How Does a Woman Make Love to Another Woman?

We answer this for you when you are too embarrassed to ask!

By Hana O.
How Does a Woman Make Love to Another Woman?

Having sex with another woman is much like intercourse with the opposite sex – uncomfortable, strange or confusing at first but quickly becomes absolutely exhilarating, exciting and liberating soon after. While sex with a man could be considered as "mainstream" in its context, sex with a woman is a whole new and beautiful experience in itself.

NSFW: Adult Content Ahead.

TL;DR: How Does a Woman Make Love to Another Woman?

Women who make love to one another do it the same way as any man-and-woman couple would. A woman could use toys, her mouth or fingers to please her partner and make her climax. But that's the super-condensed version. Let's break it down, shall we?

First, we need to understand that any person could have any type of sex with no penis penetration required for it to become sex. The terms itself is entirely subjective, where some people consider kissing and cuddling or oral sex as sex while others look for an orgasm for it to be regarded as sex. 

Second, for two women to make love to one another, there is no need for one to be "the man" in the scenario. With this type of sex, both women could take turns taking the lead and doing the penetrating. It's more of a dynamic relationship of giving and receiving – as how making love should be, regardless of gender.  

Women making love don't need a strap-on or other toys to have sex; nor do they rely on scissoring (vagina to vagina or rubbing one's vagina on her partner's body) the whole time. Sex is all about exploration and discovery, and this is what happens when two women make love and enjoy it. 

Perhaps the consistent feedback from a woman who's tried having sex with another woman is that "it was soft everywhere." It makes sense because there was no erect penis in sight – only soft breast, soft skin, soft vagina, soft everywhere. Another comment by those who discover they're bi and could compare would be that the whole process was more gentle and intimate when it was with a woman. 

Women make love with other women the same way as a man and woman would. There's making out, foreplay, stimulation, pleasure, excitement, climaxing, you name it. They arouse one another and give sexual and sensual pleasure through their eyes, mouth, fingers and other body parts. 

Useful sex toys for making love with another woman

Sex toys are always fun to use and are a great way to take things up a notch with your sex life. People often associate dildos and strap-ons with female-to-female sex, although pretty much any sex toy in the market could be enjoyed as well.


This is a must-have for every lady with a lady lover. There are numerous styles and harnesses for strap-ons in the market, although a unisex one where the dildo could be detached and replaced is a popular choice among women. For those who don't like the harness, underwear with an o-ring is a highly-recommended alternative. 

Double-ended dildo

Why not stimulate one another at the same with a double-ended dildo that is sure to hit your G-spots every time? It can even be used by one woman at a time for some double penetration action. 


Vibrators come in handy for some clitoris excitement which sends you straight to orgasm. They usually come in a wide variety of functions, sizes and features to suit your mood or preference. 

BDSM kit


For those into anal sex, a butt plug is another sex toy that provides intense stimulation for women. 

Positions great for making love with another woman

We got the props covered, now let's talk positions because, at the end of the day, it's all about one's skill.

Sixty. Nine. Period.

A tried and tested classic sex position that all genders enjoy is 69. It's efficient in pleasing both partners at the same time, wherein both are giving and receiving oral sex. You could switch who's on top or try it sideways with different variations. The position is intimate, sensual and very satisfying.

Twisted scissor

Although porn has given this position a bad rep by implying that it's the only sex position for two women, the traditional scissors is a great position that brings a lot of pleasure. The twisted scissors is like a doggy-style position where one partner bends over on her belly while the other rubs her clit on the back of her partner's thigh.


If one partner is in the mood for giving have your lover sit on your face while you give her head. The reverse version, when your partner sits facing your toes, gives you a great view of her butt, which is another turn-on for many. She could even play with your clit at the same time and you both could segue to the 69 after.

The Strap-on with a twist

There are so many positions to try with the strap-on such as the elevated missionary, standing beside a wall, doggy-style, kneeling, reverse cow-girl and anything in between. Let your imaginations run wild as you make you love.

The good 'ol blowjob

Oral sex with two women is said to be exhilarating because a woman knows exactly how to touch another woman. Since she too has a vagina, she knows how to reach and stimulate that G-spot and bring you to an orgasm.


Use your fingers to stimulate or grab a double-ended one and watch each other as you pleasure one another. There's something so intimate and erotic with this position and makes for excellent foreplay.

Should you try to make love with another woman?

While the only person who could genuinely gauge if you should try making love with another woman is yourself, those who have done it would tell you to go for it, if you have bi or gay tendencies, or if you're just curious by nature. 

Before taking the plunge and hitting the romps with the next woman you're attracted to, below are a few essential things to know and remember: 

Be honest with her

Honesty and communication are crucial to the success of one's sex life, regardless of gender. With women, since it's not something that everyone has tried, opening up about your insecurities, nervousness or lack of experience is a great way to ease into passionate sex. Women are like snowflakes; no two need or want the same things. 

Communicate by gently leading her head to the right spot or telling her you don't do anal are equally important when it comes to honesty in one's sex life. 

The nail clipper is your best friend

If you're planning to finger your partner, make sure that your nails are clipped to avoid causing her pain because a woman's vagina is tender and sensitive. 

It's not all about the orgasm

Women to women sex is not always about the orgasm. Many first-timers even admit that they don't climax when they sleep with their partner for the first time. It's all about enjoying the moment and sexually experiencing one another. 

Forget everything you know about sex

For those who've been with men and are venturing out to the same sex, one tip that many swear by is to forget everything you know about sex. Straight sex with its P-in-V action is not what making love with another woman is about. By letting go of preconceived notions, you would genuinely enjoy making love with your female partner. 

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Sex with the same sex has become more and more socially-accepted, and we are thankful for the development. You'd be surprised how supportive the online community is to those who are stepping into this new chapter of their lives. It may be intimidating at first but making love with another woman is usually an experience unlike any other. 


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