80 Ways To Be A Better Man She’ll Never Want To Let Go Of

Want to be a better man? Not sure what to do about your relationship. Read on to find out how to better your relationship and yourself.

By Regina Basile
80 Ways To Be A Better Man She’ll Never Want To Let Go Of

Becoming a better man is about so much more than just your relationship.

Why not better yourself in every aspect of life; work, home, love, and family. Being a better man will not only help your relationship in ways you may not have thought about before, but it will help you to feel like the leader of your life. Keep reading to find the 80 best way to help transform yourself into a better man!

Manager of emotions

1.) Be open

You don't have to bear your soul to the world, but there is nothing a woman would love more than to have a man that is completely open with her.

2.) Time apart

Everyone needs time apart, no matter how much you love each other, a little space never hurt anyone.

3.) It's really okay to cry.

Sometimes you must just let it out. Bottling up your emotions is not only unhealthy, but it takes a toll on everything else in your life, even if it's not directly connected. Take some time for yourself to just let it all out.

4.) Have emotional boundaries

When it comes to your relationship, it's very easy to push buttons that can lead to serious emotional break-downs, know what boundaries you both can't cross and stay within them.

5.) Stop and smell the roses, or daisy’s

Our lives keep us so busy, constantly going and going, every now and then take the time to stop take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment.

6.) Have someone to vent

At times you're going to have moments when you can't vent to your sweetheart, maybe it's because it involves her, or maybe you just don't want to burden her. You need to have someone you can just sit down and talk to about your problems.

7.) Avoid being overprotective

A woman loves to have a man keep her safe, but what she doesn't love is being smothered. Let her know that you are there to protect her but don't make her feel like she's doing a jail sentence.

8.) Know what your limits are

Don't be afraid to set limits in your relationship, women do it all the time. Be the leader and let her know what your boundaries are, she'll appreciate you for it.

Better, healthier ways

Be the manager of your health. If you can manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle it will do wonders for you in the future.

9.) Eating better and healthier

It can be hard to make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Look up some healthy eating tips, your body will feel so amazing when you're eating the right stuff.

10.) Drinking water

The simplest task can benefit you the most. Drinking water is a great way to maintain healthy skin and helps to flush toxic elements out your body.

11.) Exercise as much as possible

Exercising is a great way to stay healthy. Try to come up with a workout routine that fits into your schedule.

13.) Great Hygiene

Hygiene is very important. Your women will definably want to cuddle up next to her amazing smelling man.

12.) Maintain a beautiful smile

Make sure to keep your pearly whites sparkling and your breath smelling fresh. If such a turn off to go in for a kiss and all you can smell is what your love had for lunch.

14.) Laugh often

Laughter is the best medicine, try to laugh as much and as often as you can, making your girl laugh is also a huge bonus!

Leader of the pack

15.) Become the leader of the pack

Showing you girl that you can be a leader is sure to turn her on. Don’t just follow the crowd show her you can lead, at work and at home.

16.) Try not to assume things

Assuming things in any situation can lead to very bad outcomes. Do your best to find out the facts first, and make conclusions later.

17.) Be a team player

To make any relationship work you must have teamwork. It can be as simple as folding the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or cooking dinner. She will appreciate any help you give.

18.) Don't let others push you around

Be your own manager, when it comes to your life. Don't let people think they can walk all over, take a stand and be a leader.

19.) Don't be a yes man

Stay away from telling people what they always want to hear. Constantly telling people yes and feeling like you can never say no, can be so draining.

20.) Stay away from making excuses

No one likes people who always has an excuse for everything. You may have to take a loss and explain why you were three hours late to dinner, no excuses there.

Find ways to show your romantic side

21.) Take her out

Pick a date, tell her not to make plans and wow her with an amazingly romantic night out.

22.) Surprise her with gifts

Come home with her favorite flowers, or get her those shoes she may have mentioned the week prior. She will love you just the gesture, and the gift.

23.) Cuddle with her

After a long day away from each other nothing says I love you like getting into your warm bed and cuddling up with your girl. She will melt in your arms.

