5 Truths If You’re Wondering If He Misses You Or Not At All

Pop that thought bubble now and know if he still truly cares.

By Sophia R
5 Truths If You’re Wondering If He Misses You Or Not At All

Why Do You Keep Wondering If He Misses You When You Both Know You’re Already Done?

He is no longer your partner, you left him a long time ago, but you still feel something. You don't know what, if love, affection, attraction or, simply, you miss the old days. Don't worry, this is normal and somehthing that even science has tried to explain over the years.

Experts say that the neurological attachment that occurs between lovers is no different from the attachment that a baby has with its mother. Hormones like vasopressin and oxytocin are involved in both processes and are key to helping create a feeling of closeness in these types of relationships.
If that person was the first, the best or with whom you shared more intimate things, the feeling is even stronger and your brain perceives it that way.

Does The Silence Make Him Miss You? The Lack Of Contact?

When you end a relationship in which love was visible to both parties, it is difficult to let go of all the memories and stop loving each other overnight. It's true that the two of you should go your own way, but what happens when you don't stop missing them. Will the other person feel the same? Will they also think of you?

It is time for you to discover this, paying attention to some details that might go unnoticed, but others that will be very obvious.

5 Truths If You’re Wondering If He Misses You Or Not At All (Does He Miss You Still? How Can You Tell About His Words/Actions?)

When we end a relationship it is normal that it takes time for us to completely forget about that person and if we suffer trying not to know about then, the same thing could happen to them, but how do you know if a man misses you?

Saying "I love you" is as complicated as saying "I miss you" and rarely is anyone able to openly acknowledge it.

1. He randonmly messages you

You never text or talk too much altogether. Suddenly, you get that message out of nowhere asking something absurd and random as a "what are you doing?" or a simple 'hello', just to make some conversation up. If you have time without seeing each other, the first thing they do is see if you are out there online and take the opportunity to say hello. This of course means they have been thinking about you to the extent of ending up texting you.

2. He follows all your moves on social media

Social media is a great way to keep up with someone's life and even stalk them. When they miss you but don't say it is when they look for you on social networks, see your stories and give certain photos likes, you know they are there but they don't tell you anything, they just want to see you. They might be curious on what you are doing, who are you hanging out with, if you show to have already moved on.

3. He drunk calls you

They say that children and drunkards always tell the truth, so if you receive that call late at night it is the most sincere moment that if they miss you it gives them the courage to call you. I mean, if they actually didn't care or think about you they would get drunk and not even remember your existence on this pkanet.

4. He still shows jealousy

When you see each other, you will know that they miss you when between the conversation they acted a little jealous, before certain comments, their countenance changes and they become a little distant. They might also ask you some questions that show jealousy, such as: are you seeing someone new? do you miss me? Or even some comments like: stay away from that guy, don't go to that place, or don't dress this certain way.

5. He greets you with love

When you two finally see each other, whether is voluntary or by coincidence, The greeting is where how much he missed you is shown, whether it is a simple kiss on the cheek or it is accompanied by a warm and effusive hug. See how he reacts when he sees you after so much time, if he gets nervous and excited, he misses you lots.

Do You Still Want Him Back? Should You Get Him Back?

You are thinking of getting back together with your ex boyfriend, but you don't know if you will make the right decision? We have 2 questions you should ask yourself before entering that relationship again:

1. Why did it end?

When your ex asks you to come back, or you think you made a mistake breaking up with him (or her), it's essential that you remember exactly why you broke up in the first place.

In many cases, the thing that caused the breakup is what will continue to be a problem: communication failure, poor attraction, sexual incompatibility, etc. Reflect and think about why you are considering trying again. If it is for convenience, if it is to make others happy (maybe your family fell in love with her), or is it for fear of not being loved by anyone else. If it is any of these reasons, it will most likely not work again.

2. What are the good reasons to return?

Many times, successful reconciliations occur when the initial breakup was caused by bad timing or long distance. For example, maybe you met when you were young, but you wanted to live a little longer or try dating other people before committing for life, and that's why you broke up.

Another case would be that you went to study abroad or took a job that required traveling all the time. This kind of estrangement may have been mutual because neither of you had the time or energy to invest in a long-distance relationship.

In those situations you can try one more time, but this time you need to make it a priority and commit, because if you don't feel in the position to do it like the first time, chances are it won't work again.

How Do You Know If You Should Be Just Good As Friends?

We give you an example: if there was physical or emotional abuse, obviously you should not return for any reason. Many times people with low self-esteem convince themselves or believe that they do not deserve love, so they settle for someone who does not respect or value them.

Another reason you shouldn't go back is if there is jealousy. After a relationship is over, the natural process is to start dating again. And this can be a challenging experience, especially if your ex starts dating before you're ready.

Remember that it is normal for you to be attracted to your ex again if someone else finds him or her attractive - that's human nature. However, don't misinterpret this feeling of jealousy as a sign that you made a mistake.

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A proven way to get him back into your life is to walk away


If you want to form a happy and fulfilling relationship, you must forgive, trust, and move forward together. Forgiving means accepting what happened as a thing of the past and not holding a grudge for what happened. You must let go of the things that hurt you, and you must trust your ex with your heart.

Trust is created when your actions go hand in hand with your words. Words are meaningless when behaviors do not justify them. This means that over time both you and he should build a sense of security in the new relationship.

Both need to know that you can count on each other, to support, protect, and feel you belong. The two of you have to put yourself first before friends and work to meet each other's needs.

When you think about all of this, do you really think your ex will be able to provide all of these fundamental requirements when you get back together? In the right relationship, your heart and head will align.