10 Dangerous Signs Your Husband Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

Signs he doesn't care about your feelings and you should do something about it

By Emmanuel Onitayo
10 Dangerous Signs Your Husband Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

Your Husband Doesn't Care About Your Feelings: What It Means

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When your husband doesn't care about your feelings, what it means is that he doesn't love you as before or even a little bit anymore. It's as simple as that. Your feelings represent your state of mind at any point in time and anyone that doesn't care about them doesn't care about you; it doesn't matter if such one is your husband.

As a woman, you need to be wary of a heartless husband. It is by far better to stay alone than staying with such a man. You know that if you don't have a husband and you cry for help, anyone can easily come to your aid but with a husband that doesn't care for your feelings with you, no one would want to help you. They'll think "Her husband is there" whereas the man is less concerned about how you feel. But would it not be good to consider why your husband would disregard your feelings? After all, he loved (or claimed to do so) before getting married to you. How come he has now become disconnected with you?

The next section would x-ray some of the possible reasons behind this somewhat strange behavior. The essence of considering the reasons is for you to retrace your steps to see if you are responsible for your husband's latest behavior. And if you are not the cause based on your assessment of these possible reasons, you'll also know which step is next to take.

Possible Reasons Your Husband Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

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A number of reasons can be cited for your husband not loving you anymore. First, you may have started taking him for granted. That is, you don't respect your husband. Men want to be esteemed, honored and respected by their wives. If you have been making your husband appear incompetent and unreasonable by your incessant nagging and complaints or you love to do things without seeking his consent, that's disrespect and that can be a reason he doesn't care about your feelings anymore.

Infidelity can also be a reason he doesn't care about your feelings anymore. It can be from either of you. If he's the one being unfaithful, of course, the other woman would be doing everything possible to make him love you less and perhaps, eventually marry her. On the other hand, if your husband has information that you have been cheating on him, it may be the reason you are now being unloved by him. Whatever be the case, it rests on you to determine which is which.

Some challenges of life can also make it appear that your husband doesn't love you anymore. If choked by the loads of responsibilities he needs to meet of which he may not have the wherewithal, he may become withdrawn and as such, you'll feel unloved by him. Maybe we shouldn't rule out the possibility of him planning a divorce too. When divorce is in the heart of a man, it doesn't matter how hard you cry or display any of your other feelings, he'll remain unmoved. Whatever be the case, the bottom line is that your man doesn't love you anymore and that's why he doesn't care about your feelings.

Signs Your Husband Doesn't Care About Your Feelings Anymore

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The next 10 points below discuss the signs you'll witness in a husband that doesn't care about your feelings anymore. Here they are.

1. Your Husband Doesn't Care About Your Feelings Anymore If He Blames You For Everything

To confirm that you are now being unloved by your husband, he'll blame everything that is not going right in your marriage on you. You are usually the reason his goals are not achieved. He'll blame you for everything including his own obvious failures. This is one manipulative tactic employed by husbands who are planning to dump their wives soon. The idea is to paint them bad so they can have enough reasons to leave. They keep pointing fingers at their wives while excluding themselves from their ineptitudes.

Truth be told, when things go awry in a marriage, just one person cannot take the blame. It surely takes two to tango. In fact, in a healthy marriage, partners do not apportion blame; someone takes responsibility and fixes whatever is not going right. So, when your man starts making you feel like you're the most unfortunate thing to have ever happened to him, be careful of him. He has some ax to grind and it's most likely negative. Don't argue with him at such moments as he may lose his temper.

2. He Is No Longer Intimate With You

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Physical intimacy is one of the essences of marriage; it is the evidence that two people are still together in thought and feeling. Nothing can make a husband detests intimacy with his wife other than the fact that he doesn't care for her anymore. So, check if you're witnessing this from your husband. Does he still kiss and hug you? Is your bedroom still as lively as it once used to be? Or perhaps he has even stopped sleeping with you in the same bed. Any of these presents a great danger for your union and even for your very self. You may have to seek professional help to know what the matter is. And if perchance you can figure out what is wrong yourself, it would be good to take positive steps to address it swiftly. Don't make the mistake of assuming that things would settle just by itself without making some efforts; cry out for help where help can be found.

3. He No Longer Has Time For You

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When your husband hides under the pretense of busyness to deny you of his attention, you have every course to worry. We usually don't become too busy as to not have time for the people that we care about and have feelings for. The fact that he no longer has time for you suggests that you no longer hold an important place in his heart. If you think you love your husband, it would be a nice move to get to the root of the matter and iron things out on time. Your husband's continual avoidance of you is not a good thing for your marriage. You need him just as the kids also need him too. There are some time when he may actually be busy with one engagement or the other but if that is the case, you would know. He's going to make up for the time he's been away and as such, there may be no need for worrying or crying for help. However, if his absence from home seems weird and suspicious, it's time to take action.

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4. Communication Starts Dwindling

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Even before you start feeling unloved by your husband, one of the early signs that he is not concerned about how you feel any longer is the level of communication between the two of you. As it goes, one can measure to a large extent the health of a relationship by considering the quality of couples' communication. As a sign that he cares little about your feelings, your husband can start giving you one-word answers to your inquiries. You ask him how his day went just to elicit some information from him and he just manages to reply "Fine". He is saying less than required because he doesn't care about you anymore.

