Adults Only: Best 40 Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions to spice things up with new adventures in the bedroom

By Rose Elementary
Adults Only: Best 40 Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather?

Whether it be a young relationship or a ten-year marriage, keeping things fresh in the bedroom isn't easy. These dirty would you rather questions are perfect for going beyond boring sex and adding some fun and adventure to your sex life. Your guy will love answering the questions, and he'll love it, even more, when you play out the different scenarios together.

Getting to Know You

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A few "would you rather" questions about getting to know your partner's preferences or learning what kinds of things they like, but you probably won't want to act them out. Would You Rather:

1. ...make out with my best friend or watch me make out with your best friend?

2. ...walk in on your parents having sex or have your parents walk in on us having sex?

3. ...only ever have sex in the bedroom or only have sex outside of the bedroom?

4. ...walk in on your best friend naked or have your best friend walk in on you naked?

5. ...spend the night alone but with a sexy picture of me or with me but without sex?

6. ...walk around the mall in your underwear or go an entire week without wearing underwear?

7. ...give up sex for a month or give up masturbating for a month?

8. ...only ever have sex in the shower or only ever have sex on the floor?

9. ...only be able to use your hands for foreplay or only be able to use your mouth for foreplay?

10. ...only ever be on the bottom or only ever be on the top?

Starting Simple

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Some would you rather questions for those just dipping their toes into the world of exciting sex! Would You Rather:

11. ...have sex in the back seat of your car on a back road or have sex in the backyard?

12. ...have sex in the shower or have sex on the kitchen counter?

13. ...I give you a lap dance or watch me give a strip tease?

14. porn together or act out a scene from your favorite porn video?

15. ...get a blowjob while watching your favorite movie or eat me out while I watch my favorite movie?

16. on top or be on the bottom?

17. ...get a blowjob right before bed or be woken up by a blowjob?

18. ...get a dirty picture from me every day for a week or have sex five times in one week?

19. ...have sex in your parents' bedroom or have sex in your old bedroom while your parents are home?

20. ...have sex in a pool or have sex on a pool table?

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Middle Ground

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Adult would you rather questions for when you and your guy are up for trying new things. Would You Rather:

21. ...sext while you're at work or make a sex tape?

22. dirty to me while you're in a semi-public place or receive dirty photos of me while you're in a semi-public place?

23. ...get a blowjob in the back of a movie theater or have sex in a public restroom?

24. ...take a body shot off of me at a party or have me take a body shot off of you at a party?

25. ...have a threesome with someone we know or have a threesome with a complete stranger?

26. ...act out the sex scene from Titanic or the sex scene from Risky Business?

27. ...have sex with the curtains open with the possibility of anyone seeing us or have sex on our friend's couch?

28. ...get a blowjob while driving or get a blowjob at a restaurant?

29. ...get anal from a strap on or have anal sex with me?

30. ...have sex in a hotel Jacuzzi or on the beach?

Dirty and Daring

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For only the most daring couples who can go above and beyond! Would You Rather:

31. ...turn me into an ice cream sundae, complete with ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry, or tie me to the bed during sex?

32. ...make a sex tape and post it online with our faces showing or make a sex tape and have it playing at a party with our faces blurred out?

33. ...have sex in every room in your parent's house while they're gone or have sex in your parents' room while they're home?

34. ...have sex in the waiting room of a doctor's office or have sex in an airplane bathroom?

35. ...have sex in a college classroom or in your office?

36. ...have sex with someone watching or watch someone else having sex (in person)?

37. ...have a sexy massage together that ends with us having sex or roleplay in the bedroom?

38. ...finger me under the table at a busy restaurant or finger me while we're having dinner at your parent's house?

39. strip poker with all of our friends and lose on purpose or try swinging with another couple?

40. ...try using ropes/bondage in bed or have sex live on a webcam?

Wrapping Up

These would you rathers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dipping your toes into experimentation in the bedroom. You can always come up with your own set of 'Would You Rather' questions ranging from cute ones to steamy types. Start by asking your man some of these and see where it leads you!

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