17 Signs That He's Falling for You Hard Unknowingly

See the signs that he is falling hard for you and what to do

By Madiha A.
17 Signs That He's Falling for You Hard Unknowingly

Falling in Love with Someone

Love is what binds this world together. It is the most beautiful emotion shared among human beings, and falling in love is one of the most pleasurable aspects of life. It is not something that one has any control over, it just happens. You can tell you are in love when out of nowhere someone starts bringing unexplainable joy to your life, they are always on your mind, their presence makes you excited and all you want is to get noticed by them. Being in love is beautiful but at times it can also be bittersweet, which means that from time to time it will bring you eternal happiness, and at times its bitterness will cling onto your life. 

How Do You Tell if He's Falling for You?

Unlike women, men are not touchy-feely beings; it's hard for them to get their feelings out. Most of the time it is not their words but their gestures and demeanor that gives them away. If you are finding it hard to tell whether or not he’s falling for you then you’ve just reached the right stop, because here we are listing 17 signs that you should look for to be sure about his feelings for you.

1. It is in his eyes

When someone loves you, it sparkles in their eyes without them yet confessing it. If a guy just cannot get his eyes off you, makes eye contacts a little longer than usual then he is definitely crazy in love with you. He wants to see just you; the way you talk, walk, or interact with others, it all matters to him. 

2. He is true to his word

Whatever he says he does exactly the same. For example, if he promises to be at home by 5 pm expect him to be there a little early but never late. 

3. He spoils you

Love is all about giving everything that you can to make your lover feel loved. It's not about pricey or awestruck things; it's about little things and tiny gestures. Be it serving you coffee in bed or just cuddling you after a long day at work. If he just doesn’t miss a single chance to make you feel loved and pampered then he is the one. 

4. It is in his touch

Your heart thumps a little harder and your knees grow weaker every time he places a finger on you. With every caress, he tries to express his strong heartfelt feelings for you. If his fingers are always crawling over you and just doesn’t let a single chance of hugging, holding hands, and cuddling you just pass by then he is in love with you. 

5. You are his priority

If for the sake of spending time with you, he cancels his all-boys night or calls his important meetings off, just to take care of you while you are ill then undoubtedly he is signaling you that you are his priority and surely he is falling hard for you. 

6. He imagines his future with you

Imagining your future with someone is big. This guy not only sees you in the bigger picture of his life, but also states it clearly that he envisions a future with you. He doesn’t shy away from talking about the future he wishes to see with you, in short he clearly signals that he wants you to be part of his life. 

7. He listens to you

You will feel really heard in his presence. When in conversation, he won’t be there physically only but he will be there with all his mind and body to absorb every single word you say. Not only does he listen to you but also remembers whatever you say. Be it your crazy rants or gossip from your friends’ circle, this crazy in love person will always be all ears to you.

8. He cannot stop talking about you

Whatever comes out of his mouth always finds its way to you. With every conversation he has with his friends, relatives, or colleagues he just never forgets to mention you or an anecdote relating to you. This is something cheesy but it sure is a sign that the guy is head over heels for you. 

9. You are his go-to person

Be it shopping, watching a movie, or running day to day errands he wants you as your partner. He just doesn’t want to miss a chance of spending time with you at any cost.

10. He respects you

Respect comes before anything else in a relationship. Both men and women should be equally respected. He respects who you are, the way you are, and your choices. He doesn’t wish to mold you into his definition of a perfect soul mate; he lets you be you.

11. You don’t have to ask for me time

He is all over you and wants to spend all of his time with you. But at the same time, he also respects your personal boundaries and lets you be on your own for a while. You don’t have to ask for space for yourself, you get it without even asking for it.

12. He is there for you

Everybody is in for good times but it takes someone special to stick to you through thin days. Be it a crappy day at work, mood swings due to menstruation, or loss of a loved one you always have his shoulder to cry on. He stays true to his word by always being your rock. 

13. You have a strong emotional connection with him

The signs of having a strong emotional connection include getting goosebumps when you imagine your life without him. His day is incomplete until he has a word with you. You don’t always have to tell them what you want; he can read it in your eyes. Most importantly he misses you when he is away from you. If you witness all of these signs then congratulations someone loves you madly. 

14. Your happiness matters to him

When you fall in love, another person’s happiness instantly becomes your happiness. He won’t do anything that makes you unhappy rather than he’ll put any effort into what makes you happy. If he is ready to go the extra mile just to see a stupid smile on your face then he is clearly falling hard for you.

15. He misses you

Love is not only about togetherness. It is about the times when you are not together. You should look for signs like if he makes an effort and tries to reach out to you when you are away. If you still feel connected to him when he is gone and he also yearns for your presence equally then it is for sure a match. 

16. He doesn’t give up

We are all made up of good and bad parts equally. If after witnessing your worst side, he seems ready to cope up with your shit and doesn’t want to give up on you then you should grab this man tightly. Because not everyone is in when it comes to bad days.

17. He is ready to compromise

In the hours of need, nothing will be more important to this man than being there for you. True love is about being unselfish and letting the other person take charge of the relationship equally. So if your man is meeting you halfway there then it's good to just let him go. But if he is ready to compromise his will to see you happy then he is the one.

 Is He Scared or Confused About Falling in Love?

Love is a tricky game. Not everyone is ballsy enough to get into it without being scared or confused. He wants his feelings to be reciprocated and he fears heartbreak. So before taking a step forward, he will wait for you to give him a heads up. It all lies in the way you react to his bait, either you will make him sure and fearless or you will disregard his feelings. if you are getting mixed feelings from him, it is better to wait for him to get his feelings straight. getting into a relationship when you are scared or confused isn't a good idea. It is better to be sure and spend life with confidence then unsure and unhappy. 

When is a Good Time to Hint Him to Move Forward?

It is right to keep your guard up until you know that he also feels a certain way for you. When you start seeing signs of him being into you and he also matches your list of perfect “the one“, it is the right time to bring your guard down and help him do the same. Start reciprocating his feelings and make him feel special to hint him to go ahead and open up.

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Relationships are not an easy marathon; they require a lot of love, hard work, and dedication on both sides. We hope that after reading this article you are sure of the signs that your man will show if he is falling for you. Don’t rush when you start noticing the signs, we advise you to stay low key and pace slowly so that you don’t end up with a broken heart.