20 Tried and Tested Tips on How to Turn My Husband On

Bring up the steam in the bedroom and turn your husband on

By Evelyn
20 Tried and Tested Tips on How to Turn My Husband On

How to turn your husband on in bed

Whether you have been married for decades or for just a couple of years, you could be in danger of falling into a sex routine. It's easy to get comfortable and just go through the motions, it doesn't mean that you don't love each other anymore, it's just that you don't know what to try or if he's going to be OK with anything new.

You share a deep sexual connection and each time you're together you deem it OK, but deep inside you know it can be better, you want to feel that exhilaration from those first days of your marriage. Learning how to turn your husband on in bed definitely has its value and it's actually easy, You don't have to become a pornstar or a nymphomaniac to have a good time with him.

By finding ways to turn him on in bed, you'll be triggering his romantic and sexual interest in you, it's kind of a rekindle of romance, he'll be reminded of all the little things that made him fall in love with you. You'll also be in charge and men really dig that, it kind of takes the pressure off and it lets them enjoy it more.

Do you want to know how to turn your husband on so that he looks at you like he did that first time? Do you want to see sparks and fireworks each time you're together? Here are some ideas on how you can fire up your marriage.

1. Give him something to look forward

Building anticipation could prove to be a very effective way to get your husband turn on way before bed, he'll be thinking about you and what you're going to do the whole day. How you can build the anticipation? Well, you can get as creative as you like here but your words are a powerful tool. You can write him a note saying something like "I want to get crazy in bed with you tonight" or "I'll be wearing really sexy lingerie tonight, can't wait for you to see it". You know your husband, so you'll know what choice of words will get him excited.

Also, don't forget to touch him, touching could help build anticipation too. Before he leaves for work, run your fingers across his back o neck, give him a hug or a very steamy kiss and say "will finish this later". During the day you can send him some playful texts, we're sure that come night you both will be ready. 

2. Don't skip foreplay

Once behind the closed door of your bedroom, don't rush things, don't underestimate the power of foreplay. Take things slow and do like a ritual prep, create a romantic space by lightning some candles, putting on some music and maybe some dancing to get you in the mood.

You can make him watch you undress and then you can help him get undress while doing this, use your hands and lips to explore his body, make this experience all about him, that will definitely get him turn-on.

3. Give him a massage

Offer to give him a massage, it can start as a way to help him relax and unwind a little, but then it can turn into a sexy one. You can massage his scalp first, turn on your husband by starting on at the bottom near the back of his neck or just above his ear.

You can ask him to lie down on the bed and then you can apply some warm oil on his body with lingering and sensual strokes, or if you're on the couch, get behind him and massage his shoulders and neck and maybe get in a kiss or two. We'll guarantee that this massage session will get him in the mood.

4. Experiment and try new positions

Married couples usually rely on a move or two when making love, you can change that by willing to experiment once in while and turn your husband on that way. Maybe not everything you'll try will get the results you want, you can always go back to your favorite positions and then try again new things. This willingness to experiment and try new things and positions will keep your husband satisfied. You can ask him what he'll like and then try it. 

How to turn your husband on while pregnant

Feeling queasy, exhausted, and just plain uncomfortable with your changing body isn't conducive to romance and sex. Pregnancy isn't exactly a recipe for romance (sometimes) but other times, all those physical changes and crazy hormones can be just what you need to have an amazing night with your hubby.

So take advantage of all those hormones and used them to get your husband turn on while pregnant. Staying connected with your husband during this wonderful time is more important than ever, being intimate will help you feel happy and vital and it will get you two closer. How can you turn your husband on while your pregnant? Here are a few ideas.

5. Do some sexting

During the day, while your hormones are acting crazy and getting you in the mood, send him a very sexy (or dirty) text to let him know how you feel. You can get as creative as you like, you can even send some sexy pics and you can add some adult emojis. All that combined is going to turn your husband on.

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6. Get some lusty lingerie

Have you noticed that your boobs never looked better? That's one upside of pregnancy (well one that your husband can enjoy)smiley so take advantage of that and buy some sexy maternity lingerie to wear when your in the mood to seduce him and turn him on so you can have a wonderful night.

7. Ask him to get his hands on you

During pregnancy, those crazy hormones can rob your skin of its oils and elasticity, so moisturizers are your best friends. You can take advantage of this downside of pregnancy and instead of applying it yourself, ask him to do it for you. Ask your husband to start rubbing the moisturizer on your neck and shoulders and take it from there. Turn your relaxing massage session into a sexy one that'll get your husband turn on.

8. Find the right position

This is not the time to try new things, for one there's going to be a big bump that's going to make certain positions (missionary for example) impossible to achieve. You want to turn your husband on but you also want to be comfortable. Pregnant women prefer the sideways position or spooning and you can get creative with pillows. Something to support your bump and hips while you're having fun.

