Men’s Guide To A Perfect Marriage: How To Be A Good Husband

About to purpose, she may already be your wife, or your wife and pregnant and you need some guidance. Read on find out how to be a good husband.

By Regina Basile
Men’s Guide To A Perfect Marriage: How To Be A Good Husband

Help guide to being a good husband

Being a good husband is about so much more then helping around the house and remembering your anniversary. There are so many different aspects to a marriage, and, like people, no two marriages are the same. Here are some ways to help guide you in becoming a good husband. From the newly wed stage to pregnancy, from the in-laws to dealing with hard times. Show your wife you can be a good husband through thick and thin.

Honeymoon is over, what's next?

You've just got married, maybe you went on a honeymoon; maybe you didn't. Now it's time to really start your lives together. This means taking to separate lives and merging them into one. All you want is to be a good husband to your wife, and treat her the way you know she deserves to be treated.

Learning about each other's routine

Now is the time to take your routine and hers, and combine them to help make your marriage work. As a husband you need to take her needs into consideration along with yours, which means making certain sacrifices for each other. Show her what a good husband you can be by changing some of your things to work with hers. This could include hanging out with friends, how you like to keep the house or even just the way you were living your life when single. Talk to your wife and find out what her needs are and let her know what yours are.

Continue to romance her

No matter what, don't ever let your romance die. So many marriages can end up in such a bad way merely because there was no more romance between them. When you first got married, even before, you both had so much romance between you. Now that your married, maybe it feels like that bright love light has dimmed a little. No matter how dim it gets don't let it go out, make sure even the smallest flicker can be rekindled back into a large flame.

Balancing your lives together

Making sure you both balance everything in your life is very important. Being in love and continuing your good husband status is great, but you must be in balance with everything else in life. With work, family, friends, and marriage; you have a lot to balance. Take the time to make sure you and your wife have good balance together before putting other people’s needs into the mix.

Loving your in-laws

You may be one of lucky husbands that have a great relationship with the in-laws, or maybe you’re not that lucky. No matter what your situation is with your in-laws, just love them. Show your wife that you can grin and bear anything they throw at. Just don't let your in-laws tell you how to maintain your marriage. If they want to help guide you through certain situations, take the advice; they've been through things that's might be able to help you out in the long run. Listen to what they tell you, but don't let them dictate what happens in your marriage.

You are really a husband

This is the moment when you've been married for a while and it hits you. She is your wife and you are her husband! Grab her, kiss her and tell her how much you love her. This is the woman you get to wake up to every morning and fall asleep with every night. Take this time to cherish your wife, and enjoy being married.

Vacations together

For those without any children, try to vacation as much as possible, keeping your budget in mind. This is the perfect opportunity for you to romance your wife like crazy. Maybe you two like to go the same place every year, or maybe you want to take a new adventure every month. Whichever it may be take the time to really focus on each other, and have fun!

Vacations with the kids

If you have children in your lives already, take advantage of opportunities to vacation without the kids every once and a while. When you do take your family along, take out a night were you and your wife can have some time alone. It will really be beneficial.

Guide her through pregnancy, be a good husband

Pregnancy is such a beautiful moment in life, and it's also one of moments where your wife is going to need you the most. Every pregnancy is so different, so you must be prepared for any and everything. In the early stages of pregnancy, make sure your wife knows that your commit to becoming a father; whether this is the first child or the fifth, do anything you can to make those early months comfortable for her. Your wife might be having a lot of fears during this time, be a good husband and do your best to keep those fears out of her mind. The middle of the pregnancy is a great time for bonding together. These are the times were you getting things prepared, maybe finding out the gender, and picking out names. Be involved in everything you possibly can. Don't let your wife feel like she is going through her pregnancy alone. The end of her pregnancy is when all the anxiety will start to build up. At this point she is uncomfortable, nervous, excited; everyday can bring on waves of emotions. Try doing things to ease any problems that are ailing her that day. It's going to be a roller coaster of emotions, for both of you, but you have to be her rock. Let her know that she is beautiful and going to be an amazing mother, little things like that make a huge difference. No matter what enjoy every moment of her pregnancy, and try to understand she still loves you too, maybe just with a little more hostility!