Another angle to a dwindling communication can be that your husband has refused to even answer you anymore. You live and sleep under the same roof but you don't greet each other. That's quite bad and it only reveals a loveless association. It won't be a bad idea if you cry for help. Communication is paramount to a healthy relationship and where it suffers a lot of setbacks, something has to be done about it in time so as to prevent the marriage from a total collapse.

5. Your Husband Now Talks You Down In Public

Healthy partners do not usually wash their dirty linen in public, let alone make each other a laughing stock in public. The togetherness they both share would make them see an insult to one as an insult to the other. To this extent, therefore, it is not uncommon to see partners defend each other in public even though they may go back home to tell each other the truth.

Therefore, the moment you notice your hubby no longer defends you in public but instead brings out your supposed faults so others can make a jest of you, you need to sit up; something is certainly not right. If he continues this way, he is not only shattering your home but also damaging your person. You have to let him know you take exception to this habit.

For crying out loud, he cannot continue to ridicule you in public without considering how you feel. If he has any issues with you, you should settle things amicably between yourselves rather than him subjecting you to a court of public opinion. In short, get help when you see this sign; it's a dangerous one for your marriage.

6. He Always Wants His Opinion To Carry The Day

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You've got every reason to feel unloved if your husband always wants his opinion to be heard without respecting yours. Marriage is about compromises; It's not a military thing where commands are issued and are to be obeyed without questioning. If he's usually assertive, it's not only a sign that he doesn't care about your feelings anymore, it also suggests that he sees you as an inferior instead of a companion.

If he thinks you have a feeling that is worth listening to, he'll give you a chance but since he probably does not, he must always overpower your thought. No one is suggesting that you should be contesting or competing with your spouse in any way, but it's a fact that any partner that cares for their spouse would always want to hear their thought however dumb it may end up being. So, when your man speaks and always wants it to be the final, it's a dangerous sign he doesn't care what your feelings may be.

7. He Takes Pleasure In Doing What You Hate

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A loving husband who cares about the feelings of his wife would refrain from doing the things that she hates. He wouldn't want to see his wife cry or be angry for any reason. To prove that he has become indifferent to how you feel, your husband can start crossing your boundary and doing just the things that you dislike. Suppose he knows you hate someone talking when they still have food in their mouth, you may be surprised to see your husband now doing that repeatedly.

And if you bring his attention to it, he may even shout at you and threaten to do something unbecoming of him. It's because he probably doesn't care about you anymore. The natural thing is for you to want to teach him a lesson but in doing so, you'll be doing more harm to your marriage than good. You should rather get to the root of the matter by seeking professional help. He didn't probably just begin to do that for fun; he's expressing some feelings which if not met with tact can easily end your marriage before you know it.

8. He Cheats On You With Effrontery

Another dangerous sign that your husband doesn't care about your feelings is cheating. But here, he's not just cheating on you but he's also doing so where you can see it and perhaps with a close relative. It can become so bad that the other woman now comes to your house. When this happens, you should know he wants you out of his life. Where there is a mutual respect for each other's feelings, partners would probably not cheat on each other.

The only reason for cheating is the absence of love. And if by mistake a spouse gets carried away and is caught up in an affair, the whole thing is usually done in secret. So, when your spouse cheats on you and still has the boldness to talk about it, you should not take this sign for granted. Of all the signs of spousal hatred, this is the worst. It breaks the oath of your marriage without remorse and more than the union itself, your very life is also in danger. Consider opting out the union before things get worse. It takes a lot of things to go wrong before a partner can get to this level and you won't probably be able to bring love back to your marriage.

9. Your Husband No Longer Plays His Role At Home

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Husbands and wives have their respective roles at home. It is when everyone does their part that the relationship can proceed smoothly. If a person has refused to do his own part, it'll become a burden on the other partner. Apart from incapacitation through insufficient finance, the only reason a husband can stop meeting his financial responsibility at home is if he has lost interest in the marriage. If it's because of a shortage of funds, as a wife you would know because it's not every role that requires cash. But where your husband abandons everything that he ought to be doing for the family, he's surely not into you anymore.

Of course, with time if things do not change, you'll soon cease to be a couple because there's a limit to how long you can continue to bear the burden all alone. If you love your husband despite this act, the best move would be for you to seek a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

10. Your Husband Forgets Important Dates And Events

We rarely forget important information about the people we love and care about; even when we do, it's doesn't recur often. That's because everything concerning them is usually imprinted on our hearts. So, if your husband cannot remember your birthday or a hospital appointment, chances are that you are not on his mind any longer. It is true that most men are not good with dates but if they love you and care, they would include very important things about you in their diaries.

Your husband forgetting that doctors ask you not to eat certain foods because of your health may be a big sign they're no longer in love with you. Where the flame of love is still burning and your man cares about your feelings, he'll be the first to remind you of very important things concerning your health or even concerning your marriage. He wouldn't mind setting a reminder to keep such updates in mind. Where this is not happening, you have reasons to feel unloved and it would be good if something is done in time to salvage the situation.

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Final Remarks

Nature rarely allows us to get into a situation for which we have not been previously warned. The essence of going through these signs is to alert you to a possible danger in your marriage so you can do something about it before matters get out of hand. If you take the right steps in the right direction, you can save your marriage and make your husband love you again; but if you delay, you can end up becoming someone's ex-wife soon.