Rim Job: How to Guide To Pleasure By Butt Licking

Don't know what it is? Is it pleasurable or yucky? Find out now

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Rim Job: How to Guide To Pleasure By Butt Licking

What is a Rim Job?

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A rim job, more formally known as analingus, the act of stimulating sexual pleasure by using a tongue on the anus. Usually involves the tongue going around the rim area, and sometimes sticking the tongue inside the anus. Sounds yucky? It seems to be a taboo in the sex world. People can publicly discuss sex but only limited to regular ordinary sex acts. When it comes to a rim job or anything exotic, it's highly frowned upon.

Many are interested in performing a rim job but are scared of the preparation work and how satisfying it actually is. Today we will discuss all the things you need to know about a rim job!

Why Does Some Like It So Much?

A rim job is apparently an uncharted but highly pleasurable territory for many. The sexual pleasure arises from a rim job is said to be even more intense than vaginal stimulation. Many people are hooked on rim jobs because of its exotic nature as well from its seemingly taboo status.

The anus is a highly sensitive area and that's why its responses to sexual stimulations well. People find it irresistible to have a rim job and even more irresistible to make it a regular.

7 Things to Know Before Attempting a Rim Job

1. Always clean up beforehand

There's really no such thing as being too clean or too cautious when it comes to giving and receiving a rim job, especially if you have just gone to the bathroom and want to get a rim job after. Shower before getting a rim job and make sure you clean the area nicely. There are many products available specifically to clean that area, and you will find the best of the best in sex shops.

Make sure you get the rim area and the inside clean as well. You are not doing anal so you don't necessarily have to rinse the inside but make sure for as deep your tongue can get, the area is clean and there's no residue left.

As much as a rim job is fun, no one wants to taste shit. It's not what this is about. Always clean yourself before a rim job and don't slack with the cleaning process. You want your partner to feel aroused, not disgusted.

2. Communicate with your partner

Like all sex acts, talk to your partner to see what he wants and what is pleasurable for him. Sometimes he may want to avoid certain things and get aroused by others. Setting the rules and expectations straight helps to enhance the experience for both of you.

Ask for what's off-limit and what is something you have to do. Get them to guide you during a rim job as well so you know what pleases your partner and how to make it good.

3. Be cautious about STIs and STDs

A rim job is having physical contact with body fluids with your partner. STIs and STDs are always a real concern. These diseases are easily transmissible through a rim job and you need to make sure both of you are clean before proceeding.

There's no such thing as being too safe. Don't rely on the hope that you will be safe and fine. Ask your partner to get checked up before committing unprotected sex. It's never lame to protect yourself. Get yourself checked out as well so it feels safer for your partner too. It's better to be safe than sorry and that way you can both enjoy the experience better.

4. Relax

Lots of people get so caught up in how disgusting the rim is and become timid when performing a rim job. It hinders the experience and will only create fear in your head. If it makes you feel any better, the fear in your head that it's going to smell like shit is really in your head only. A thoroughly cleaned rim doesn't smell of anything. It's no different than licking your arm or thigh.

Don't let the fear get inside of you. Relax and you will be able to enjoy it much better. Don't be so concerned that your rim is going to smell unpleasant for your partner as well. As long as you have cleaned it, you are good to go.

5. Be as gentle as you are with a dick

Some people mistakenly see the rim area as less sensitive and go rough on it. That area is really as sensitive as a dick. Go gentle, go for the gentle licks first to see how your partner feels, and go slow. Going slow helps the sensation to penetrate through the body. Go around the rim and then stick your tongue in just a little to arouse your partner.

 Don't be rough as the area is so gentle, to begin with. Uncomfortable sensation might come through if you are not careful with it. Give it gentle kisses as well and blow slightly on it from time to time. The tingling sensation from the soft blow is mind-blowingly good. It feels cold and arouses the sex drive in you.

6. Use your hands

Don't just focus on rimming that you forget about the rest of the body. Use your hands to caress your partner and make her feel hot and wanted. Put your hands on her butt and tightly grab it. A rim job is not just about the rim, it's about the coordination of the rest of the act.

Never forget to foreplay and use your hands during the process to enhance sexual stimulation. Rock your partner by pushing her back and forth slightly so your tongue and go around the anus easier.

7. Clean up

Don't ever forget to clean up after the intense, fun play. Regardless of what sex acts you do, you always need to clean up after to keep yourself clean and your genitals away from infections. Leaving it unclean could lead to infections because most likely when you have sex, the fun during the process can be a little dirty.

Wash your rim area thoroughly again after a rim job and for the partner giving it, brush your teeth, and have a gum if you feel the sensation is still there. Different people prefer different aftercare so just find the one that suits you.

Preparing to Give a Rim Job

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As mentioned before, always clean up before giving and receiving a rim job. For the one giving a rim job, you may want to brush your teeth as well to feel fresh. Before giving a rim job, ask your partner what she might prefer and how she would like to start.

Watch tutorials from porn is a good start for a newbie with no clue on what to do. Many porn movies detail how a rim job is performed and there are literally tutorials available so you can see what steps are taken during a rim job.

Relax and feel good about giving a rim job. If you don't mentally feel good, there's no point in giving one. It should be a pleasurable experience for the giver and the receiver.

How to Give a Mind Blowing Rim Job

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Suck it. As disgusting as it may sound, the anus feels good when shit is being pushed out from it. It's an oddly satisfying feeling. For those new to rimming, use your mouth to suck on the anus occasionally during a rim job. It's very pleasurable.

To start with, don't dive straight into rimming. Do a little foreplay to make your partner crave it. Go slow at first if both of you are new. Check-in on your partner to see what is pleasurable until you find the sweet spot. Circle around the rim a couple of times slow and speed up a little. Then put your tongue deep in a little. When your partner is the least expecting, suck hard on the anus and blow softly onto it after.

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to rimming but generally, that should be mind-blowing and satisfies the majority of rimming lovers.

Wrap your arms around your partner's body as well so she feels wanted and intimate with you. Listen to the atmosphere as to what is enjoyable and what's not. Read her signal and if you feel she isn't enjoying it, stop and try something else. Don't work so hard on one part and feel that you have to make her like that part.

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Giving a rim job is not as easy as it seems. It's certainly not as disgusting as most might think as well. A well-cleaned anus is no different than a vagina. You don't smell anything and you don't feel any different except it's more exotic and fun! Follow out tips and try out this uncharted territory and find the fun in it while being safe! 


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