Children and a good marriage

You may have already had children when your got married, or you might have just welcomed your first baby into the world. In either situation, you fall under the category where kids and marriage can be a challenge. When your kids are young it can be hard to find time alone together. This is the time where your kids need you the most. Help your wife with a routine for the kids, nap times, lunches, school, and bedtime. Don't allow your wife to feel as though she's doing it by herself, but also don't make her feel like she obligated to beg for your help and attention. Offer your help before you wife has hit her limit. Being a parent is exhausting; let her know that you’re there for her. As your kids get older it becomes a little easier to get that well needed time together. This is also a hectic time due to your kids doing a lot more. All you can do is help your wife guide them down the right path, and still make that alone time for you both.

Re-kindle the romance

There will be a time in your marriage where you may feel like you need to re kindle the romance. All your wife wants to know is that you still love her and that you still think she is the most beautiful women ever. A simple note and flowers can go a long way, show your good husband way and just do a little something to show her what she means.

Remember to keep the love going good and strong

We get to a point in our lives where everything can just seem so stressful, this can take a huge toll on your marriage. Find ways to keep that love flame burning. Think of things you two did together when you were dating and just turn them up to a married level. Maybe you both would watch movies together every Friday. Take that and add a romantic meal, flowers, and a cozy area well-lit with candle light. It's the little things that will help to keep your love strong.

Even good a good husband and wife will have arguments

Being a good husband doesn't mean being prefect, no one is prefect. Arguments are bound to happen, but when they do try these steps to avoid letting it get out of hand. 1.) As temping as it may be to have the last word, don't. Once you see the argument is getting more and more heated, just stop and take some time away. 2.) Take some time apart from each other. Don't leave the house, stay home and spend some time getting some house stuff done, or watching TV. Whatever you do don't leave this house, she's going to start thinking every bad situation that could happen because you are both mad and upset. 3.) Don't bring up stuff she did in that past. Not only will that just intensify the situation but she going to start doing the same thing back to you. The past is in the past for a reason.

4.) Never go over 24 hours without talking about the issues. The worst thing you could do is pretend like it all didn't happen, which may seem easier. She wants you to approach her more than ever and talk it out, so be the first to do so. Start slow just in case she's still really mad. 5.) Never go to bed mad. If it's not the right time to talk or your argument happened at night, give each other space but send her a text that says I love. You don't have to apologize because you both need to talk before taking blame and moving on. You married your wife for a reason, because you love her. Don't let the stress of life take that love away from you two. Show her what a good husband you can be in the heat of an argument.

Don't stray from your marriage

Marriage takes work, lots of love and work. If there is ever a time in your marriage where you and wife feel like you argue all the time, you never have time for each other, or maybe the pressures of life are hitting you hard. Don't allow this to make you stray from your marriage. As a man supporting his family you want to know that you are appreciated, and when you start to feel unappreciated and things are in disarray, cheating might seem easier then fixing things. All this is going to do is tear your marriage into so many pieces you are bound to lose some along the way. Find other ways to deal with your issues. Don't wait for your wife to be the one to bring up therapy first, ask her if she thinks it might help your situation. If you have friends that are married go to them for advice, you don't have to give detail (unless you comfortable doing so), but find out if they've ever dealt with certain things and how did they fix them.

Let her what your needs as her husband are

Your wife isn't the only one who has needs in your marriage. Let your wife know when something is bothering you, or when you have something on your mind. Men have emotions just like women, and it is okay to let that be known. The same things your wife is going through might actually be very similar to what you're dealing with.

Taking the time out to be her husband

If you don't re member anything, always remember why you two got married. She is the person you vowed to stand by in sickness and health, through thick and thin. Never forget that feeling you use to get when you first started dating. That feeling you would get after being apart for some time and then finally getting to see her beautiful smile in person. Let her know how much you love being her husband, and how her how much you love being her husband. Take the time out to give her your undivided attention, treat her like you did when you were dating. Treat it as if it was a new relationship, the kind that you want to be perfect, so you approach things very delicately.

What's next?

You may have hit that point in your marriage where you feel stuck. Maybe it's just life or maybe things just seemed to have fizzled out. Take this time to bond with your wife, do something that will really make her fall in love with you all over again. Show her that you can still be that amazing men she first fell in love with. If you are feeling lost personally take some to reevaluate what it is that is making you feel out of balance. To be a good husband, you have to be good personally. Take time to focus on you and make sure you can be the best person possible.

Keeping your love good and strong

One of the most amazing feelings in the world is to be in love. Love comes in so many forms, and it can make you feel like you’re walking on air. Keep your love meter to 100 the best you can. Try surprising your wife for no reason, or planning something romantic that means something to the both of you personally. Be the guide in your marriage, be the one to keep things on track, and keep the love juices flowing.

