10 Date night Ideas for Married Couples That Sparks Romance

Rekindle romance with these date night ideas for married couples

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10 Date night Ideas for Married Couples That Sparks Romance

The importance of date night for married couples

Love is beautiful and special but every relationship reaches a stage where the adventure and excitement is replaced by comfort and ease. This is not entirely a bad thing, but once in a while the couple is bound to feel bored in the monotonous routine. Date nights are a fun way to rekindle all that love. Making an extra effort to get your partner’s attention is the top reason for date nights being interesting. The so called rough patch that you might be experiencing can be easily transformed into a new phase of life and excitement for the couple

Love is addictive because of the way it makes you feel special. It is important to hold onto your special someone by sparkling some fire in your love life. The lackluster routine can be made interesting again with these 10 date night ideas!

Creative and fun outdoor date night ideas for married couples to rekindle marriage

1. Dinner at a fine-dine restaurant

Dinner is an important meal in a marriage, when you get to finally spend time with your loved one after a hectic day. It is easily the top preference of couples for spending quality time together. You can rejuvenate your love life with this! Think of the old days when you used to get butterflies every single time you went for dinner together. Deciding what to wear, where to go and so on and so forth. Choose a fine dine place and make your significant other feel super special!

Any place with a good vibe, soft and sophisticated ambiance and good food is bound to make your night memorable. You can plan some sweet surprise for your spouse as well. Ah, the joy of spending a perfect night together in love! Make it unforgettable for them. Get all dressed up and let your love shine through with effort!

2. Go to a drive-in movie

Drive-in theaters were one hundred percent invented by someone trying to rekindle the spark in their marriage! It is just a crazy good idea for a date-night! Watching a movie on a couch can get boring, but watching the same in your car in a drive-in theatre is both special and innovative! It gives you the perfect balance of intimacy and “going out”. It’s a cool idea of spending quality time with your lover without having to take care of the people present around you! You can hold hands and kiss without having to sweat about getting labelled cheap.

Use this idea today and get all the love and attention of your spouse you’ve been craving.

3. Go to watch a local play

Local plays and live theatre is almost becoming a lost art. It has more or less become an intimate experience because of the lack of vast commercialization. This is a good thing because it can give you and your partner just the perfect amount of entertainment coupled with quality time for both of you. It is a beautifully crafted cultural experience and you can make the best of it with some fun trivia!

The play will be a fun experience, with music playing along and actors performing on stage. Choose a good story you’d like to see and just get the tickets! Trust me it’ll be a wonderful experience for your date with your spouse!

4. Have a picnic on the beach

Picnics are the old timey classic of dates! You will love this experience with your spouse because it is a lost art! Picnics can be nostalgic and give you all the right feels! You can choose your favorite food, dress up casual and strut out the door to your favorite location. A beach is a flawless idea for this because of the serenity the sea offers you. The view is to die for and coupled with your favorite person and nice food, this will be one date you’ll not easily forget!

It's easy on the money and is equally special than going out to a highly expensive restaurant for dinner! Try this one with your partner and you’ll definitely love the vibe!

5. Go trekking and camping

If you’re one of the more adventurous couples, then this is one for you! You can just pack your bags and go trekking somewhere nice. Set up your own camp and have the time of your life away from all the hustle bustle of the city. This can be a cheap idea, just pick out the right place and time! You can surprise your spouse with this as well. Having the opportunity of spending quality time with your lover in the nature is indeed a once in a lifetime experience!

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Creative and fun date night ideas for married couples at home to rekindle marriage

6. Go sculpt or paint something

Art is soulful and beautiful! Art makes you feel things you never knew you were capable of feeling! Making something artistic with your partner can be a fun and innovative idea! You can paint, sketch, or even sculpt something! The opportunities are endless and you’ll definitely have one of the best memories ever. This idea is both unique and special. You might end up with a beautiful masterpiece or maybe something to giggle about! Try this today and save up a big amount of money. You don’t have to leave the house and it can be both comfortable and memorable!

7. Dance to your old music

Dancing with your partner is both; a fun experience and can help with the chemistry you both share! Dance makes everyone happy, just put on the right music and move on it! This is such a simple and cheap idea to implement. It is not important for you to actually be an exceptional dancer for this date idea to work! Dancing for your partner can be an extremely intimate experience. You can even dance silly with your spouse and make a day out of it!

This idea doesn’t need any extra effort or time; just the right mood and you’ll have the time of your life. Dancing is liberating and it can make you happy in no time. Use this to your advantage and let yourself go in front of your partner, they are surely going to love you for it.

8. Role play

Role playing is a great idea to bring out the spark in both of you. You can fulfill all your desires and play out your favorite fantasies. Role playing is great because it can give you the extra edge of living your desire! You can make it extremely special for your partner by playing out their favorite fantasy. Ask them about it once or twice just casually and surprise them with the implementation. You can be their sexy secretary, the dominant one or any other kinky fantasy they might have had and shared with you.

Dress accordingly and let them know about the time and character or just surprise them. There are no rules and that’s the best part about it! This will definitely be one of the sexiest experiences you have and will give you all the right feels.

9. Watch your wedding video

The wedding photos and video are an integral part of modern day wedding ceremonies. Make the best use of them when you feel the sparkle dimming down. Make a night out of it and just take a trip down memory lane. It is nostalgic, sweet and reminds you of the journey you’ve both taken together! You can share some never said before things, anything you might have felt or that might have happened before the ceremony. Make it memorable with some warm lighting and nice snacks.

10. Schedule an in-home couples’ massage

Massage is such a relaxing experience. You can use a couples’ massage to live your best life and unwind with your partner. It is both, intimate and beautiful. You can relax alongside your partner and may be even cave in to your carnal desires as the night progresses. Put on some slow soft music, the right aroma and oils for massaging. Make it completely intimate with no clothes hindering your hands. This will not cost an extra dime and you can still have one of the most memorable nights with your lover. Do this on the coming weekend and feel yourself unwind with your partner after a hectic week. This is the alone time you need with your spouse!  


Keep your marriage alive by doing small things and going the extra mile for them. Make new experiences and have uncountable memories with your spouse! Make your love last a lifetime with innovative ideas and don’t get broke while doing it! Love them and show them that you do… after all it is the most beautiful feeling in the world!

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