25 Telltale Subconscious Signs Of Male Attraction

It is often hard to know if the guy you like, likes you back or not. Here are a few subtle signs of a male attraction for you.

By Tanaya Nath
25 Telltale Subconscious Signs Of Male Attraction

25 Telltale Subconscious Signs Of Male Attraction

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I am sure many of you ladies must have hit off a conversation with a guy and after a few minutes end up wondering if he is hitting on you. You think he is flirting but aren’t sure. So, you don’t know how to respond. Many of you must have been in a situation where you have a crush on a guy but you are afraid to make a move. And that’s because you don’t know how he feels about you. You want to know if he is interested in you so that you don’t scare him away and before you decide to move on and stop wasting your time on him. You can know this from his body language. Well here is your rescue from that situation. Here, we are listing down 25, yes, 25 telltale subconscious signs of male attraction. These nonverbal signs will tell you if he likes you or not. And most of the time he himself will not be aware that he is doing these things. He might not be ready yet to tell you how he feels about you, but his mannerism, his body language and behaviour will tell you about his feelings for you. So, if you see several, yes, several, and not just one, of these signs, you can tell he is into you.

He Smiles At You A Lot

Well, some male are just happy go lucky kinds. They smile a lot at everyone. So, for this nonverbal sign, the key is to notice if he smiles at you more than he smiles at other people. It is a general fact that if you like someone, you feel happy when they are around. Smiling is also one subtle way to encourage their crush to approach them. So, if you see him smiling at you more often than at other people, there is a good chance that he is attracted towards you.

He Faces Towards You

If someone is engaged in a conversation, they would tend to face the person they are talking to. That’s a subconscious body language that people often adopt. If they have turned away from you, they are not interested in talking to you, or not engaged in conversation with you or that they need to leave. But if the guy you like deliberately turns his chest, shoulder and face towards you, it means he is interested in talking to you and have a conversation with you. And even when he is not in a conversation with you, he might turn his body towards you. He does that so that he could check you out without being noticed. But, if he is always turning away from you, facing away from you, it clearly means he is not interested in you.

He Fixes His Appearance Around You

When you like or dislike someone, you give away some nonverbal unconscious signs of your like or dislike without even realising it. It goes the same for men as well. So, if your crush seems to be fixing his hair, his appearance, whenever you are around him, it is a sign that he is attracted to you.

He Locks Eyes With You

That’s another subconscious nonverbal giveaway that he is attracted to you. Eyes are said to be the window of anyone’s heart and they are one signal that you can count on for knowing if he is interested in you. So, if you find him blinking a lot or you find him looking at you when he thinks you are not noticing. if he does all these, it means he likes you.

He Keeps Finding Excuse To Touch You

It is a natural feeling, to want to be close to the one you like. Often, you won’t even realise that you are doing it. If he likes you, he will place his hands on your elbow or on your shoulders to get your attention. Sometimes, he might even place his hands on the small of your back. These are the undeniable sign that he is attracted towards you. And this subconscious signs becomes more clear if he touches you on your face and hair.

He Tries To Be Close To You

While your culture decides the size of your personal bubble, it is a known fact that your loved ones and someone who feels close to you stands closer to you than a complete stranger. So, if he tries to be closer to you, it is a subconscious sign that he likes you and wants to be closer to you.

He Tilts His Head

Another telltale subconscious sign of male attraction for you is that he tilts his head slightly while talking to you. This shows his romantic interest in you. Only the friends, family and the one who is interested in you will have this gesture and that too not knowing that they are doing that. If he wants to have an eye contact with you, he will tilt his head in that case as well.

He Mirrors Your Gesture

A close friend or someone who likes you unknowingly mirrors your gestures. This is another common telltale subconscious sign of male attraction. So, if he is mirror imaging your gestures, it is a sign that he is interested in you.

He Uses His Hands While Talking

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If he likes you, he would show it unknowingly by using his hands a lot while he is talking to you. It means that he is relaxed and feels that he can talk freely around you. So, if he does that, there is a decent chance that he is attracted to you.

He Seeks Your Attention

You love to have the attention of someone you like. So, if he has a crush on you, he will try to get your attention. He would do things that will get your attention and make you smile. This is a subconscious telltale sign of a male attraction.

His Behaviour Changes With You

Notice how he talks to other people and other females and then see if he behaves the same way with you. If he acts and behave differently around you and with you it is a telltale subconscious sign of his attraction towards you.

He Open Doors For You

Of course he knows that you are more than capable of doing that yourself but if he still does that for you, it is a sign that he wants to wow you. It is a sign that he likes you and wants to show you his chivalry and that he cares for you.

He Keeps His Palms Up

This is a telltale subconscious sign of a male attraction for you. If he keeps his palm up when he approaches you, he is just trying to tell you unknowingly that he is harmless and just ants your company.

He Gives You Special Treatment

If he lends you his hand and treats you specially, it is a sign that he is interested in you. He will do it subconsciously. Often not knowing that he is doing it.

He Seems Nervous Around You

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He wouldn’t be nervous around you if he didn’t think your view of him is important. He unknowingly gets nervous around you because he gets careful of what he says or does around you. It is one telltale subconscious sign that a male is attracted to you.

He Is Interested In Your Personal Life

If he is interested in your personal life, it means he is looking to know you better. He might not know it but he is giving subconscious signs that he is attracted to you.

He Acts Possessive Of You

If he seems insecure when you talk to another man or talk about your favorite actor, it is a sign that he is attracted to you. If he feels threatened by the fact that someone else has your attention, it is a subconscious sign he is giving you about his feelings for you.

He Gives You All His Attention

When you talk to him, he stops doing whatever he is doing and listens to you. It is a subconscious telltale sign that he is into you. A man never does that unless he is interested in someone.

He Sits With His Legs Apart

It is another subconscious telltale sign stating male attention for you. When a man sits with his legs spread, it makes him vulnerable since his most sensitive part is exposed. He won’t express his vulnerability to someone he isn’t attracted to.

He Raises His Eyebrows

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A noted writer said in his book that eyebrows can tell you if the person in front of you is a friend or a foe. You raise your eyebrows slightly when you see a friend approaching. It is a subconscious thing that everyone does. So, if he raises his eyebrows when you approach him, it is a telltale that he likes you.

He Is Protective Of You

Don’t assume him indulging in fight with every guy you talk to. Here we are talking about more subtle signs. Like when a guy approaches you while you are talking to him, his body language gets a little a little aggressive. And only his body language turns aggressive like his legs spread a little and shoulders a little wide.

He Tries To Be Next To You

If he likes you, he will subconsciously find a place next to you, be it walking or sitting. This is a telltale sign of a male attraction towards a female. So, if he does this, it shows he is interested in you.

He Comes To You

One of the subconscious signs that a male is attracted to you is that he always approaches you. When you are in a crowd, be it a party or a gathering or just simple crowd and you have not noticed him, he still comes to you whenever he sees you. What more signs do you need.

His Dilated Pupil Is A Sign Of Attraction

When you see something you like, your pupils dilate. That’s a natural phenomena. So, if his pupils dilate when he looks at you, it is a subconscious giveaway that he is attracted to you.

He Tries To Make You Laugh

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If he likes you, he will try to make you smile. So, if he does things to make you smile, it is a sign that he likes you. These are 25 telltale subconscious signs of male attraction. So, find out if your crush is interested in you as well.



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