15 best leather anniversary gifts for your man

Pamper your man with leather gifts for this anniversary

By Lisa Lee
15 best leather anniversary gifts for your man

Best Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for him

As women, we LOVE to be spoiled, whether it be our birthday, Valentine's day, anniversaries, or even better, being spoiled for no reason at all. You may be surprised to know that while men don't 'not-so-subtle' hint at wanting to be spoiled, they do like it and deserves it too. In fact, when it comes to men, it's more of the thought of appreciation and love that they like best. We, on the other hand, will not say no when it comes to that Chanel purse!

Fun fact? Just as each wedding anniversary gift is traditionally a different item, jewel or material, leather happens to be for your third year. This is because leather symbolizes a strong marriage and bond. Leather is strong, flexible, resilient and warm. There are so many amazing leather gifts you can spoil your man with, and I wouldn't worry-he won't forget about you. Or else.

If you're struggling to think of gifts for your gorgeous hubby, never fear: that's what we're here for. We give you our 15 best leather anniversary present for him. By the way, if your stomach drops and you start re-thinking your life choices based on the prices of our chosen gifts, breathe! They are simply guidelines and ideas, and if you do see something you'd love to get him, it's super easy to find a less pricey version: Google is your friend!

We also want our readers to know that if you or your man (or both) don't approve of real leather due to ethical, personal or religious reasons, every item on our list will more than likely have a faux leather substitute. Faux leather is also far less expensive and takes nothing away from the idea of this third-year anniversary gift choice. 

1) Personalised Leather Bracelet

Handcrafted Jewelry From USA by KSLleatherfactory

This is the perfect gift if you want to add your own personal touch to it, and it is something that can be worn for years to come. A handmade leather bracelet that is both masculine and classy. It's pretty sexy in fact! You can order this particular one on Etsy, but there are loads of other designs to choose from. Durable. sturdy and long-lasting-just like your marriage 3 years on. As they say, leather gets better as it ages.

As for personalizing it, you know your man best. You could go the romantic route and have your wedding date engraved into it, or simply have his initials added. We think the more romantic option would be the best bet-it is an anniversary gift after all. 

2) Leather Guitar Strap

Perris Leathers DL325S-201 2.5-Inch Soft Suede Guitar Strap with Sheep Skin Pad

If your man can play the guitar, you are one lucky lady! Men who can strum away, whether it be on an acoustic or electric guitar, are super sexy. So if you are indeed one of the lucky ones, why not get him an awesome new guitar strap? Not only is it something he'll probably brag to his mates about (because it isn't super mushy), but it will also be used, unlike a set of cuff links that he may wear once and then 'magically' misplace. Good job, girl!

3) Leather Belt

Carhartt Men's Jean Belt at Amazon Men’s Clothing store: Apparel Belts

This gift may seem somewhat...boring, however, it is incredibly practical and a good quality belt can last for years. It may not be something a woman would dream of an anniversary gift but men seem to prefer practical gifts. He'll always need a great looking belt, especially if he's a corporate guy. If you want to add some romance to this gift, throw in a box of his favorite choccies and a cutesy card!

4) Leather Journal

Antique Handmade Leather Bound Daily Notepad For Men & Women Unlined Paper 7 x 5 Inches

Journals aren't just for us girls! We use diaries. Journals are far more manly. and the journal we've spotted on Amazon is nothing short of incredible. He doesn't have to use it as a "Dear Diary, today Jon was mean to me." kind of journal (although that would be well worth a read.).

These days, journals can be used for pretty much anything; scribbling down ideas, keeping track of important dates/meetings/appointments. In fact, he may even use it to pour his heart out occasionally, BECAUSE we all know men aren't very open when it comes to discussing their feelings. 

5) Naughty Leather Paddle

Leather paddle sexy spanking paddle for punishment

Who says you can't bring your own 50 shades of grey into the bedroom? If you're an adventurous couple or looking to spice things up, surprise him with a leather paddle that he can use on you when you've been a bad girl...Not only will he be pleasantly taken aback at your gift choice; it's a double bonus because you'll both get something out of it.

Mr Grey will see you now...

6) Camera Straps

Leather camera strap Personalized custom personalized gift

Anyone who is into photography knows it is not a cheap hobby. Most serious togs own more than one camera, with different lenses, styles andother equipment, especislly if photography is a profession and not simply a fleeting hobby.So, if you man is into his photography why not get him an awesome, new, high quality camera strap.

You could even get more than (depending on your budget), and choose some funky colours like those in the above picure. Perhaps his first snap with his wonderfully thoughtful gift will be of the amazing girl who gave it to him.

7) Leather Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Wallet

Have you noticed that men use the same wallet for years? At times you almost want to cringe when he pulls the old, tattered thing out to pay for a meal. A new leather wallet would be a perfect gift for him if he has one of 'these wallets'. Men really are strange creatures; they simply don't seem to see what we do! For them, if it does the job, it will be used until it won't even hold loose change any longer.

The best part about giving him a snazzy, trendy new wallet as an anniversary gift is that YOU get to choose it!

