10 Magic Spells To Make Someone Call You Instantly

Some spells on how to get a call from someone you are in love with

By Tashke
10 Magic Spells To Make Someone Call You Instantly

Why doesn't he call you?

This question tortures every one of us at least once in a lifetime. You finally get to know someone who attracts your attention, who seems to like you too. And then, your everyday communications stops and he just vanishes. Your loved one doesn't call you for a few days, does not respond to messages, and you have no idea what's happening. There are two reasons for this behavior - your crush is not interested in you, or he wants to awaken your desire for him. Either way, it's not nice when someone avoids you this way. To make this period of non-contacting easier for you, we offer you a bit of magic to the rescue.

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How to make someone call you?

You think that your crush is mad at you? Maybe he ignores you or simply just doesn't want to text back? Do not worry, we got you. In the following article, we are going to discuss some spells, such as on how to get your special someone to call you instantly. There are some love spells that can make him contact you; easy to follow and with little ingredients, every one of us can perform them. Just be patient and very careful but most of all, you have to believe in these spells.

With this kind of magic, you can re-establish contact with your ex or get close to someone you like or you are in love with. This kind of love spells is new since the technology is developing in the last couple of decades. Cell phones replaced love letters and the exchange of love words is much quicker than before so that every little bit of waiting is intriguing us and makes us worried - why didn't he immediately text you back or why he did not call? These spells are not harmful, but they are still very powerful. As we said, if you believe, wonders will happen. We present you 10 spells and chants you can use if you want someone to contact you instantly.

Spell 1: The easiest one

"Call Me'' spells shouldn't be hard to perform. In this case, you need just a piece of paper and your cell phone. You can do this spell everyday until your special someone finally calls you. On that piece of paper, write down the name and place it under your phone. This spell requires your strongest will and that way, your desire will be projected to the person you want to call you. It can happen instantly, but some projected deadline is 3 days.

Spell 2: Use the energy of water

These spells should bring quick and good results. Get yourself a glass of water. Place it in the open window and sprinkle some salt in it. Close your eyes and chant "Listen to me, call me, we need to talk" three times, and then drink the water. The spell can make anyone contact you; this is an effective way of transferring positive energy to the person you want.

Spell 3: The power of visualization

Love magic is related to visualization and your desire to accomplish your goals and desires. And here is the catch - you need to think about it and want someone to call you with all your heart. This way, you send positive vibes and energy to the Universe, which will be relocated to the person you want. For this spell, you need a piece of paper. It would be good to be some quality paper, preferably in red (color of love, right); then you need a needle and huge passion. In the middle of this paper, write the name of your crush twice, so that the letters of that name form the circle.

All the while doing it, imagine that special someone you like. Imagine he takes the phone and sends you a message, or something like that. Then take the needle and pin it in the center of that circle. Place that paper somewhere near the phone and leave it. The spell will work in the next 5 minutes, hours or days, depending on how big was your desire.

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Spell 4: Candle to empower the "call me" spells

The candles are used in love magic to give extra power to spells and chants. In this case, you need a yellow candle, which symbolizes positive energy and stimulates the power of the mind. We do not need to mention that with every performance of these spells, you need to be alone and very focused on what you are doing. Take a yellow candle and light it. Let it burn a few moments; during this time, imagine the person you want to call you. Then, take the needle and gently write the name of that person into the candle. Then pierce the needle through the center of it. Be careful not to accidentally extinguish the flame. The rule is that your special someone will call you before the flame comes to the needle.

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Spell 5: Bay leaf magic for making someone call you

The bay leaf has been used in magical rituals since ancient times. The experts in love magic recognize it as a plant protector and use it to remove negative energy. In this case, the leaf of this wonder plant serves instead of paper to empower the spell. On a larger bay leaf, write the name of your loved one or name of someone you want to call you. You can put a leaf on your phone's mask, or stick it to it. Repeat this chant: "(The name of your loved one), call me, call me right now. I want to hear your voice right now. Call me this instant." The bay leaf will empower the energy of your thoughts, and someone special will call you very, very soon.

Spell 6: Make your ex call you

You two broke up, and you don't know why. You were madly in love and now all that gone. Maybe you just want some explanation, but your ex-lover doesn't call you. In this case, you can still use powerful spells so you wouldn’t have to be the first one to call. This is a "call me" simple spell - you just need your phone and the Tarot cards Queen and Lovers. Queen represents you, and lovers are the two of you. Lovers card should be placed on your phone. While you do that, chant the following: “May the person I truly love (name here)” Now place the card of the Queen over the Lovers card and say: “Call me and may no-one’s feelings get hurt in the process.” The person you want will fell the desire to call you. Maybe to explain you some things. Either how, you'll get a call. It's up to you to decide what you'll do with your relationship.

Spell 7: Another spell for your ex lover to call you

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Every day of the week is ruled by a specific planet, and, depending on what magic we are doing, you need to perform it on specific days. This "call me" spell requires performance on Thursday because the flow of the love energy is the most powerful then. You need a green candle and a picture of your loved one. Light a candle and place the photo in front of it. If you don’t have a photo, you can use a paper with their name on it. Take a deep look at it and concentrate on the flame. Say this chant three times: "(name of your ex-boyfriend or husband), think about me and call me quickly. Hear my appeal to you. I want the forces of Universe to go forth and make this call happen. Contact me in any way possible. I'm waiting."

Spell 8: Love message to initiate a call

This one is not an instant solution, but it works. You just need to be persistent and to perform this spell everyday, until you finally get your call. On a piece of paper, write a short love letter to your loved one using red ink. Fold the letter and place it under your pillow. The chant is next: "Send my letter to the holder of my heart, deliver this message. Receive this message, my love and call me, as I will it so mote it be.” You just send your energy to someone who you want to call you. Chant until you fall asleep and expect this long-awaited call.

Spell 9: Another way of using bay leaf

The mighty bay leaf again. This spell is simple too, you just need one bay leaf and to know where is your Third Eye Chakra(on your forehead, between your eyes). Write the name of the person you want to call you, and place it on mentioned Chakra. When you close your eyes, you'll feel connected to your loved one. The chant is easy: "Call me - my phone now rings; to my ear, (name) voice brings." Then hold the leaf and your phone together for a couple of minutes. It usually takes a couple of hours to work.

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Spell 10: Cinnamon for early birds

Attention: this spell is not recommended for persons who sleep until noon. Also, it requires a "sacrifice" - you shouldn't use your phone for a whole day. But when you see the results, you'll forget about that "torture." Place your phone on the table, and make sure your battery is full. Set your wallpaper to be the photo of the person whose call you expect. Then take a handful of cinnamon and create a square around your phone. And leave it for a whole day. If you don't get a call until midnight, take the phone out of the cinnamon "box" and repeat the spell next day, early in the morning.

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Do "call me" spells work?

You can perform different types of "call me" spells that allow someone to contact you over the phone or social networks. The time they call you cannot be projected in a specific minute, but some of the spells indeed work instantly. Some of them work much faster than others, depending on do you have full faith in the magic or not. It is all about the energy, and how you project your desires. You need to focus your mind on someone you wants to call you. Spells will empower your energy, and the person you like will feel the same desire like you do. If you have faith and perform this kind of a magic correct, the spells will work. Most of them are easy to follow, so you can perform them everyday. If they don't bring results, the advice is to contact an expert to help you.

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