Learning How To Be Kind To Yourself And Others

Find out ways on how to actually be nice and kind to yourself

By Kimmy
Learning How To Be Kind To Yourself And Others

How To Be Kind To Yourself

Going easy on yourself means giving yourself some space and understanding that no one is perfect. No one should excuse themselves for their mistakes but they also need to understand that people, just like all other beings, make mistakes too.

Be kind to yourself, immense yourself in the beauty of life, not the sadness and darkness. Only then will you appreciate things a lot more around you, and be happy about the little things in life. 

First step to being kind to yourself is to let go of all the ideas of imperfection you have of yourself. Mind is a powerful tool. You will never succeed in anything if you believe you will fail. Maybe you have the idea that you're not good at being in a relationship so you start pushing people away. It could be true that you were once not good at loving someone. But things are in the past for a reason, they're supposed to be a reason for you to grow and learn, not to hold on to.

Next, the world is how you construct it in your head. Find the positive side of everything. Someone once said that this is not possible, what if you lose a family member? How do you find the positive side in that? It's true that those moments are worse than a heartbreak. You can't change what has happened. You can only choose to believe that your loved one is in a better place with no suffering. Maybe you can never confirm if your loved one is indeed in a better place, but having that faith will allow you to move on and only smile when you think about the happy memories you had shared. Hold on to the happy memories and not the sad ones.

How To Be Kind To Others

Have you ever thought about those little sacrifices others make for you? Or those sacrifices are too tiny for you to think they count? What if your friend delays a work meeting for an hour just to meet you? Do you think he hasn't tried enough for only delaying it for an hour or do you appreciate that he is giving you one hour?

Learn to see what others are doing for you instead what they're not doing for you. See their efforts and simply saying a 'thank you' will take you a long way.

Being kind is about caring for the happy and sad moments. Always be there for someone that needs it. When your friend is upset and wants someone to listen to, don't reject them because you're too tired or don't want the negativity. Change their negative vibe to a positive one. Be there for them and spread the happiness, be the reason they are happy!

You can do magical things with just a smile, some kind words and your presence. Offer those to people that you care about and you're already being kind to them.

Offer help to others even if you don't know them. A simple act of kindness can be holding the elevator door for someone or picking up their grocery when they're carrying too much and things start dropping on the floor. Even just a simple kindness like that could make someone's day and will make you feel good about yourself too.

Being kind is a two-way street. You attract people that are kind if you are kind towards the others and you will get the help too one day when you need it.

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How To Be Kind To Co-Workers At Work

It may be hard to be kind to coworkers sometimes, especially when you don't always get along when it comes to getting the job done. Arguing means you both want to get the job done, in the best way possible, so your goal is the same. Just go up to your coworker and say 'hey, you brought up a great idea that I never thought about! But I'm not sure how exactly it will work, maybe you can tell me more about it?'

Don't ban their ideas just because they're different to yours. Ask for their reasoning and analyze why it would work or not to build up trust in the company and gain respect.

Being kind doesn't mean being weak. If a coworker comes to you, asking you to finish his work because he doesn't know how to. Being kind would be to teach and guide him through the work, not to finish it for him. That way he will learn a new skill and can complete the task next time.

Be generous with your help, but only if it adds value for your coworker. You finishing their tasks doesn't help them grow at all. Teach them how you would do it and share your skills. You can always learn something from each other and it'll make your job so much easier when you can share.

How To Be Kind To Your Wife

'Expectation' is a word that tore many relationships and marriages apart. We expect something from someone because we are in a relationship and when they couldn't do it, we get disappointed and want to leave.

No one has to do anything for you. No one owes you anything. Your wife doesn't have to make you breakfast or stay home with the kids just because you are married. She can hate cooking as much as you do and want to be an independent working lady too.

The dynamics change when you're married. People often automatically expect a lot more from their partners because they're married. Understand that you're two souls joining, you're making future plans together but at the same time, you want to have your own goals too.

Stop using the word 'expectation' and say what you expect from her because you're married. People get married to feel loved and respected, not to feel that they have to live up to some expectations. Remember when you first met and how much you were willing to compromise from her back then and didn't expect anything in return? That's pure love. The only thing that has changed is that you're so comfortable around her, believing that she will never leave you, so you start wanting more from her.

Don't be so demanding if you can't even give in to her the same. A happy marriage comes from two people not having such high demands from each other, that's why they're satisfied with every little thing their partner does for them.

Books On How To Be Kind

1. Kindness: The Little Thing that Matters Most by Jaime Thurston

Source: http://Amazon.com

Kindness: The Little Thing that Matters Most - Kindle edition by Jaime Thurston. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle

This books illustrates how a beautiful world can only come to be if people in it are kind to each other, how much a small act of kidness can influence the world. Give a minute of your time to someone that fell down on the street, don't hold grudges and be mean to others because you've had a bad day. Filfull your life by filling it with joy and kindness. You will be surprised how much positive energy can spread.

2. The Art of Being Kind by Stefan Einhorn

Source: http://Amazon.com

The Art of Being Kind: Stefan Einhorn

There're 1000 different ways to be kind, many of which you haven't even thought about before. The book teaches you how you can actually be kind and what to do in different situations. You can't predict how others will treat you or react to your act of kindness. The best is to just be yourself and not to be kind because you want the same in return. You might not get the same act of kindness back. Be kind because it's in your soul, your heart.

3. The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life by Piero Ferrucci

Source: http://Amazon.com

The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life: Piero Ferrucci, Dalai Lama

Being kind doesn't only make you a happier person, but make people around you happier as well. You have as much influence to people around you as they have to you. One of the many benefits of being kind is that you will see the world in a completely different perspective. Everything just seems to be much better when you show compassion to other people. Know what you can give.


It's not always easy to be kind to others. From time to time, it takes courage to be kind to yourself and others. Being in our society, many choose to forget the power of kindness as there're too many ungrateful people in this world so they choose to not be kind to protect themselves.

Don't forget why you started being kind to others. We all have the ability to change this world. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others to create a beautiful world. Keep our tips at heart and be kind next time something less than desirable happens.

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