19 Songs All About Sex to Add to Your Feeling Sexy Playlist

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By Sylvia Epie
19 Songs All About Sex to Add to Your Feeling Sexy Playlist

Why You Need A Sexy Playlist

It’s not news that music is universally considered food for the soul, irrespective of what genre you’re into, music simply has a ‘’je-ne-sais-quoi’’ that speaks to our innermost beings. Sex, on the other hand, is considered one of Man's truest forms of self-expression, when you combine music and sex the result is intense for lack of a better word. It doesn’t matter if you’re in for a quickie, a long night of boning, or a solo session of self-love, good music is an added bonus you need to consider.

However, as exciting and satisfactory as it may be to incorporate sexy music to your downtime with Bae, it is a huge turn off if your partner has to wait for you while you search through Spotify or Youtube for tracks that will enhance your lovemaking sessions. And if you decide to just press play randomly who knows what could happen? No one wants the awkwardness that will follow if a gospel song for example comes up at that crucial moment. 

So to save you from such a buzzkill moment we’ve put up a playlist with some of the best feel sexy tunes that are perfect for bedroom fun.  The kind of songs that are explicit enough not to need any explanation and leave your imagination running wild even if sex was the last thing on your mind.

Playlist for Sexy Ballads

These are those slow and luscious songs that get you all relaxed and aware of all your feelings and parts of your body you never knew you could feel. The tracks on this playlist are like sweet and warm honey on your skin, in all the right places, here we go:

1. “Earned It” - The Weeknd

What better way to begin this list than with the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey at the top? The lyrics and rhythm of this song are so addictive and the visuals are a kick to your libido whenever it comes on. It’s slow, sensual, hot, and bound to get you and your partner in the mood for an adventurous night. If you've watched any of the Fifty Shades movies or seen the video of the song then you know what we're talking about.

2. "Body Party" by Ciara

The body movements in this song have what it takes to make you grapple for ice to cool down your temperature. Talk of an inspiration Whoa! This sexy tune will make you want to feast on your lover's body as the title of the song suggests. 

3. “I’m on Fire” - Bruce Springsteen

A hit song that has stood the test of time and is single-handedly responsible for the birth of many babies out there. Ask your parents or maybe not, but you get what I mean when I say the lyrics are steamy and sensual.  

4. "Pony" by Ginuwine

An anthem for male strippers, this song was brought again to the spotlight by the movie ‘’Magic Mike’’ starring Channing Tatum and a cast of hot and beautifully endowed men taking their clothes off. ‘’Pony’’ is a gem when it comes to sexy songs, there’s no way your playlist can be complete without this masterpiece. Is it necessary to mention the song isn't actually about a pony?

5. “Your Body Is a Wonderland” - John Mayer

Another must-have in your sexy playlist is this one from John Mayer, it will prompt your lover to explore every inch of your body if he/she doesn’t then there’s a problem. But if he does... imagine the possibilities... anyway let's not get carried away this song has to be on your feel sexy playlist.

6. "Turn Me On" By Norah Jones

The title says it all, and as if that’s not enough Norah Jones’ sexy, husky voice does the rest accompanied by some sweet jazzy piano tunes in the background. Even if you're not into Jazz this song will melt your heart, it is velvety and so smooth.

Sexy Hip-Hop Playlist 

Hip-hop is often associated with sex, nudity, and explicit language so it's no surprise many songs in this genre will fit right into our list. But we've chosen a few more mainstream songs to get our message across, so here we go:

7. "Lollipop" - Lil Wayne

Well, any song with a hook that says ‘’ Lick you like a lollipop’’ definitely has its place on this list. The lyrics are very suggestive and leave very little to the imagination.

8. "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West

The song is actually about a woman in sexy lingerie who kills her man with a spade for whatever reason but it has an inexplicable sexiness to it. Kanye's a unique way of rapping also adds to the overall ambiance of this piece.  

9. I Wanna Love You - Akon ft. Snoop Dogg

A tune with rather explicit lyrics that made it so inappropriate for day time Tv that a PG version had to be created is a must-have. Just the number of times the F word is used in this song is mind-blowing. Plus Akon is renowned for his love for the opposite sex in his music.

10. “Anaconda” - Nicki Minaj

Nicki will have your imagination running wild long before you and your partner hit the bed. Just think of Nicki's body or one of her outfits in the song and you’re good to go. It's a good sound for twerking as well if that's one of your skills.

The Unforgettable Classics

Those baby-making tracks that have been around for decades but haven't lost their edge and sex appeal. Some of them where there before we were born and still have their place today. They have stood the test of time and the changing tastes in music throughout the last 2 to 3 generations. Let's check out a few of them:

11.Sexual Healing" By Marvin Gaye

One of the major classics of all sexy songs, Marvin has been getting us in the mood with this song for decades and it seems to be appreciated by generation after generation, it never gets old. So, let Marvin Gaye lead you and your partner into a much-needed session of sexual healing.

12. ‘’Like A Virgin’’ By Madonna

Ahh! Madonna, the sex symbol of an entire generation, what more can I say, other than that there's nothing virgin-like in this song.

13. “Sex Machine” - James Brown

What better way to unleash your inner sex-machine than with this seasoned gem from James Brown? And old song but it still gets the job done today as it did decades ago, wanna give it a try?

14. “Moonage Daydream" - David Bowie

This song evokes so much passion with its rhythm and lyrics that say things like "Press your space face close to mine, love". Just listen to it if and leave the rest to your instinct.

Pop/ Rock Playlist

For those that are into a more upbeat tempo, this category is ideal, the songs in here will get your blood pumping in all the right places at the right time.

15.’’Hands to Myself" - Selena Gomez

Are you feeling particularly handsy? Here’s the song for you, as you play it and decide to apply what it recommends, be ready to have your hands full for a while.

16. “I’m a Slave 4 U” - Britney Spears

Drums, tambourines and a few other exotic musical instruments make this song kind of hypnotic, Britney's sultry voice promising you paradise adds to create an overall atmosphere of sexual energy you can count on any day.

17. "Kiss It Better" by Rihanna

Your feel sexy playlist can not be complete without Bad Girl RiRi the queen of sexy tunes, she has quite a repertoire of baby-making music like ‘’Work it’’ and ‘’Diamonds’’ but at this point, let’s stick to ‘’kiss it better’’ which is self-explanatory.

18. ‘’Pillow Talk’’ By Zayn

Considering Zayn is singing this to his sexy model girlfriend Gigi Hadid and the video has them all over each other, with lots of suggestive graphics, it is the height of sexy tracks and there’s no better inspiration than a true life love story to get your sexy juices flowing in full force. And the lyrics of the song OMG!

19. "God Is A Woman" By Ariana Grande

One of the more recent songs on the list, this millennial gem is a true celebration of womanhood. Let's just say there’s no other way to explore your partner’s curves, this one is for the guys or anyone who loves the female body.

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Playing music during sex might not be your thing yet but if you enjoy music and want to try incorporating it to your sex life then this is where you start. You’d be surprised at the level of intensity and depth sexy music can add to your sex sessions. If you need inspiration, want a boost, need a little bit of rhythm, or just want to lighten the mood, music is what you need.  If you’re amongst those who play music during sex to shelter their kids, roommates, or neighbors from their sex noises then that’s fine too. Whatever may be your reason for needing a feel sexy playlist, our line up can get you started. ENJOY!



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