can change the text up to say "You can fill me up" implying some rewarding activities into the night!

  2. “I’ll be thinking of you the whole day and how you turn me on.”

Anticipation is a great tool for both of you. Keep him guessing on what kinky thought is in your head without telling him just yet. Expect him to ask what you're thinking of. Some men need a little bit more obvious hints to catch them.

3. “Can’t wait ‘til the day is over and play with you.”

A light and teasing text will fire up his mind.  You can add some fire emojis after "play" in order to emphasize that you do not mean bowling, mini-golf or PUB.


4. Good morning! This is to inform you that you are in for a mind-bl.owing experience at the end of the day.

A business-like proposition may be funny and odd but it will push the right buttons in him early in the morning.

Hot Texts that Stoke the Fire

5. “Wish I didn’t have to wait the whole day to take this all off in front of you.”

You can include a picture of sexy lingerie that he likes. If you’re too shy, this tame text will imply enough that there SHALL BE some clothes-less action in the evening.

6. "I wanted to give you a proper wakeup call but since that wasn’t possible, I’m going to tuck you in me tonight."

The kind and considerate approach will have him running to tuck inside of you. This text also is a good apology message if you had to run off and leave him behind because you were running late.

7. “I’m blushing. I woke up wanting to make love to you but instead, I took a pic of you sleeping and made it my screen saver. Good things will come to those who wait. And I can't wait to have a piece of this later.” *, *attach his sleeping pic*

Your naughty morning intentions have just been effectively communicated.

8. “Can we go home earlier today? Last night in bed was so good, I need to go for a second helping.”

A sexy memory always helps, especially one that’s fresh and piping hot that you still smell in the air. You can never have enough of hot and steamy bedroom fun.

Kinky Texts that spell S-E-X

9. “Can’t keep my mind off you coming in me tonight – I’ll bring the wine (or fireworks).”

The use of some words with double-meaning won’t hurt. Coming from a relationship pointing of you, you should both understand what each other is feeling. You can come to a point of satisfaction. (I think you get it by now!)

10. “Been hungry for you all day. You can have dinner in me tonight”

There’s nothing like a lady with a whetted appetite.

11. “Been having dirty thoughts of you all day.  You have to help me tonight.”

For certain he will be guessing which among the dirty thoughts you are having at the moment.  And he can find out exactly later.

12. “I’ve been thinking of how the woman on top is so exciting.  I want to show you exactly what I mean tonight.”

A display of control is always sexy. That thought can lead him on the whole day.

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When creating the perfect text for that steamy setup you have in mind, it always helps to personalize your messages. Add hints of your private secrets, a subtle allusion to your favorite acts and naughty nicknames that you call each other. At the end of the day, it is all about your relationship and communicating your passion and affection. Keep it brief and make it catchy.  Do not inundate him with messages or missed calls. That would douse the flame that you ignited.

Spice up you sexts with discreet pics, audio clips or even videos! Just be sure to alert him to keep his phone volume down or wear his earphones, otherwise, he may get some very awkward looks from strangers or co-workers. Sometimes men do not get the hints that we drop, so you can crank up the language and be more explicit.


This depends greatly on your level of comfort and the kinky vocabulary that you use privately in the bedroom. And if you do not have a list of sexy words, why, you should start building your bedroom vocab. There’s nothing like a great start to a great day.  You just have to brew your man's sexual appetite all day long, allow it to percolate and simmer.


Trust us, this is one concoction that will not grow stale towards the evening!  And when you have successfully “awakened” the man, it’s safe to say that your message will have started your day – and his, as well,  better than any cup of coffee. Not to mention that you will get what you want later in the night! Happy texting!



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