24.) Offer your jacket

You're out of the town and you notice your lady looks cold, why not wrap your jacket around her beautiful arms. She will feel so much better and you will have earned super brownie points.

25.) Cook for her

Your sweetheart would adore you for cooking a meal for her. Even if you don't know how to cook she'll defiantly appreciate the thought.

26.) Romance her for no reason

Make a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom. Meet her at the door with a glass of her favorite wine. Show her you can be romantic.

27.) Watch movies together

Snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie together, or order some take out and just enjoy each other's company.

28.) Enjoy a sunset together

Take a walk down the beach and enjoy a sunset together. It's a great way to show her your sensitive side.

29.) Text her for no reason

Send your lady a text when she least expects it. You'll catch her off guard and it will help light up her day.

30.) Hold her hand

So often you see couples walking side by side but no interaction. Next time you’re walking together reach down and grab her hand. You’ll see her face light up.

31.) Less attention to your phone more attention to your lady

We rely on our phones for a lot of things. Try to pay more attention to her than your phone.

Husband material

Someday you may want to become her husband. There are so many things you need to know and understand about her and yourself before diving into husband duties.

32.) Respect her family and friends

It can be uncomfortable having to be around your girlfriend’s family or friends if you don't get along. Try to maintain some common ground with those you don't care for very much.

33.) Respect each other

Whether it's a relationship with your girlfriend or someone else you know, respect plays a big part. Continue to have respect for others.

34.) Compliment her often

Woman love to get compliments, especially from her man. Let her know how beautiful she is.

35.) Know what she's afraid of

Knowing her fears will help you both out. You don't need to plan a beautiful day on a boat and find out she's terrified of the ocean. She could even have fears when it comes to relationships.

36.) Don't cheat and don't allow yourself to be cheated on

Cheating is a part of relationships no one likes to bring up, but it happens. If there's a problem in your relationship talk it out, but don't let cheating be an option.

37.) Fighting fair

Arguments happen, no relationship is perfect, but learn to argue with limitations. Don't bring up the past, it's the past for a reason. Don't go more than 24 hours without talking about the problem, and always listen to each other.

38.) Never go to bed, mad at each other

No matter how bad the argument never go to bed mad at her. Even if she still doesn't want to talk to you, be the leader. Send her a goodnight text that says I love you.

39.) Communication is the key

Always have good communication with your girl. Arguments tend to occur because of poor communication.

40.) Kiss her often

"Jordan and my older brother have been best friends since they were in 1st grade. One of my first memories is playing Hot Wheels with Jordan and kissing him on the cheek, to which he got mad and said "If you kiss me one more time, I'm going home!" I continued to have a crush on Jordan as we grew up. I went away for college and it wasn't until after I graduated that Jordan and I reconnected. We both went solo to a mutual friend's wedding and we spent the night laughing and dancing together. I expected Jordan to contact me after the wedding, but he never did. I was confused and felt rejected but eventually accepted that he just wasn't interested in me. According to Jordan, it took him a while- 8 months might I add- to build up the nerve to talk to my brother about wanting to date me. He was so worried that it would hurt their friendship, but my brother was actually very accepting of the idea. Then, shortly after that, a group of our mutual friends went camping for 4th of July weekend. Jordan and I were walking through the woods when he stopped me and nervously confessed that he had feelings for me. I then told him that I had liked him for a very long time. We were both equally shocked. We then shared our first kiss and it immediately started to rain- it was straight out of a movie! We were engaged 10 months later and married 5 months after that. We took engagement photos with fireworks to symbolize the 4th of July weekend that changed everything."

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Kissing is such an intimate thing, and it just does something special to a girl. You tend to remember your first kiss good or bad. Manage to kiss her as often as possible.

41.) Designate a date night

Pick at least one night a week to dedicate to date night. If your going out make sure you take the time to look your best. You might even want to stay in, watch a movie and cuddle.

42.) Be a father material

Eventually, the talk about wanting or not wanting children will come up. Make sure if you do want to have kids you show her that you can be a responsible father, don't allow her to have any doubts when it comes to that.

Have your future set

Be the manager of your future, show her you have your future set, and all planned out.

