How to Read Your Husband’s Texts Without Touching His Phone

Spying on your husband? Say no more, here’s your ultimate guide!

By Kimmy
How to Read Your Husband’s Texts Without Touching His Phone

What Are The Signs That My Husband Could Be Hiding Something From Me?

Marriage is a forever lesson to learn. Every day you think about what can be improved and if you can truly trust the other person. Whether you should disclose everything in a marriage is a question of the century. Everyone has some secrets they want to reserve for themselves only, sometimes, a marriage doesn't mean sharing everything that makes you uncomfortable. But, how do you know if your husband is hiding something because it's personal or because it's a violation of your vows?

Typically, there are some signs to tell whether your husband is just having a rough time and work and doesn't want to trouble you, or if he is having an affair or thinking your marriage is ending. If he is keeping something for himself that doesn't concern you, just some typical personal stuff, he won't lose his interest in you. He will still be caring and loving, taking you out on dinners and sharing his day with you. He is still interested in you and wants to be a part of your life. But, if he is having an affair, he will lose interest in listening to what you have to say because his whole focus will be on his mistress.

Also, look for suspicious spending. A man who is hiding something always has suspicious spending in his accounts, regardless of what he is trying to hide. You may see he is spending significantly more or less these days.  That is a clear sign that something is off. Keep taps on his routine as well, if he going out earlier and coming home later than usual? If so, what is his excuse, is it valid or it doesn't sound, right? A man changing his routine and not following his habits are signs that he is keeping things from you, something that you might want to check out.

Can I Spy On His Phone Without Him Knowing?

Yes, it sounds scary but there are quite a few ways for you to spy on your husband's phone without him knowing, that's the power of technology. You can either download an app, log into his account remotely, or monitor his device from your own phone. A lot of these methods were created for parents to keep tabs on their kids in this day and age, where the internet can be a dangerous place.

Before you decide to spy on him, make sure you know if it's something you want to do, especially what you want to deal with the consequences. If you find out he isn't hiding anything, will you come clean to him that you have been spying on him? If you do find out his secrets, what will you do? Talk to him, pretend nothing happened, or divorce him? Spying on someone's phone can be a dangerous rabbit hole to go down. Make sure you are ready to deal with the consequences and think it through before you start.

If spying on your husband is really something you want to do, these are some ways you can easily do it without him knowing.

How Do I Access His Messages/Photos Without Touching His Phone?

One of the easiest ways to access his messages and photos is through the Cloud. If you share a computer with him, it will not be difficult to access his Cloud as it will be logged in already most likely. From there, you will be able to see all the photos and messages saved as backup. You won't need to touch his phone at all. Most phones automatically keep a backup of everything on the Cloud, so all you need to do is to log in to his account or get access to his computer. You will be surprised how many wives have found out dirty secrets about their husbands that way.

Not only will you be able to find his messages and photos, but you will also be able to find his purchase history which will give you a much clearer understanding of what is going on. If there is some spending that doesn't feel right, most likely something is not right.

What Apps/Devices Can I Use To Access My Husband’s Phone?

There are many apps that allow you to access your husband's phone without him knowing. A lot of these apps were originally designed for parents to keep an eye on their kids and control what they can do with their phones. Needless to say, a lot of wives suspicious of their husbands make use of this and spy on their husbands instead.

The Spy Bubble is one of those advanced spying apps that have everything in one. You can see what your husband is up to, what he is doing with his phone, and potentially who he is meeting, etc. The all-in-one app has caught many cheating husbands and freed the wives from more pain.

mSpy is also a popular spying app used by many parents and wives to track their kids and husbands. This app allows you to have access to their texts, photos, who they are calling, and even their whereabouts. This is the ultimate powerful app to track your husband down and figure out what he has been doing behind your back.

Can I Track My Husband’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

Yes, you can. With the apps mentioned above, you can easily track your husband's phone without him knowing. You can even know precisely where he was and when, making them a perfect app to expose a cheating husband. You will be able to monitor every movement of your husband and exactly who he is talking to and about what.

The GPS can be activated from the app and the person you are monitoring has no way of turning it off since it was meant as a child-monitoring app. Your husband won't know your are tracking his location and you will be able to catch him in the act if he is up to something bad.

How Can We Maintain Trust In A Marriage?

Truth be told, the moment you need to rely on a spying app to track your husband down, the trust has already been broken. It's amazing and it will save you from a bad marriage if you do find out dirty cheating secrets about him, but the worst will be to only find out whatever he is hiding has nothing to do with you, maybe he is only hitting a rough patch with his family and needs some time to deal with it all. You barging in on him and spying on him may be inevitable to the end of your marriage.

It's best to not come down to this in a marriage. You shouldn't rely on a spying app to be safe with your husband. You should maintain trust in a relationship, otherwise, it's not a healthy relationship to be in anyways.

Talk to your husband about what has been bothering you. Tell him you really need to know something about what he is hiding to feel safe, even if he isn't willing to share the whole truth, you need to know if something is going on because it's exhausting living in fear. If he still refuses to share anything and you suspect something, then spying on him may be your last resort to get to the bottom of it, however likely the truth may hurt and wreck your marriage even more.

Seek professional help when necessary. When you two are too entangled in the misplaced anger and doubts, it's hard to solve it all by yourself. Professional help is always good to analyze the situation from an outsider's point of view and how to healthily steer your marriage back on the right path. Seeking a therapist's help is not about bashing each other or pointing fingers at each other. It's about talking the issues out that have been bottling up inside of you. What is the fundamental cause of such suspicions? Why don't you find your husband trustworthy to a point that you feel the need to spy on him? Are there any unresolved issues? A professional can help you find out answers to these questions and guide you to let out your emotions in a healthy manner.

How to maintain trust in a marriage is an eternal question. Couples have been searching for ways to find it out. Remember at the end of the day, it's about trust between you two. So if you two aren't willing to make the effort to trust each other, there's no point in making this marriage work. If the effort is one-sided, not only it's not fair for the one who keeps putting in the effort, it also makes the relationship lopsided as the other person is only enjoying the benefits of a hard-earned relationship. If your efforts aren't being reciprocated, it may be time to consider the two options, keep trying or leave for your own sake. It's never easy to know which decision to make, but you should know that there is always a time where marriage is beyond saving, especially when you feel your husband is hiding something from you and you don't trust him.

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It’s always good to gather the evidence before accusing someone


This is a hard topic to learn from. If you truly don't believe in your husband, these tips will help you in spying on him and finding out his secrets. But before you do, make sure this is something you are certain of, because once you decide to spy on your husband, there's no turning back. It's important to establish trust in a marriage without having to spy on each other. However, if you are determined, then you can use these apps to catch your husband in the dirty act.