9 Things People Do In Couple Swap That You Can Try Out

Fun and quirky couple swaps you can try out in the name of fun!

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9 Things People Do In Couple Swap That You Can Try Out

What are Couple Swaps?

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Confuse it not. There are many definitions of a couple swap. Most of the time you define it as changing partner with another couple, meaning you will be dating or taking on a date, someone else's partner while they take on yours. Well, that can be one way to do it. But that's not the couple swap we are here to talk about today.

Today we are here to do some true couple swapping! You know your partner well, from his best features to his worst demeanor, but have you ever thought of becoming him? This is what a couple swap is all about! You try to become your partner, whether it is their lifestyle, eating habits or even their outfit! It sounds quirky but most couples find it fun and builds a better understanding towards each other. Try out all these 9 things you can do in a couple swap to spice things up a little for you and your partner!

9 Things People Do in Couple Swap

Couple Face Swap

1. Snapchat

There face swap function provided by Snapchat is hilarious and popular as always. Use the face swap tool to see how you and your partner looks if you were to have each other's face on your body. Take it as a joke, obviously.

Couple Outfit Swap

2. Date outfit

Go on a date to a fancy restaurant or a picnic by the beach with an outfit swap. Pick up his oversized leather jacket and sweatpants. Throw your flowy blouse and long skirts on him. It's hilarious and it's a date to remember for both of you! Not for the faint-hearted or those who have too high self-esteem to take it as a joke. It's a true couple thing to do.

Your outfit may not fit each other. Go to a flea market or a second-hand shop to get some cheap clothes for this! Won't be too expensive and you won't regret it! And it can be more than a one-time thing. You can do it every 6 months. Swapping outfit is a fun and quirky couple swap idea. Mostly girls take outfit from guys, rarely the other way around. If you can pull off your guy's outfit, why can't your guy pull off yours? This cute swap will surely make you chuckle as you look for something that will fit him.

3. Business outfit

Ever thought about wearing your man's suit to work? To be fair the difference for a man's suit on a woman may not be noticeable for most if you two share a similar body figure. A lot of women wear a suit to work anyways. The cutting and the style may be different but it won't be a drama at work.

On the other hand, how will it be if your guy wears your outfit to work? His workplace is probably going to explode! Yes, it's 2020 and still women can wear a man's outfit but men will be mocked at for wearing a girl's outfit. Maybe you and your partner are avid advocates to change the workplace landscape.

Go through your wardrobe and tell your partner to do the same. Find each other outfit to wear to work for a week, or a day if it's too much, and enjoy the fun stares and gossips at work! This swap is even better for couples with huge height or weight difference. The deviation in sizes will surely crack most people up at work! Wonder how your boss will react to it? Well, it's your choice what to wear to work! Why not have fun with it?

Couple Lifestyle Swap

4. Morning routine

Not a coffee person like your partner? Try to swap morning routines with him! Get a cup of coffee instead of a glass of milk every morning and make scrambled eggs instead of cereal. Your partner will pick up your morning routine as well. Sometimes we don't quite understand our partner's morning rituals. You hate having sweets in the morning but your partner is crazy for pancakes. You don't understand why someone would brush their teeth after breakfast instead of straight out of bed. All these differences you tolerate without trying to live it, which was fine, but a couple swap could change your taste and preference!

Keep it up for a week, gradually either you will grow to love the routine you hated or you will never be more certain that this is not the routine for you. Either way you get to live the lifestyle your partner loves for a while. Always good to give it a try!

5. Leisure time

Are you an avid hiker or a Netflix fan? Most couples don't share their favourite hobbies 100%, some prefer to chill at home during weekends while some enjoy a hike outside. An important thing in a relationship is to be able to do what you love while loving each other. There's no need to force your partner to do the things you like. Take on his hobbies for two weekends. Stay home and watch award-winning movies all day while he goes out and have a hike to feel the breeze grazing through his skin, drying his sweat off.

Trying out each other's lifetsyle means you may not mean a day together. Spending some time apart is how you grow closer to someone, to their lifestyle and their preferences.

6. Texting style

This would be an interesting one. We all text in our own style. The tone and chocie of words are different. Mimicking your partner's texting style to text your own friends could change your perspective of things. People behave the way they do for a reason and our perspective of the world changes because of that. Do what your partner does and you will find things in your friends you didn't know about before!

Also an experiment for your closest to see if they notice anything wrong or even if you're behaving like your partner these days!

Couple Wedding Roles Swap

7. He is in charge of the theme and style and you are in charge of the ring

Asking a guy to decide on the wedding theme is probably the hardest task ever, given that he has to do a good job. For some reasons, most guys are able to pick the perfect ring but not to set up the venue. You should be in charge of picking out the perfect ring for yourself and for him as well.

Swapping roles for the planning is good so you both understand is not so easy to do each other's job. Arguments come less often even because of that. You've both tried what it's like and you know it's not as easy as you'd think. The rest of the planning can be done together, that way everyone still shares the responsibility of the hassle, for better or for worse!

8. He walks down the aisle!

Best wedding roles swap ever! Don't be confined by the society that the girl has to walk down the aisle. Do it the other way around. Challenge the social values forced onto you! Get him to walk down the aisle with his dad holding his hand and you standing at the alter waiting for your Prince Charming to come to you!

Definitely a scene to remember and will make a great video for the anniversary to come. And a great memory for his family too, having to walk down their son through to aisle. Make sure you get someone to video it for you.

9. He wears a dress and you in tux!

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The ultimate wedding role swap. Pick a stunning, flowy, gorgeous white dress for him and a tux for yourself! This swap redefine the gender roles our society puts on us and allow us to rethink what is normal and how to break the social norms. Not everyone can accept a guy wearing a wedding dress. But hey, it's your own wedding and you two are very willing to let everyone know you are not afraid to break social norms!

This swap can be challenging and it involves more than just you two, although it's your own wedding. Your family and friends may have a hard time accepting this. Effort is needed to let people know that it's your choice and they should respect it.

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All the fun couple swaps you can do! Some are typical while some are a bit more unconventional. You may be new to this couple swapping idea or you have done it aw few times. Regardless, you will find the fun in it just for the simple joy that it's a couple thing.

Start small if you are new to this. Start big or do all of it if you are an avid couple swapper! You can even challenge yourself to couple swap on all the 9 things listed! Start now and share with your friends the bundle of joy you get from the experience!


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