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Hard times can come; be ready

Marriage takes work, no matter how many guides you may read it is ultimately up to you to make sure your marriage in following the course you both want it to. The best way to handle those hard times is to stick by each other no matter what. The second you think things aren't what they should be, talk to your wife. Find out if something really is wrong or if you’re just thinking too much into it. Let her guide you through what you think may be going wrong. At the same time, you both have to be completely honest with each other in order to keep you bond in tack. Don't let the hard times dictate your marriage together.

Children getting older or moved out

After raising your little ones for 18 plus years, watching them leave can be so hard. This is a time when your wife will need to be there for her. Empty nest syndrome is real, and it doesn't just affect your wife, it will probably affect you as well. The only difference with will be the way you both deal with it. Where your wife may be a lot more open about it, you may not feel the need to. Just understand that what you both are going through, you both can go through it together. Be there for one another, share how the whole situation is making you feel. Guide each other through what can be a difficult time for both of you, and just think more a lone time for you both.

Renewing your vows

Renew your vows; it is such a beautiful moment. You get to tell your wife how much you love her all over again, in front of the people who mater to you both the most. Help plan the ceremony with her. Even if you both choose to have a very private intimate moment, still take part in helping her plan. By doing this she will see that it means just as much to her as it does to you. Even more so if you didn't lend much of a hand the first time you said your vows.

Golden ages together

Growing old with the person you love is such a beautiful moment. Some of the best advice you can get is from couples that have been married for many years. In the world we live in today divorce is all too common, most people don't cherish marriage like they should. Don't be one of those people, be the husband that wants nothing more than to stay in love and be happy with his wife for years to come. Let your wife know how you can picture the two of you years from now sitting on your porch holding hand happy and in love. These images will help her to understand how you really do want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Staying healthy together

Staying healthy is so important. Be the one in the marriage to encourage each other to stay healthy. 1.) Exercise together: Offer to jog with her and maybe even try a little yoga, she will love the fact that you want to stay fit along with her. 2.) Eat healthy: Find a recipe that is healthy but one that your wife would love to eat, and then surprise her with a home cooked meal. 3.) Encourage each other to visit the doctors at least once every year: If you the one suggesting it she much more likely to go. 4.) Emotions take a big toll on your health. Although you can avoid every argument or disagreement, you can keep them to a minimum.

Bucket list together

Everyone has something in life they want to try at least once. Encourage your wife to sit down with you and write a marriage bucket list, what are things you want to try together. She will love that you’re taking an interest in things you two can accomplish together. Furthermore, you both will get to go on new adventures together. This will be very beneficial in your marriage; it will almost be like a guide back to love, or a guide to help you stay in love. Just make sure you are cheering her on through it all, and if there is any scary be there to wrap your arms around her every time you possibly can.

Cherish the good times

Now you have reached a point in, not just your marriage, but in your everyday life as well - where good times may seem to be far and few in between. This is your chance to create and cherish new memories. As much as we would love to hold on to every good moment in our lives sometimes it's just not possible. You must take the time to create new memories, and who better to do them with than the family you've created. Your wife and possible children are the ones who are going to be there to create magical moments with. One great advantage about being a dad is that your kids have no prior special moments, their minds are fresh. Give them times to look back on and remember what a great father they have, and how in love their parents were, and still are. It's also a great way to help them build relationship skills in a positive way.

Remember why you got married

You two committed to be with each other, for better or for worst, for richer or poorer, in sickness in health, till death do you part. Those are beautiful and amazingly powerful words. 1.) For better or for worst. You vowed to love your wife in the best of times but also in the worst of times. You going to have plenty of both of those times, just make sure when the worst of times increase you stick by her through it all. 2.) For richer or for poorer. Money can be a huge issue in marriages. When you start off everything is good, you have your system and it works. What happens if something goes wrong, or one of you is out of work. You must be able to handle whatever life throws at you and still maintain your marriage in good standings. Don't let money dictate your marriage. 3.) In sickness and in health. Unfortunately, people get sick in life, sometimes even when you take care of yourselves. You have to be able to get through those tough times and keep your marriage good. Whether it's you or your wife dealing with health issues, don't ever let the other feel alone during the period. Till death do us part - only five words but so powerful, vowing to stay with another person until the day you die. That means putting in all you've got to keep your marriage going, and keep it as strong as the day you said I do.


Marriage is tough and unfortunately sometimes no matter what you do it may not last even if you want it to. As a husband all you can do is put your best effort into your marriage and love your wife to the best of your abilities. Keep her smiling and I guarantee you, you'll always have a smile as well. Happy wife happy life!

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