How to turn your husband on without being obvious

Your husband can also be turned on with subtlety, you know, without being obvious. You can become a seductress without having to portray yourself as a hooker on a sidewalk. Showing skin has been associated with sexiness but there are other more discreet ways to seduce your husband that are going to be very effective. The line between crass and class is very thin, so you need to be very careful there and it will pay to learn to navigate that line.

So how can you evoke some serious sexual excitement from your husband when you're not bouncing in bed?  You can persuade him trying these suggestions.

9. Surprise him with a change in wardrobe

You can wear something different for bed. If you always wear white undies for bed, try red ones and throw in a garter belt. Or you can wear the same outfit and just paint your lips red. Getting a new hairdo can also work as a subtle signal, men like variety, so keep him on his toes with surprises like that. All that novelty and excitement will get him turned on.

10. Look at old photos together

Take out your wedding album or those pictures from the honeymoon. By going down memory lane and doting on it, you'll be triggering those same feelings of love and (fingers cross) overwhelming lust you had back then. It's like saying, "remember those days and nights? Let's do that tonight", without actually saying it. wink

11. Let your natural body odor work its magic

Usually, when you want to entice him you put on that perfume that he gave you, that one he likes to smell on you. But if you want to really turn your husband on tonight, skip the perfume It turns out that your distinctive odor or scent has the power to trigger significant arousal in your husband. So take a shower and don't ladder anything on you, he'll take a sniff of your scent and that will be it.

12. Device a secret signal

With a secret signal, you can create anticipation, there's no better turn on than wanting something you can't have. So let him know what you're thinking by touching his hair, or squeezing his hands or by arranging his tie. If you do it at the right moment, that subtle signal will get your husband turn on.

How to turn your husband on without touching him

Getting your husband turn on without laying a finger on him could prove difficult but don't worry it can be done. Maybe you'll need a little practice or there are things you're already doing that can turn him on. What can you do to become a teaser and get your husband turn on hands-free? Here's how.

13. Give him a long eye contact

You can say a lot with your eyes, by just holding his gaze for a couple of seconds you can communicate to him your intentions and wants. Use your eyes to "put a spell on him", if you exude all that sexual energy through a look, we guaranteed you'll be reciprocated.

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14. Wear eye-catching clothes

Since men are visual creatures, you'll only need to "catch" his eye and he'll think about you all day long. You know what your husband finds attractive (well, what all guys find attractive)... curves. So wear clothes that accentuate some or all your curves. He'll just have to see you and immediately his mind will be in a naughty place, just where you want him.

15. Compliment his lips

Lean in close without touching him and tell him you have always liked his lips, they're really great. Instant turn on, he knows your mind is in something dirty so he'll go there right away. You'll have him ready to do whatever you like.

16. Bite your lips

To amp this up you can bite your lips while staring at him. You don't want to overdo it, make the bitting really subtle. You'll get his attention zeroed in your mouth and that will get your husband turn up because the mouth is usually associated with all kinds of naughty things.

How to turn your husband on in public

There's something exciting about finding ways and succeeding in turning your husband on in public. When you're at a boring dinner or in public transportation or at a bar with friends, coping an "under-the-radar" feel with your husband is always hot, right? A great way to create sexual tension. What other things you can do to accomplish this goal? 

There are some other specific points in a body that can get your husband turn on and ready for you when you two get home.

16. Play with his earlobes

Just whispering into your husband's earlobes gives him goosebumps, you can amp that up by touching them in a super-light way. Start playing with his hair and then very gently massage his earlobes with your thumb and forefinger, once in while giving them a slight tug down. By igniting the sensory receptors in that area, you'll get him ready.

17. Play footsie

This is an old one but still very effective. When you're having a romantic dinner or just dinner with friends, slip your shoe under the table and explore his legs with your toes. Do this while your having a normal conversation, he'll get the message.

18. Go commando

A bold move but a total turn on for your husband. Get yourself dress up for date night and "forget" to put any panties under that dress or skirt. When you get to the restaurant casually mentioned it to him.

19. Graze his lower back

Give your husband a thrill by letting your fingers grace just past his lower back or better yet, linger there for just a second. Guys have a lot of sensitivity in that area so it's a sure way of getting your husband turn on while you're admiring a wonderful view.

20. Flirt with him in a crowd

Whenever you're in a crowd, at a restaurant or at a bar flirt with him. Catch his eye and give him a wink or a sexy smile or pass him a note that says something bold like "I think you're hot and I'm available tonight."wink


There's nothing sexier than finding and devising ways to get your husband turn on. It shows that you care and want to maintain the connection and the flame going. Now you have a couple more ways to entice him so you can steam up the bedroom. Good luck!

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