Shy but Caring: How to Know If a Cancer Man Crushes On You

Although shy, you’ll be in his space and nurtured with attention.

By Madiha A.
Shy but Caring: How to Know If a Cancer Man Crushes On You

How Do You Know If A Cancer Man Likes Someone?

Having feelings for someone cannot be hidden. It is like a fragrance that escapes no matter how hard you try to keep it enclosed. When a Cancer man likes someone, the feelings cannot be mistaken for anything else. The signs will be subtle but clear. 

If the Cancer man in your life has introduced you to his family, this is the first sign that he likes you. Cancer men are very close to their family and if he wants to make you part of his family he will not only let you in his house he will make you feel at home. Spending more time with you and enjoying your company is another clear sign that he has feelings for you. Most likely he wants to know more about you and the best way to do so is by spending time together. Once he has become relaxed, he will open up and talk more about himself. Being the private type by their nature, opening up means you are important to him and he is serious about the relationship. 

When a Cancer man has feelings for someone, they become protective of them and it shows in their gestures. He will ask about your safety and wellbeing and you will feel safe in his presence. The concern will be there in his tone and in his actions.  

How Does A Cancer Man Act Around You If He Has A Crush On You?  

Many a time it happens that we like someone in our heart and cannot express our feelings. These suppressed feelings show in weird ways. So, if a Cancer man has a crush on you here is how he will act when he is around you:

•    If a Cancer man secretly has a crush on you, he will behave like a schoolboy. Shy and reserved, trying to say something and not finding appropriate words mean he has feelings for you.
•    If he feels jealous of men around you, it means he has a crush on you and a mere thought of another man around you makes him uncomfortable. 
•    If he finds ways to spend time with you or talk to you means he has a crush on you. Finding him at odd places and at odd timings and when you least expect to meet him means he has been making efforts to be around you.
•    The rare kinds of men who become nervous while they are around women have the zodiac sign Cancer. He is most confident when in the company of women but not with the one he has a secret crush on.
•    If you hear things from him that you think he has not shared with anyone else it means he likes you secretly. Cancer men do not open up very easily but if he has started talking about personal things with you even if he has not opened up his heart yet, means he likes you.
•    If a Cancer man has a crush on you, he will try to be there for you every time you need help. It may seem like a coincidence but if Cancer men like someone they can go to any limit to be available for the person they have a crush on.
•    When a Cancer man has a crush on someone, they become very flirty around that person. Subtle remarks about beauty and looks, appreciative glances, and sparkling eyes that can look deep into your soul are hints that he has feelings for you.  
•    He wants to be noticed by you is another sign he has a crush on you. He will dress up and try to look good just for you. 

Where Do You Draw The Line Between A Cancer Man Who’s Just Being A Good Friend, And Someone Who Likes You More Than A Friend? 

Most women know when a man is just flirting around and when someone is serious. However, to find the difference between when someone is being a friend, and when they start liking you in a romantic way can be tricky. 

Your friends are always the people who are very close to you. They not only understand you, they know everything about you. Your likes and dislikes, your mood, your habits, and other peculiar details about your taste, nothing is hidden from your close friends. Everything with friends is so normal that when a friend starts liking you, you wouldn’t get a hint at first. You will find nothing suspicious until the hints become a little more obvious. So, where to draw the line? A few points will help you differentiate between the man who is just being a good friend and a man who likes you more than a friend.

1.  He talks about future

If your Cancer friend has recently started talking about the future; this is where you stop and look at the relationship again. He is not seeing you as a friend anymore. When a Cancer man makes future plans in front of you or with you, he isn’t s friend anymore.

2. He wants to connect spiritually

Where most friends connect with you on a physical and emotional level, only those who are interested in you in a romantic way will try and reach your soul. A Cancer friend of yours tries to connect at a spiritual level, he likes you more than just a friend.

3. He wants to cook for you

Hanging and eating out with friends is normal. However, if a friend with Cancer as his zodiac sign wants to cook food for you, he is transitioning from being friends to lovers. Cancer men love to cook for people who are special to them.  

4. He wants to know more about you

Most of our friends know everything about us. Our secrets, our desires, our aspirations, and our dreams, our closest friend knows it all. There still are things that we keep to ourselves and a friend who wants to cross over will try to know those things that you haven’t told anyone yet. He will want to know EVERYTHING.

5. He will try to make it public

Casual taps on shoulders, handshakes, and hugs are a normal thing with friends. When the Cancer friend of yours tries to make it obvious and displays his affection publically, it means he is more than a friend. Being the shy type, Cancer men as friends mostly remain to themselves and would hardly show physical affection. However, if he wants to be more than friends, he will give you attention even in public and won’t shy away from any chance to get intimate.

6. He starts sharing more about himself

Cancer men mostly keep their stuff and feelings to themselves even as friends. They are somewhat introverted and do not share their feelings with friends. If your Cancer friend has opened up with you and started talking more about his life, it means he isn’t your friend anymore. 

How Can I Confirm From Him If He Really Likes Me?    

Whether you have just met or known each other for years, it is difficult to ask someone if they really like us or not. Since Cancer men are introverted and shy, they won’t share their feelings easily. So, how to confirm from him if he really likes me or just passing time? There can be several telltale signs to help you confirm his feelings for you.

You know he likes you but you need a confirmation to move ahead; do these simple things to be sure

•    Ask him whether he likes you or not. When a Cancer man really likes you, he will be open and honest with you. During one of your intimate moments, you can ask him in the face and like a true Cancerian, he will share his true feelings.
•    Ask him to cook something for you and if he agrees to it, it is confirmed that he likes you as Cancer men love to cook for people they love and care for.
•    Ask him to take you to his home to meet his family and if he jumps with joy, be 100% sure he likes you.
•    Get intimate with another man in front of him and if you see him furious and uncomfortable, know that he likes you without any doubt.
•    Ask him a very personal question, like about his past sex life or any disturbing childhood event and if he not only answers you but gives complete details, it means he likes you. Cancer men don’t share their personal information with anyone and if he is ready to share, his likeness for you is confirmed.

What’s A Cancer Man Like In A Relationship?    

Cancer men in relationships are loyal and dedicated. He is a family guy who worries about the wellbeing of his loved ones and tries to keep them safe. He is driven emotionally and connects with his partners at a deeper spiritual level. When it comes to responsibilities, he likes to share them with his partner on an equal basis. He won’t shy away from handling household chores just because he is a man. He won’t feel less of a person if his partner makes more money than him.

Once in a relationship, your Cancer partner will own you and will like to keep you forever. If his feelings are hurt, he will withdraw himself emotionally and will take time to open up again. An irritated Cancer man swallows negativity which only an understanding partner can help him deal with. For those who seek adventure, Cancer man is not the right choice as he likes a stable and normal life.

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Being in a relationship with a man who has the Cancer zodiac sign is the best thing that can happen. Loving, caring, nurturing, and loyal; Cancer men will be there for you during the ups and downs of life. He may seem a little shy but with him, you will feel protected and nurtured.