43.) Set goals for yourself

It's so important to have set goals in your life. Even if it's something that seems close to impossible to achieve, try your hardest to accomplish it. You never know what you can do in life.

44.) Manage your time wisely

Understanding how to manage your time can be difficult. Learn what is worth spending time on and what can be held off a little longer. Try different management tools until you find what works best for you.

45.) Show her a future with you

Show her that together you two can have a great future. Show her that if you become her husband she would have nothing to worry about.

46.) Know what you both want in your relationship

Understand where you want your relationship to go, and where your girl sees it going. She may want something longterm and permanent, and if those aren't your plans just yet let her know.

47.) Better your finances

Manage to maintain the best finances you can. Having financial stability can be very beneficial in the future. Find a way to have good financial management.

48.) Having a career or goal towards one

If you already have a career, continue the path you've made for yourself. If you don't have a career yet, set your goals towards making those dreams a reality. No matter what your relationship status you want to have a good way to make a living.

49.) Make a life plan

Set a plan in motion for your life, maybe it's a five-year plan or a ten-year plan. Just have some sort of outline of where you want your life to go in the future.

50.) Do things that she enjoys

As much fun as it can be to cross off things on your bucket list, don't forget she probably has one too. Ask what's something she's always wanted to do and go for it.

51.) Find out what her goals are

Knowing her goals may even help you figure what your goals may be. You never know if you two might have a similar goal.

All around better man

To maintain a great relationship, you must be a better man in all aspects of life.

52.) Better listener

Listing is a great tool to have in your life. Being able to listen to someone and really understand them, can also teach you a lot about who you are.

53.) Staying health

Staying healthy is so important. If you don't have good health you're not going to be able to enjoy your relationship or even your life to the fullest.

54.) Be yourself

If you ever feel a necessity to be out of character for another person, then they aren't worth your time. Being your true self is the only way to know if someone is going to love you for being you.

55.) Hold the door for your sweetheart

Make your girl always feel special, hold the door open for her and watch her smile from ear to ear. She will see right away what a keeper she has.

56.) It's okay to be wrong

As much as you may want to you can't always be right, no one can. Admit to your girl when you're wrong. She will respect you and love you so much more for being able to admit your flaws.

57.) Let down your walls

This is the woman you’re looking at spending the rest of your life with, let your walls down and let her in. Remember the past is in the past for a reason, she is your future.

58.) Learn from others

Take advice and learn from others. Some of the best advice you can get if from people who have been through it.

59.) Remember important dates

Not just your anniversary and her birthday, but also your parent's anniversary and her parent's birthdays. She will be so impressed to see how much effort you put in to remember these things.

60.) Give yourself credit

Give yourself a pat on the back. Treat yourself with something you've been wanting. You deserve some credit too.

61.) Volunteer in your community

With all the events happening in the world today, there are so many different ways for you to volunteer for. It will make you feel good to know you could help others in some way.

62.) Be honest

Just tell the truth. Telling a lie takes so much effort to keep going and it can become so tiring.

63.) Have a soft side

Let her see your soft side, it's okay to show that you can be a big teddy bear.

64.) Have good ties with your family

Having a good bond with your family will help when you have one of your own. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the option of being close to their family. If you do take advantage of it.

65.) Put effort into your appearance

Take the time to look nice once and a while. Let her see that you can look good too.

If you don't remember anything else remember to.....

66.) Always tell her you love her. 67.) Always let her know she is the only one for you. 68.) Always be there for her. 69.) Always kiss her goodnight. 70.) Always tell her good morning. 71.) Always respect her decisions. 72.) Always remember to forgive each other. 73.) Always cherish your time together. 74.) Always love yourself. 75.) Always look on the bright side. 76.) Always be truthful to yourself. 77.) Always find the good in others. 78.) Always believe in yourself. 79.) Always know your worth. 80.) Always know that tomorrow is not promised, live every day like it's your last!

Being a better man

Being a better man touches on so many things, from self-worth to self-want, from family to friends. More importantly, it’s about being a manager of your life, taking who you are and making it a little better.

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