17 Drinking Games For Couples Stucked At Home And Online

Continue to have fun as a couple even when you are at home

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17 Drinking Games For Couples Stucked At Home And Online

Keeping Your Relationship Strong

Quarantine time is hard. How Jan 2020 just flew by and Mar and Apr feel like 3 years...We all wish this pandemic to be over soon so we can go back to our normal life. Some of us are lucky to be stuck at home with our partner. It hit so suddenly in some regions/countries that couples weren't even aware of it before it's too late to fly back to each other and now they are stuck in different parts of the world.

Whether you're the lucky ones or unlucky ones, there're many activities you can do during this lockdown to keep your relationship young and strong. Not being with your partner and being with your partner 24/7 is equally difficult. The stress and anxiety of not knowing when this will be over. Time to kick back and unwind.

Here are 17 fun drinking games to try with your partner to add some excitement during all this madness!

17 Drinking Games for Couples Stucked At Home and Online

For Couples Stucked At Home

1. Beer pong

Can never forget a good game of beer pong. Not much set up needed. Just a table and a few cups and a ton of cold beer and you're good to go! Beer pong can be a fun game for two. Challenge your partner to see who's the beer pong champ!

2. Dance off

Play dance videos on YouTube and dance to it. See who's the next J-Lo on lockdown! Whoever can't keep up has to take one shot. This game gets more intense than the drunker you are. By the time you're both wasted you will see the true fun in it

3. Chess

Chess and drinking games don't match? That's just because you've never tried to play chess tipsy. Once you go there, you can't go back. Drunk chess is the best ever. Seeing your partner trying to stay focus while having a hard time sitting up is the best quarantine scene for your Instagram.

Every time you get a pawn taken away, you take a shot. Every time you lose, you take three shots. That's the rule. Drunk chess is what we all need when there's no entertainment outside!

4. Board games

Yep, anything can be a drinking game if you're creative enough. Find some old board games put away in the attic for years. You can create your own rules. Take one shot every time someone hits a 2, 4, 6 or the other way around. 2 shots for the loser and 5 shots if you lose two times in a role.

5. Cooperative games (Overcooked)

A surge in cooperative games such as Overcooked during this lockdown has got everyone excited to team up and win. Some couples aren't competitive and don't want to always fight against each other for the win. If that's you, teaming up together is the best.

Overcooked and Overcooked 2 are games available on Switch and you have to team up together as chefs to make delicacies for your customers before time runs out. The graphics are cartoonish and the whole setting is bubbly and cute. Couples will find the joy in teaming together.

Take one shot every time you fail a level. And one shot if you fail to achieve 3 stars in any level, for those adventurous enough.

6. Competitive games (Mario Kart)

Mario Kart is an all-time classic. It never gets old. When you're done with a nice night of teaming up, try this together. Drink every time you lose and drink together if neither one of you beats the computer. Expect screaming, people tend to get emotional when playing Mario Kart.

7. Drunk Jenga

Write 54 challenges on all the blocks and play it like normal jenga. Every time you lose you take 2 shots and choose 2 challenges from the blocks you removed to complete. Jenga isn't easy to play when you're wasted. You may want to agree on the challenges before hand in case it gets ugly.

8. Tic tac toe

You'd be surprised how mentally challenging this game is to win when you're tipsy. If it feels too boring to play one game, combine it with games like word scrabble. Loser has to take a shot. Trying to use your brain isn't the easiest task but it's fun to try!

For Couple Separated

Unfortunately for many couples that couldn't fly back home in time and are now stuck somewhere for god knows how long. And for those couples in a long distance relationship. This quarantine has been hard and taken a toll on your mental not knowing when you can see your loved one again.

Fortunately, we live in the age of advanced technology that makes the world borderless in a sense. You can Zoom and Skype your partner everyday and still host a drinking party together on the internet!

All the below games mentioned require you to video call your partner via a third-party app to stay connected and see your love's face!

9. Flip the cups

Get a table and put three cups of drinks in them. Chug the cups and flip it over with three fingers with the cups on the edge. The first to finish wins. Flip the cups is a typical drinking game in your college days and it's an honor to revisit this game during the lockdown!

10. Guess the song

Play the intro of a song and let your partner guess what song it is. It's easy to guess a song once you hear a few lines from it. But what if you only hear the intro? Pick some old songs and start giving your partner a headache to squeeze his brain for this one.

Whoever can't guess the song has to take a shot. Doesn't matter if he has never heard of the song before. Time to dig up your music vault and find some less than a common song to get your partner wasted!

11. Never have I ever

How can anyone forget the no. 1 drinking game? Never have I ever is the easiest game to paly virtually. Get your cups ready and start drinking when you've done something your partner hasn't!

12. Watch party

Netflix Party is made for this. Stream a movie and sync it with your partner. Guess where the plot is going and if you're wrong, you take a shot. It's relaxing like a casual movie night but with the drinking element in it. To spice things up a little, you can even guess the next line the characters are about to say.

13. Drawing game

Time to test your drawing skill. Take out a pen and paper and draw something to hint your partner. If they fail to guess what it is, they have to drink, assuming none of you will deliberately mess up the drawing to win. There are plenty of online generators for this to come up with a topic for you and you draw however you can to give hints to your partner.

An intellectual game for a virtual date night.

14. Finish the lyrics

Similar to Guess This Song, you play a song and pause it at random stops to let your partner finish the lyrics. It's much harder than you think. Too many people have lost to this game as they were overly confident about it. You rarely know a song as well as you think you do and this game tests your truth strength!

15. Trivia quiz

Do an online trivia quiz together or ask each other questions separately. Whoever can't question or give a wrong answer has to drink. This game is great for those brainy couples waiting to have an intellectual hit after being forced to stay home for a while!

16. Online games

Online games like Werewolf are a big hit these days. You team up with random people on the internet and spend the whole night figuring out sinister plots by others. Lying and deception constitute a good game. You don't know if you'll be on the same team or the opposite team since everything is random. Play the game and you will see who's a better liar when drunk!

17. Truth or dare

Take a shot every time you refuse a challenge or not want to answer a question. Truth or Dare never gets old. You can play it anytime and anywhere. Get your partner ready to ask him some of the most embarrassing high school moments!

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Going crazy with the lockdown? Now you have all these fun games to play with your partner, whether he is next to you or thousands of miles away. This is a tough time for the whole world. Many are suffering from it. The best we can do is to stay home so this can go away quickly and the world can heal faster.

While staying home, try out all these 17 games with your partner to keep your relationship strong and to get through this a lot easier!