Black Candle Meaning And How Powerful It Is For Prayers

If you are looking to transform energy, power, or money, then using a black candle during your ritual can make a difference and add new meaning.

By Julie Coleman
Black Candle Meaning And How Powerful It Is For Prayers

Black Candles Through the Ages

Using a black candle during rituals for their potent meaning and association to energy, money, power, and prayer has gained exponential popularity in contemporary times. Although our ancestors most likely used white or naturally colored candles in their practices before the development of colored wax pigmentation, the strong intentions to invoke powerful implications using black candle magic has gained in popularity over the past century. The color black is highly associated with the practice of dark arts — mainly Pagan, Wicca, and Satanic practices. However, the use of a black candle does not necessarily relate to evil practices. Many times, the meaning or intention is used for positive outcomes — either for the practitioner or subject of the spell. A black candle can have powerful effects, and it is a staple on most altars. When practicing magic on the go, make sure that you include a black candle in your travels, for there is a variety of purpose depending on the meaning of the spell.

Black Candles and Meanings During Prayer

When you are casting a spell, you are sending your intentions into the universe. The meaning of a black candle is strongly associated with the thoughts that are related to the spell that you are casting. A black candle can be used in prayer. Although many will associate the color black with evil or black magic, it can take on a whole opposite meaning. The color black is strongly associated with the clearing of negative energies. When you burn a black candle during prayer, your intentions should be set on casting out all negative spirits that could be afflicting you or a loved one. The color black can be protective in meaning as well. You may not be trying to cast out negative energies, but instead, using a black candle with meaning to protect yourself from negative spirits. The use of a black candle during spells will depend on the spirituality that you are practicing. For example, if you are a Pagan, your results and intentions will differ from those who are practicing Hoodoo. Overall, the power of your prayer and the purpose of your spell will impact the implications that will result from it. If you are using a black candle in prayer, your result can be positive or negative based on your intent.

Black Candles for Meanings for Cleansing

Using a black candle can have more than one meaning. Although you can use it for a variety of prayer related spells, you can also use it for cleansing a space. Although many individuals will utilize a white candle for this particular intention, black candles have been known to be used for cleansing as well. The key to using a black candle for cleansing and invoking this particular meaning is to light the candle. When a black candle has not been lit, it will lose it's potent ability to cleanse. Many individuals will have some unlit candles on their altar. Once a black candle has been lit, the using it to clear negative energy and cleans a space will create a whole new power. Cleansing your spiritual area or mind is important to connect strongly to a deeper consciousness. The intention that you put forth in lighting a black candle will help to absorb the distracting energies that may prohibit your spell from coming to fruition.

Black Candles and Meaning Toward Power

Using a black candle during a waning moon to invoke power is a common practice among many different practices. There could be many intentions associated with using a black candle to invoke power — and the potency of this spell needs to be taken into consideration. There are many religions that will use the lighting of a black candle, knowing the meaning and power of the color, to bring about a higher level of power. The word power does not necessarily mean evil power, closely associated with dark magic and Satanism. Although many spells have been developed to gain Demonic power used for evil purposes, the black candle can be used as a form of power to protect one from these negative forces. There are a variety of degrees in which power can be invoked. You may be using a black candle to invoke power to overcome a struggle in your life or someone that you love. It may be intended to gain the power to make a decision or to gain self-confidence. The meaning behind the words "black candle" and "power" do not always have the denotation of evil. It can be used for good as well. However, on the other hand, using a lit black candle in your spell to invoke power is so powerful, your intention and prayer need to be strong. It is easy to use this combination for evil, which may be your intent. If so, remember, the universe may produce the outcome that you are seeking — but with unintended consequences. With great power comes great responsibility, according to Spiderman. If you receive the power you are demanding, in an evil form, use it wisely.

Black Candles and Meaning for Money

Using a black candle during a spell or intention has one primary meaning and purpose — to draw all the energy from the universe during your prayer to fully empower your intention. One of the most common spells needed with the full intention behind it is any spell associated with money. Money is a common thing used for in both prayer and spell —casting. Using a black candle during these rituals will help you to focus and to draw in positive and powerful energies and casting out negativity. Many times, the meaning behind a black candle during a spell associated with money may require the use of more than just one; many practitioners will utilize two black candles for these particular spells. One powerful practice is to purchase to small, thin black candles — small enough that you can perform your spell for the full duration of them burning. Carve words associated with money (cash, wealth, prosperity, rich, money, etc.) into the candles with a sewing needle. Incorporate the burning of a green candle (associated with money) along with your two black candles. As you say your prayer or intention, make sure that you inform the universe that the money will be used for good purposes. When your spirit and the spirits of the universe align, your spell will become that much more powerful. Spells are not thought of to be immediate. Give yourself time to let the universe do its work. Practice these intentions daily, and you will see the results that you are invoking. Although money may not just fall from the sky, sometimes these spells will provide the opportunities that you need to acquire wealth. They can give you power and energy to embark on new openings presented to you.

Black Candles and Meanings Regarding Energy

Using a black candle during your ritual can beget some different outcomes. Regardless if you mean to draw on energy to promote more money or power in your prayers, black candles will be the tool that you must use to coalesce your purpose with the intentions of the universe. Using a black candle is powerful because it will suck in all energy fields around you — both from yourself, your environment and from the universe. That is why using them in prayer or spell-casting is so commonly practiced. It is said that using a black candle is sort of like developing a black hole in the energy field around you. The power of your thoughts and rituals will become more effective. Focusing on the meaning and intent of drawing in all energies to your favor requires the use of these objects. The black candle will be your outlet, or door, into the section of universal energy that you are attempting to tap into. You are the only one who has the power to tap into this, the moment that you light the candle. The outcome will not be based on the candle itself, but rather the powerful intent that you put behind it. If you focus on the negative, the results will be negative. However, if you use a black candle to clear the negative energies away, you will have the positive outcomes that you seek. Allowing for the energies of the universe to connect with you, resides in how clear your spiritual state and space are. If you are harboring negative energies that are prohibiting the spirits that will act on your behalf to connect with you, your spell will fail. Regardless of the spell that you are attempting to cast, you must take the time to clear your energy field to allow the power of a black candle to occur.

Using Black Candles with Safety

There are two types of safety that we are talking about: physical and spiritual. When using a black candle for magic, you must use caution. Many times, individuals will enter into a trance-like state. You may not intend for this to happen, but it does — and often. Use caution when lighting any candles on your alter. Do not leave them unattended. Set a timer if you need to, to pull yourself out of a trance state so that you do not leave the black candle burning to the point of danger. Make sure, on your altar, that there are no flammable elements that will combust during your ritual or practices. Another element of safety that you have to be extremely cautious with when using a black candle is spiritual safety. There is a strong meaning behind the use of these objects. You may be meaning to do positive works in the universe for others, but your soulful intention may alter the meaning. Make sure that you are spiritually sound when you are casting your meaning into the universe. Although we may have good intentions consciously, our subconscious can change that meaning, and you may be harming yourself or others instead of what you intend. Using a black candle in your spell-casting or prayers has intentional meaning. If you use these elements, you mean to take all energies within yourself and the universe to make an outcome come to fruition. You mean to devote all of what you are and the universal spirits can provide to gain power, money, or prayer. Regardless if you are meaning to help yourself or others, using a black candle in your rituals will open a gateway to untapped spirits that can work in your favor, provided that you use them with safety and you are spiritually cleansed before your spell-casting.



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