9 Signs to Know When to Break Up From a Relationship

Is it time to break up with someone? Here are 9 signs to look out for

By Adina Mazilu
9 Signs to Know When to Break Up From a Relationship

Romantic relationships are absolutely dreamy when they first begin. Both partners feel like they are riding the waves towards a perfect life together. All is well, you want the other to feel loved and safe, and they want that for you too. However, there comes a time in every relationship when things begin to crumble and most of the times, you have no idea why. You begin to see the world differently, have different opinions and tastes, fights occur more and more frequently, and finally, a breakup looks imminent. The thing is, for lots of people, that breakup doesn’t seem that easy to achieve and that’s mostly due to the fact that they are afraid.

We know how hard it can be to let go of the one you once loved or still love, but there are instances when certain signs begin to lead to in that way, whether you like it or not. The trick here is to learn how to recognize those signs and listen to your heart. This is why, in this article, we will talk about some of the most common signs that might tell you that it’s time to break up from a relationship, as much as you don’t want that to happen. Sometimes, this is the way forward. Here we go!

Signs to break up with your boyfriend

1. When you are in love with someone else

First and foremost, if you feel like you are slowly starting to develop feelings for somebody else (meaning NOT your significant other), it is certainly time to end your current relationship. Nobody likes a cheater, and if you truly know that you do not have a future together anymore and that things no longer work out (hence the reason for you falling in love with another guy), just let everything go peacefully. You will thank yourself for this decision later and so will your boyfriend. Remember this: if you truly loved the one you were with, you wouldn’t have fallen in love with another guy.

2. When you don’t see the same future

In this case, you might still be madly in love with your boyfriend, but you might also have different visions of your future, meaning not together. Different plans and different desires can definitely lead to a breakup, even if the two partners still have strong feelings for each other. In this case, it’s better to go on your separate ways than to remain in a futureless relationship and lose valuable years of your life.

3. When you always feel insecure

It’s absolutely normal for someone to have their insecurity moments here and there. However, when these moments become the norm and their source is your boyfriend, it’s time to let things go. Think of what you want from a healthy relationship and compare your list with what you actually receive. Not enough? Then there’s your answer! You should never remain in a relationship just because you are accustomed to that person. If they don’t make you feel special, end it as soon as possible.

Signs to break up with your girlfriend

4. When nothing you do makes her happy

There is nothing more annoying than trying very hard to make your loved one happy and not seeing it in their eyes. It’s like nothing you do is right for them and you’re only capable of making mistakes. All that love, energy, and time that you offer should never go unnoticed. If this happens, it’s a clear sign that you are with the wrong person and that you should end the relationship. Maybe someone else will appreciate your efforts more than she ever did.

5. When you can’t come up with nice things to say about her

This is very, very bad and a definite sign that your girlfriend is not the right person for you anymore. Imagine that you are talking with your family and suddenly, they are asking about her. What do you say? Is she nice, beautiful, energetic, does she understand you? If at least some of these things do not automatically come to your mind, there is a big problem. You should never stay with someone about whom you cannot say nice things, especially when it’s your girlfriend.

6. When there’s constant fighting for no apparent reasons

Constant fighting should be a clear sign that something is wrong with your relationship. Especially fights that do not seem to have a specific and serious reason. Fighting as a way of entertainment in your relationship is a way of not accepting that it’s time to let it go. Many couples do this and you might have found yourself wondering “Why are they even together? They seem to hate each other!” Well, you don’t want to become one of those couples, right?

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Signs to break up in a long distance relationship

7. When the relationship is affecting other parts of your life

A long distance relationship is difficult to maintain as it is, let alone when it’s causing problems in other areas of your life. You may no longer want to go out with your friends and family because they tells you to stay inside. You get distracted at work and cannot focus properly on your life because they are always there being insecure and making you feel like that too. If this is the case, your long distance relationship should probably disappear as soon as possible because it’s not healthy.

8. When there are only promises but no actions

This is another situation where your long distance relationship might suffer. There are times when your significant other promises to do certain things or to visit you but when the times comes, they find excuses to postpone the meeting. This can be really frustrating and will eventually lead to a separation. Only promises won’t create a strong bond between the two of you, especially if they are not fulfilled.

9. When you cannot see each other

Clearly, this is the biggest issue when in a long distance relationship. However, with today’s modern technology, there are ways for you to see each other frequently. Still, when they find excuses to avoid seeing you or to delay an eventual face to face meeting, we have a problem. In time, such a situation can become annoying and the spark is gone, as much as you would like it to continue. A clear sign that your long distance relationship has no future.

Quizzes to try out to validate

Another thing that you can do in order to find out if you should give up on a relationship is to do some online quizzes and maybe come up with an answer. Those are usually pretty accurate and can offer you an idea about what you should do next based on your answers to their questions. Here are some interesting ones that you can try:


So, if you feel like some of the aforementioned signs already apply to your current relationship, maybe it’s time to consider a separation or at least to ask yourself some questions about your future together. While this is definitely very difficult to accept, it can be for the better. You can always keep a journal of your thoughts during this time, talk to a good friend and ask for advice, or even go to a therapist. All these things can help you understand your situation better and maybe make the right choice.

Apart from this, it’s crucial to understand that investing time, effort, and feelings in a futureless relationship is the biggest mistake that you can do, and it’s also not worth it. Why lose precious years of your life with the wrong person when you can go out there and maybe find something much better? It’s about courage, decision-making powers, and the will to understand that you deserve better than what you’re getting now. When this will be clear in your mind, you will become the best version of yourself, with or without the partner that you have now.

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