8) Watch with leather straps.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 1790874 Gold-Tone Watch with Brown Leather Band

If you're planning on getting him a watch as a gift, we'd advise you to get a good one. This does, of course, mean forking out extra cash but it seems that one thing both men and women agree on is that watches should be high quality and not cheap and likely to break within a year. A designer watch will be your best bet because not only is he going to be wearing most of the time (so it has to look good), it also needs to last. 

9) Leather Laptop Bag

Samsonite 45798-1139 Carrying Case (Briefcase) For 15.6" Notebook

Pretty much every man today owns a laptop, which obviously means he owns a laptop bag, too. Here we have another example of keeping an item until it becomes an eyesore. Make his day and make his life easier with a brand new leather laptop bag. A gorgeous new laptop bag - especially if it's a gift from you, will undoubtedly last longer, and so will its contents.

An old tattered laptop with broken zips and flimsy compartments may end up causing a very pricey laptop, and all of its important data, to be ruined. A tough, durable and long lasting leather laptop bag will stop this from happening, and will even be a lifesaver in bad weather as leather is hard to get soaked.

Make sure it has plenty of compartments for his business cards, important documents and any other valuables he can organize into his new nifty new bag.

10) Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens 1460 Gaucho Crazy Horse Boot

If you grew up in the 90's, you'll remember that anyone who was anyone owned a pair of 'Docs'. These durable, high laced and hugely trendy boots suited just about any outfit. Worn by both guys and girls alike, with dresses, skater shorts, jeans-you name it, you simply had to own a pair.

It isn't often you find a shoe style that stays in fashion over decades, but it seems like these bad boys are still sought after today. A pair of Docs would be the coolest gift to your man if he was a fan back then, and you will be the coolest wife by default.

Not only are they just super cool, they'll also last for years and we can almost guarantee you that his friends will be envious of their buddy's super amazing wife with spectacular taste!

11) Leather Photo Frame

Double Line Leather Frame 5 x 7 Picture Frames | Home Decor | ScullyandScully.com

Because most of our photos are no longer printed, but rather kept stored on phones or computers, why not choose a really special one printed out. It could be a wedding photo, the first time you met, or just a goofy picture you both love. Have it printed out on photo paper and put it into a gorgeous leather frame.

This is such a simple yet amazing gift, especially if he's a romantic, and you'll both remember it as your 3 year anniversary gift for all the years to come.

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12) Leather Kindle Cover

Limited Edition Premium Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

If your hubby loves to read, he probably owns a kindle. He also, probably, takes it out and about with him often; to read on the train, during lunch breaks or while waiting for appointments. If his kindle breaks, he's not only losing something that cost a fair amount-he's also losing a library of reading material he's likely taken hours to build up to suit him.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, so a tough leather kindle cover would make a great gift. It will be kept safe even when a clumsy drop or spill happens, and the obvious bonus: it looks great. It's a gift that will be used often, and another practical gem of a gift.

13) Leather Jacket

Mens Kage Leather Jacket (black)

Is your man a biker? If so, we're totally jealous! A new leather biker jacket will make you the ultimate biker wife. However, even if he doesn't even own a bike, with the right fit and cut, your hubby will look insanely hot in a leather jacket. WE'd recommend taking him shopping for this one so he can find 'the one'.

You'll have trouble getting him to take it off. That's ok though, because leather jackets go with pretty much any outfit, so you'll always have some serious eye candy when he wears it.

14) Smart Phone Cover

Shockproof iPhone 8 Wallet Cover with ID Credit Card Slot for Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 - Brown

Let's face it. None of us looks after our mobile phones the way we should, despite the fact that they're often really expensive. Almost every one of our friends or family has a screen crack or a few dings and chips missing. Either mobile phone companies are getting seriously lazy or we're getting seriously irresponsible.

It's so important to have a sturdy cover for our phones-it can save you hundreds of dollars and a major headache This is why a leather case for your hubby's smartphone is ideal: both practical and attractive. So he can afford to be a bit careless on the rare occasion and his phone won't take too much damage.

15) Leather Sunglasses Case

Foldable Eyeglass Case, PU Leather Portable Lightweight Sunglasses Storage Triangular Fold Case Eyewear Protector Box with Magnet Closure and Cleaning Cloth

Some (or most) of us don't realise how important it is to keep our sunnies in a case. We get lazy and leave them out, resulting in scratched lenses, and we're pretty sure at least a few of our readers have forgotten their sunglasses on a chair and sat on them. What a waste! Do your man a favour and get him a high-quality leather sunglasses case, and make sure he uses it! 

You could even go one step further and get him a brand new pair of sunglasses to go with his new case. Knowing it's an important anniversary gift from the love of his life means he will take extra care-this we're pretty certain of.

DIY Men's gifts

Check out these super easy tutorials we found on Youtube for some DIY ideas:


Whether you've been together for 3 years or 30 years, real love lasts. This is why leather is the material most widely known for your third year. A long-lasting marriage is strong, durable, and lasts-just like true love. It's not about how much you spend on your anniversary gift. It is simply a token of appreciation and commitment. We wish you many more happy anniversaries and an abundance of love!

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