33 Text Messages to Make Her Smile in the Morning

Message especially to brighten her day and make her smile widely

By Sid
33 Text Messages to Make Her Smile in the Morning

5 Reasons Why Sending Her A Morning Text Is A Great Idea!

Whether you’re dating or just hanging out with a person you have a crush on; good morning texts are a significant part of any relationship. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve had fights over that one good morning text, and I’m not alone! Tons of women out there take good morning texts as a standard to judge whether or not the relationship is going to last. While it might seem like an insignificant thing on which such a decision should be based upon, a good morning text can tell a lot about you as a person. If you still don’t think that good morning texts are a big deal, here mentioned below are a few reasons that might change your mind.

1. Shows awareness of dating etiquettes

Whether you’re dating or not, romantically being with someone entails some responsibilities, and sending a good morning is one of them. This is an unsaid rule that you need to follow. Following it is going to set a good precedent in which the other person will know that you’re a standup guy/girl who is aware of the general dating etiquettes.

2. Can make her day

Another reason you should take a few minutes to send her a good morning text is to make her day. When you like someone, you should try to bring happiness to their life. While most of us look around for expensive gifts and search online for grand gestures - a good morning text can have the same effect. It’s a simple and modern-day classic.  Seeing a message from you will surely bring her day to a good start, and what else could you possibly wish for?

3. Can make her feel appreciated

Appreciating the people around you is a social etiquette that all of us should be familiar with. Appreciating the one you love is not only important but essential for a good relationship. Sending her a good morning text means that she crossed your mind ant that can be the highlight of her day. Tell her she’s beautiful and strong and she will go on to conquer everything that comes her way.

4. Can strengthen your relationship

As far-fetched as it may seem to some people a good morning text can strengthen your relationship. When you become the highlight of someone’s day and make them smile each morning chances are that person will start thinking the world of you. It will create a bond that will be unbreakable. Taking out time to make someone special each day is a commitment that everyone out there is looking for. So, whether you live together or apart, a good morning text will bring you one step higher in her good books.

5. Can help you get your way

On a lighter note, it can also help you get your way. If you text her and make her smile each day, she’ll start the day with a smile on her face that your message brought. This way, you’ll have greater chances of getting your way as she will in a good mood. A good morning text is a secret weapon (that’s not so secret now but still) that you can use to your advantage. So why not text her and make both your lives a lot easier.

33 Text Messages to Make Her Smile in the Morning

• Morning Texts when you know she’s sad

Ups and downs are a part of everyone’s life, and we should know how to work through them. If you have a significant other going through a rough time, a good morning text is a great way to support them and try to make their day happier.  So, for all those people out there who aren’t that expressive, here are a few texts that can save your day!

1.            Good morning sunshine, I know you're sad, and you have every right to be. But babe, always remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and every cloud has a silver lining. Cheer up and take care.

2.            Good morning Hunny, I know your down but how about I bring over your favorite burger, cuddle and talk.

3.            Good morning sweetheart, always know that no matter what you’re going through I’m just a text away. Want to hang out later so we can talk.

4.            Good morning babe, I know we’re far away and I can’t be with you right now, but if I was I would hold you in my arm kiss your forehead and let you know that everything’s going to be okay. Hang in there, my little warrior.

5.            Good morning bae, always remember that you’re the strongest person I know and whatever is bothering you right, I know you’ll always come out on top.

6.            Good morning sweetheart, turn that frown upside down, your smile is what lights up my world hun hold on in there.

7.            Good morning love, I’m coming over tonight with a big bucket of caramel popcorn and all your favorite movies. We’re going to watch everything you like and you can go to sleep all cuddled up.

8.            Good morning babe, I know it’s hard for you right now but we are in this together.

9.            Morning beautiful, hang in there and know that I’ve always got your back.

10.          Morning babe, know that you’ve always been strong for me, now I know you have it in you to be strong for yourself. Hang in there.

11.          Morning love, cheer up, I’ve got a picnic planned and right outside your door you need to special right now and I’m going to do anything to make you smile.

• Morning Texts when you argued the night before

Everyone has arguments and phases of disagreements in a relationship but a good morning text can tell them that you’re there and not just when times are good but through the rough patches too.

12.          Good morning love, no matter what happens I still love you and always will.

13.          Good morning babe, I know I was wrong and I’m sorry.

14.          Good morning Hun, I thought over what you said last night and I’m ready to take your help.

15.          Good morning love, no matter how mad we may be at each other, always know that you’re my first thought each morning.

16.          Amidst all our conflict and fight my love, never forget you are the only person I have ever loved so much.

17.          Good morning babe, please let’s stop being mad at each other. Let’s move past what happened last night and never repeat this. I promise to be more patient.

18.          I’m sorry I hurt your feelings last night

19.          I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened last night sweetheart, please find it in your heart to forgive me.

20.          Let promise not be to be mean to each other ever again and take a new start.

21.          Let bygones be bygones, my love, good morning.

22.          Sorry about yesterday's love, a new beginning?

• Morning Texts when she has a long day ahead

Most of us have a very busy life nowadays and we often lose sight of those we love most. Here are a few messages that will make sure she thinks of you the whole day.

23.          Good morning love, have a nice day

24.          Good morning babe, I hope you rock today, I’m rooting for you

25.          Good morning love, go show them whose boss!

26.          Good morning babe, I know you’re going to do great I believe in you.

27.          Good morning day, remember as tough as the day gets I’m right here and when you get hope I’ll hold you in my arms and listen to everything you have to say.

28.          Good morning love, hang in there.

29.          Good morning, may you get everything you wish for!

30.          May the odds be ever in your favor today babe.

31.          Take a deep breath and give it your best I know you’ll do great.

32.          You’re the most passionate person I know I know you’ll get through it.

33.          Get through today and drinks are on me.

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In a nutshell, good morning texts are a great way to start the day. It’s also a great way to connect and strengthen your bond with the person that you love. If you’re not good with words and need a few tips, I hope the above-mentioned texts work wonders for our relationship.


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